The Five Best Rosefield Watches on the Market Today

Luxury and affordability don’t often go hand in hand, especially in the world of fashion. Timekeeping has always been an expensive trade, but times are changing. These days, many companies have embodied the look and feel of luxury without putting such a weight on the price tag. One of those companies is Rosefield, a watch company that was created with contemporary minimalism in mind. At Rosefield, quality is always above quantity, and that’s one of the reasons why their watches are the ultimate accessories. Here are the five best Rosefield watches you could buy on the market today.

The West Village Pink – Gold

Nothing else from Rosefield is as feminine as The West Village’s pink and gold watches. The subtlety of the pink and the gold gives this watch a touch of sophistication and quiet force. This watch is representative of New York’s west village, which is famous for its European charm. The entire watch is quite slender—even the case. The watch utilizes a durable Japanese Quartz movement that also adds to the watch’s excellence. The dial is made out of a stunning white pearl material and is only accented by the golden linear markers. All in all, this watch is the epitome of Rosefield’s elegance, and it’s an absolute must-have.

The Mercer Black – Rose Gold

There’s something about this watch that reminds us of the Golden Age of Hollywood. This Rosefield watch is stunning, to say the least, and it’s also quite functional. When it comes to design and style, this Mercer Rosefield watch is the epitome of sleek. The Rose Gold mesh band and casing is a stark contrast to the all-black dial, which is accentuated by matching rose gold markers. This metal watch even has a 3 ATM water resistance that can come in useful. This watch also uses a Japanese Quartz movement, and it’s ultra slender at 8mm thin. The face of the watch is 33mm wide—large enough to make a bold statement on your wrist without being too overbearing. All in all, this watch was created to make a statement, and that is something that it truly does.

The Tribeca White – Brown

If you’re looking for a classic daily watch, no other Rosefield watches could get the job done as best as the Tribeca White – Brown watch could. The medium brown leather strap is the type of strap that could go with any colors. Therefore, this watch design could really go with any outfit you might be wearing. The watch has a rose gold casing that blends perfectly well with the strap and transitions your eye naturally to the white dial. This dial has the usual rose gold markers, but in between those, you could also see subtle black markers that would indicate the minutes. The watch utilizes a two-hand system that skips the counting of the seconds that have passed. This watch is even slimmer at 7mm, which is perfect if you were to wear the watch daily.

The Bowery White – Blue

This style has characteristically thicker leather bands that set them apart from the rest of the Rosefield watches. There’s also something about the blue color of the straps. It’s reminiscent of the dark of night in a way that’s both mysterious and fascinating. The white dial reminds us of the moon in the dark, and it’s encircled in a rose gold halo that is also stunning against the blue straps. This dial is also slightly larger than other Rosefield faces given that it’s 38mm wide. That wide eggshell dial will be beautiful on any wrist that wears it.

The Gramercy Black – Black

The Gramercy is one of New York’s prime fashion location, and its perfectly represented by this watch. The Gramercy Black – Black is a bold statement. The think black straps are a contrast to the thicker black bezel. Gun grey markers interrupt the flow of the black dial, and the triple-hand system will count the hours, minutes, and seconds for you. This is the type of watch that you can also wear daily, but remember that it is 38mm wide across. There’s a formality to this watch that comes handy, especially when you’re trying to make a statement with your outfit.

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