The Five Best Mac and MacBook Stands

There are times when you need to take your MacBook with you on the go, but when you’re really getting into a project it’s necessary to have both hands free. It can be a real hassle to hold your MacBook while you’re trying to get something done. This is why it’s a good idea to own a MacBook stand. We’ve looked through the most highly recommended stands and narrowed our elite group of the best of the best to the five top MacBook stands for your consideration.

Bestand Laptop Stand

The Bestand Laptop stand is compatible for use with MacBook Pro, MacBook Air and a variety of other notebooks. It’s made of premium quality aluminum with a panel that acts as a heat sink to keep the laptop cooled and prevent overheating. This stand comes with a built-in cable management ring to keep your cables organized and it also features an anti skid pad made of silicone materials to ensure that the bracket is stale and your laptop is protected against scratching and scuffing.

ProPlus™ 36

The ProPlus 36 is one of the best laptop stands on the market today. It’s also one of the best selling models with a two tier design that includes an upper display surface and a lower keyboard and mouse deck if you choose to hook your MacBook up to these useful accessories. The stand is heavily weighted at the base to ensure that it is extremely stable for the safety of your laptop. It also features a rowing lift and a posture curve to help protect your back from excessive strain.

Vertical Docking Station for the MacBook Pro with Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C)

This is one of the most popular MacBook laptop stands available. It provides a sleek and slim design that is very easy to use. Just open the Vertical Dock and it opens up essential space on your crowded desk. It’s made to manage the flow of different connections that go in and out of your MacBook. Sleek in its design and simple to use, the Vertical Dock opens up essential space on a crowded desk while neatly managing the flow of connections in and out of your MacBook. Guided docking This stand features an attractive gray metal construction that is not only good looking it is also highly functional and keeps your notebook securely in its place.

Rain Design Stand Laptop Stand

This high quality laptop stand raises the notebook screen to the level of your eyes for improved ergonomics. It is fully adjustable with a tilt feature that brings the screen closer to improve the airflow around the laptop Its made from a single piece of aluminum for solid stability. An aluminum panel provides a heat sink action which keeps the laptop cool. It also comes with a cable organizer for a net organization of the wires. The keyboard stash helps you to clear an area of the desk when it’s not n use. It’s finished in an attractive silver anodized and sand blasted exterior and it is compatible for use with Apple notebooks of 10.4 inches and less.

Twelve South BookArc for MacBook

The Twelve South BookArc is a laptop stand that is designed specifically for use with MacBook. It’s made in an attractive gray color that allows you to connect a wide screen external monitor and a keyboard and mouse to your MacBook in this reliable and convenient closed clam shell style stand. It comes with an integratd cable catch to keep your connections both hand and accessible while preventing them from becoming disconnected. It elevates your MacBook and places it at eye level for ease of use. This stand is compatible with MacBook Air 11 inch and 13 inch for insert b, MacBook Pro, and 15 inch models as well.

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