The Five Best Roomba Models Money Can Buy


Are you considering getting yourself an iRobot Roomba? Advancement in technology has made life easier, but it’s so rapid that sometimes you don’t even know what to go for when shopping. iRobot Roombas have been around for almost 20 years. During this time, there have been a lot of developments in functionality and efficiency. If you intend to buy one, it’s best to know the different models in the market. In this article, we list the five best Roomba models money can buy.

5. Roomba 960

Roomba 960 is also a great Roomba model that you could get yourself. It’s powerful with up to 5 times more suction power compared to Roomba 600 model. It utilizes floor tracking sensors and neat rows to navigate your space. It’s ideal for pet owners because the multi-surface rubber brushes do not tangle on hair. Additionally, it has a high-efficiency filter to trap pet allergens. Roomba 960 is compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa. It’s able to learn your cleaning habits, and in times when your pet is shedding, it could even suggest more cleaning.

4. Roomba i3

It’s the cheapest Roomba model with dirt disposal abilities. That does not mean that the Roomba i3 is not a worthy machine. It comes with reactive sensor technology, which helps it avoid getting stuck. It’s equipped with dirt detect technology to focus cleaning where more attention is required. This robot navigates the surface in neat rows leaving no dirt behind. It has a cliff detector to avoid falling off the stairs. Additionally, it’s compatible with Braava Jet M6 robot mops like the s9, j7, or the i7. Roomba i3 also has WI-FI connectivity and it connects with the iRobot app, Google Assistant, and Alexa. On the other hand, you can connect to the iRobot HOME app. That allows you to schedule cleaning, monitor cleaning activities, and update your machine with the latest software.

3. Roomba i7

Also among the best Roomba models is the Roomba i7. Most of the features on the model resemble those on the Roomba s9. The Roomba i7 is also expensive but has dropped in price since the introduction of the s9. That means that if you don’t have enough money for the s9, the Roomba i7 would be an excellent second choice. First, it comes with the self-emptying abilities into the dustbins at the charging station, which only needs a change after 30 runs. Secondly, you will love the WI-FI connectivity that allows you to schedule cleaning. Roomba i7’s mapping abilities are just commendable. This robot can remember up to 10-floor plans. Compared to earlier Roomba models like the 600 series, the i7 has 10times more suction power. If the robot runs out of power, it’s able to recharge and resume cleaning. The rubber brushes avoid tangling, making them a good choice for pet owners. It also has a high-efficiency filter that traps common allergens. This cleaning iRobot takes care of your health if you suffer allergies.

2. Roomba j7+

Roomba j7+ is one other Roomba model that is worth some praise. Just like with the Roomba s9, the j7 can empty itself. It has WI-FI connectivity so you can schedule when and where to clean. Previously people complained of cleaning robots colliding with pet waste and spreading it over the carpets and floors. The j7 comes with precision vision navigation that enables it to avoid obstacles in its path, including pet waste. The iRobot genius can make suggestions on the best times to clean based on your habits. Additionally, it is equipped with multi-surface rubber brushes that flex and adjust on different floor types. They don’t tangle with hair making it a good choice for pet owners. Roomba j7 is also compatible with Google Home and Alexa. You can request the Roomba to clean after your mess on the spot without cleaning up the whole room. With the customizable keep-out feature, you can restrict your machine from specific areas. On the other hand, the Roomba j7 can never roll over your staircase because they have a cliff detector.

1. Roomba s9+

Roomba s9+ is the most expensive iRobot Roomba model. But it’s also the smartest and most powerful. Roomba s9 comes equipped with vSLAM navigation technology that allows it to learn and memorize the layout of your home. Supposing the robot runs out of power in the middle of the cleaning process, it gets back to 5he charging point. It charges the battery and resumes cleaning. Roomba s9 has WI-FI connectivity. It’s compatible with Alexa and Google assistant. It also comes with a find your Roomba feature where you tap your application, and the Roomba makes noise. You can schedule the cleaning hours probably when you are not at home. On the downside, the Roomba s9 is quite noisy. However, you expect that from any powerful machine. The Roomba s9 has a power boost that allows deep carpet cleaning. At the charging station is a dust bag where the Roomba s9 empties the dirt all by itself. The dust bags are big enough. The Roomba will have to empty the dirt into the bags up to 30 times before it’s full, and that’s like a month’s service. Additionally, Roomba s9 has rubber brushes making it the ideal cleaning machine for pet owners.


Several factors may influence your choice of Roomba. For example, some ask which Roomba is the quietest? Such may go for the Roomba 780 because they don’t want noise. Others may ask which Roomba is most powerful? They want a thorough job, so it’s reasonable to go for Roomba s9. You can weigh the options depending on your requirements. This list is based on the best features in the market currently. The five best Roomba models that money can buy include the Roomba s9+, Roomba j7, Roomba i3, Roomba i7, and the Roomba 960. Get yourself one.

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