The 10 Best Restaurants in All of Sante Fe, NM

Given its location, it should come as no surprise to learn that Santa Fe is a bastion of New Mexican cuisine, which combines Pueblo with Hispano and Mexican influences to create something that stands out even from the other kinds of Latin food found in the United States. However, Santa Fe is home to more than just New Mexican cuisine, meaning that interested individuals should make sure to explore the full range of possibilities that can be found in the city.

Cafe Pasqual’s

Cafe Pasqual is named for San Pasqual, a Franciscan monk who went on to become a patron saint of both Mexican cooks and kitchens. Like the name suggests, the cafe specializes in serving up Mexican food such as enchiladas and carne asada burritos. However, its insistence on using local, organic ingredients as well as its incorporation of Asian flavors enable it to stand out from its counterparts.


Cowgirl is best-known for its BBQ, which is the product of a meeting between New Mexico and Texas. On top of this, it serves excellent margaritas, which should help its food go down that much smoother for interested individuals.

El Farol

El Farol is a restaurant that specializes in serving a wide range of tapas. Combined with the live music as well as regular flamenco shows, El Farol is an excellent choice for someone who wants to have some fun.


Housed in an adobe home from the 18th century, Geronimo boasts a minimalist interior, which should please people who want to do nothing besides focus on the food presented to them. As for its menu, suffice to say that it is a particularly eclectic kind of New American cuisine, which includes everything from elk tenderloin to vegetarian lasagne made with black truffles and Japanese eggplant.

Jambo Cafe

The owner of Jambo Cafe once lived on an island off of the coast of Kenya, where he learned the local cuisine, which combined Swahili with Arabic, European, and Indian influences to result in something amazing. Nowadays, Jambo Cafe serves both African and Caribbean cuisine, which is represented by foods such as coconut lentil stew and spiced black rice that has been wrapped up in banana leaves.

Kakawa Chocolate House

Nowadays, chocolate has become popular throughout the entire world. However, it is important to remember that once upon a time, it was limited to Mesoamerican cultures, which consumed the precious substance in a very different manner from most people living in modern times. For those who are curious about how various Mesoamerican as well as various colonial cultures consumed chocolate, there is Kakawa Chocolate House, which is named for the Olmec word for cacao.

Second Street Brewery

Primarily, Second Street Brewery is a craft beer brewery. However, those who head on in can expect an excellent selection of food as well, with examples ranging from crispy buffalo chicken sandwiches to panini made using portobello mushrooms. Naturally, said food can be paired with a fine selection of English-style beers for even greater enjoyment.

The Compound

The Compound takes inspiration from local traditions, which have been blended in a seamless manner with its mastery of contemporary American cuisine. As a result, interested individuals can expect menu items that range from beef tenderloin with foie gras to tuna tartare that is served with caviar on top.

The Pantry

Founded in 1948, the sheer length of The Pantry’s existence should make it clear that it possesses a winning formula. For those who are curious, said formula seems to consist of comfort food served up in a friendly atmosphere, which should come as welcome news for people seeking home-cooked meals with a New Mexico character to it.

Tune-Up Cafe

Casual atmosphere combines with mouth-watering delicacies such as green tomato pie and grilled Atlantic salmon to make Tune-Up Cafe a hit. The signs of American, Mexican, and New Mexican influence can be seen in its menu, but it is interesting to note that there are clear indications of Salvadoran cuisine as well.

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