The 10 Best Restaurants in All of San Francisco

If you’re planning to be in SanFrancisco and you’re wondering where to eat, there is an extensive list of excellent restaurants and it can be hard to know where to start first. With hundreds of eateries, if you’re not familiar with the area, it’s impossible to know which serve the best food and provide interesting and unique dining environments. We don’t want you to miss out on the very best that San Francisco has to offer, so we’ve put together a collection of the five best restaurants in all of the city.

1. Liholiho Yacht Club

The Liholiho Yacht Club is an upscale restaurant that features unique seafood and Hawaiian inspired dishes straight from the islands including Tuna poke, yellowtail sashimi, fried oyster, beef carpaccio, duck liver toast, shaved pig head, crispy pig ears, California white sturgeon, lobster, octopus caviar, and a host of other dishes featuring fresh fruits and vegetables. The fare is high end and so are the prices, but you won’t find anything like it in all of San Francisco. The eatery offers walk-in and reservation dining with a special family style buffet they call Ohana dining that requires a minimum of 8 guests up to 12. The Ohana dining option currently costs $62 per person excluding the cost of beverages and gratuity. It’s offered at 2 seatings per night and it’s always busy. If there are not 8 people in your party, you’re welcome to come and dine single or a smaller group enjoying their other meals and beverages from an extensive menu list.

2. Cafe Boho and Restaurant

Cafe Boho and Restaurant is a new restaurant that’s been in operation for less than a year in the Marina area. It’s established a big reputation through with customer ratings at a firm 4.9 on a scale of 1 to 5. The environment is low key and the menu is filled with a large variety of seafood options that make it well worth checking out. The atmosphere is a Bohemian style that seems to defy convention and encourage a free spirit for relaxed and enjoyable dining. It offers casual dining with quality ingredients that are carefully prepared with attention to detail. The restaurant is understated with simplicity and no-frills, yet it’s on the whimsical side.

3. Gary Danko Restaurant

Gary DankoChef Gary Danko is well-known in the area and his North Point Street restaurant serves French-style cuisine in an elegant atmosphere that does away with the stuffiness of most upscale eateries. Gary Danko opens at 5:30 pm for evening dining in a cozy yet upscale restaurant with fixed price menus that feature French-American fare. It’s expensive and you should plan on making reservations if you want to be seated, but you won’t regret the decision and it’s worth every cent. Their dessert offerings are also highly recommended.

4. State Bird Provisions

This restaurant offers a rustic urban storefront setting located on Fillmore street. They serve comfort food in dim-sum style. The plates are small and the prices are reasonable. They’re known for their great desserts. The restaurant opens at 5:30 pm for evening dining. It’s been given a 4.6 out of 5 rating for excellence by guests and is the winner of the Best New Restaurant award in 2013 and the Best Chef West Winner for 2015. It’s well worth checking out what Chefs Stuart Brioza and Nicole Krasinski have to offer.

5. Rich Table

The Rich table is located on Gough Street and features Californian fare. This upscale restaurant is moderately priced and the team specializes in New American style cuisine made from fresh local ingredients. The atmosphere is a salvaged wood barn with an open kitchen concept. Their desserts are highly recommended. They open at 5 pm for evening dining.

6. Kokkari Estiatorio

This upscale Greek restaurant caters to the chic crowd in its Jackson street location. .They open at 11:30 am to provide lunches and late night food in a taverna inspired environment that is candlelit with wood beamed dining areas. They offer Greek-style comfort food with mouth-watering presentations.

7. Nopa

Nopa is a Divisadero Street restaurant serving Californian/New American fare with moderate pricing. They are ingredient focused offering comfort food and creative cocktails in a 2 story setting. The restaurant opens at 5 pm serving late night food on small plates with lovely and artistic presentations.

8. Cotogna

Cotagna is a moderately priced Italian eatery located on Pacific Avenue. It offers split roasted and grilled meat and fish along with wood-fired pizza and special pasta dishes made in-house. The menu is filled with comfort foods and the desserts are highly rated. The restaurant opens at 11:30 am for lunch and dinner dining.

9. La Taqueria

La Taqueria is a low priced restaurant serving Mexican style food with no frills on Mission Street. They deal in cash only offering a variety of comfort foods in traditional Mexican style. Outdoor seating is available and they open at 11 am serving lunch and dinner crowds. If you want an excellent meal but don’t want to pay a lot La Taqueria is your solution.

10. Boulevard Restaurant

The Boulevard Restaurant is an upscale Gastropub featuring the preparations of chef Nancy Oakes. It’s a chic eatery with high prices on Mission street, ut the environment is cozy and inviting. For fine dining, the establishment opens at 11L30 am to serve lunch through dinner and it’s highly recommended that you follow dinner with one of their remarkable dessert creations.

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