The 10 Best Restaurants in All of NYC

New York City is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the entire world. As a result, if there is a cuisine that people are interested in, chances are good that it can be found in either New York City or its surroundings. Due to this, interested individuals should find no lack of great dining opportunities when it comes to said city.

Cote Korean Steakhouse

Cote Korean Steakhouse specializes in Korean barbecue. To be exact, it specializes in classic Korean barbecue made using dry-aged meat, which is paired with kimchi stew as well as other side-dishes that should enable them to appreciate the meat that much more. Suffice to say that the experience is very distinctive, so much so that there aren’t a lot of other places that can be compared.

Gregory’s 26 Corner Taverna

For Greek food, there is Gregory’s 26 Corner Taverna, which offers home-style Greek food in a warm and welcoming environment. Diners can expect everything from Greek salad and grilled lamb chops to an excellent selection of fish dishes that are sure to please.

Le Coucou

For a more luxurious experience, there is Le Coucou, which has taken its cues from traditional French restaurants. Its interior manages to be both stately and stylish. However, what is even more exciting is its menu, which features menu items such as caviar, foie gras, and halibut beurre blanc.


Unsurprisingly, New York City is home to a lot of good Italian restaurants. However, those who want something more distinctive might want to check out Lilia, which offers the chef’s very personal style of Italian cuisine. The result is menu items such as veal steaks and mafaldine served up with pink peppercorns, which can prove to be very interesting indeed.

Madame Vo

Based on the name, it should come as no surprise to learn that Madame Vo specializes in Vietnamese cuisine. Its pho is a particular stand-out, particularly since there are multiple options. However, it offers other menu items as well, with an excellent example being the seared ribe-eye steak called the bo luc lac.

Szechuan Mountain House

The Chinese province of Sichuan is famous for the spiciness of its food, so it should come as no surprise to learn that is exactly what interested individuals can expect to find at Szechuan Mountain House. For those who can take the heat, expect classic menu items such as mapo tofu and twice-cooked pork. Moreover, expect slices of pork belly poached before being hung over a dowel for dining convenience.


Torishin is a Japanese restaurant that draws inspiration from the Japanese tradition of yakitori, which refers to skewers of chicken grilled to perfection over a charcoal flame. However, what is interesting about Torishin is that it will serve up the whole chicken, which can make for some very interesting results when it comes to less often-eaten parts such as chicken hearts and chicken knees.

Victor’s Cafe

Victor’s Cafe is a Cuban restaurant with an old-school feel to it, which is perhaps unsurprising when one learns that it started up in 1963. Due to this, it boasts live music as well as a colorful interior, which pair well with menu items such as shredded beef and pig that has been roasted until its skin crackles.


Wildair can be rather challenging to categorize, which should come as welcome news for people who love variety when it comes to their food. Some examples of its menu items range from squid served up with green onions to spicy tuna served up on toast. On top of this, Wildair offers a good selection of natural wines that go well with its simple but nonetheless pleasing decor.

Xi’an Famous Foods

Xi’an Famous Foods has a couple of characteristics that stand out about it. First, it specializes in northern Chinese cuisine. As a result, patrons can expect cold skin noodles as well as other interesting menu items such as cumin lamb. Second, Xi’an Famous Foods offers incredible convenience at an incredible price in spite of the fact that it isn’t a fast food restaurant.

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