The Five Best Raymond Weil Watches on the Market Today

Outsiders are probably scratching their heads upon hearing the name Raymond Weil when it comes to timepieces. However, aficionados should know well that the Raymond Weil brand has been one of the world’s best watch manufacturing companies since it they first started back in the 70s. The company continues to manufacture watches in Geneva, focusing on their own unique and artistic qualities such as their collaboration with the late David Bowie. Every single Raymond Weil timepiece is a reflection of all the flair and elegance you could every muster in the industry. Out of all the Raymond Weil products you could find today, we’ve listed here only the five best for you to consider as your next purchase.

Raymond Weil Freelancer Black Dial Two-tone Stainless Steel Men’s Watch

This watch is a classic beauty. The two-tone stainless steel and rose gold bracelet gives off an elegance that’s punctuated by the rose gold casing. The black dial enhances it all, and the solid linear markings are gorgeous to say the least. The dial features a small, circular skeletal display that gives the watch a touch of ruggedness and style. This watch uses an automatic self-wind movement that works with that Geneva ingenuity in mechanics. It has water resistant capabilities of up to 100m, enough for you to enjoy leisure swimming with your watch on.

Raymond Weil Men’s Classy Automatic Watch

It’s unusual these days to see a men’s watch with such a small face size of 39mm. For some reason, the trend moved to the direction of bulky over the last decade. However, we’re seeing a resurgence of smaller face watches bringing back a semblance of elegance and poise rather than bulk and noise. This Classy Automatic watch from Raymond Weil is an example of this. The unique design of this particular watch is mostly its size and shape—it can almost pass for a unisex watch. The materials used on this are stunning, and the Roman numeral markers are another nod to classic elegance. The watch uses a self-winding automatic movement and it also uses a scratch resistant sapphire crystal.

Raymond Weil Men’s Don Giovanni Stainless Steel Chronograph Watch

You’ll definitely feel like a don wearing this rectangular watch. If you want an example of Raymond Weil’s artistic style, this is the exact watch to look at. The close chain link design on the bracelet is absolutely brilliant and beautiful, as well as the casing of the watch. The dial is different as well. The black dial makes the watch stand out from the monotone of the rest of it. The dial features 3 sub dials that give more detailed timekeeping elements. This casing is even smaller than the preveious at only 37mm. The anti-reflective sapphire glass is something you’ll definitely appreciate along with the water resistant capability of up to 99m.

Raymond Weil Men’s Parsifal Stainless Steel Watch With Black Faux-Leather Band

You’ll never guess that the leather on the watch is not real. Raymond Weil ensures that you’re getting the best for your money’s worth. This is another classic looking watch from the brand. The all-black elements of the watch are interrupted only by the gold details of the case, crown, markers, hands, and sub dials. The subtle rectangular bezels are a nice touch, giving the watch a little bit more dimension. The watch also has a date ticker right between the four and five markers. The watch uses a Swiss automatic movement and can be used in light water activities given that it’s water resistant up to 100m.

Raymond Weil Men’s Maestro Stainless Steel Automatic Watch with Black Leather Band

If you prefer real leather, Raymond Weil can offer you that as well. The Maestro model is one of Raymond Weil’s most popular. There’s cleanliness to the design of this watch. The black leather has the cleanest lines, and the way the color of the bands break up to accommodate for the silver dial watch. The look is completely classic with the round stainless steel casing, the black markers, the date ticker, the smaller hands—everything works together so perfectly well that it’s difficult to find any other watch that gives off the same elegance as this one.

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