The 10 Best Suits North of $1,000 in 2016


To paraphrase Mark Twain, do clothes make the man? With clothing from these fabulous designers the answer doesn’t really matter. Attention to every essential detail – fabric, cut, style and occasion – is what makes these most expensive suits worth every dollar of the price. Suits are often called the uniform of a man, but that’s where the uniformity concept ends. Designed to outshine every other male in the room, these creations can have an overwhelming effect on self-esteem or overall cache. An expression and reflection of your taste and a perfectly tailored fit by master means this apparel defines priceless. From Italian craftsmen to Saville Row, this is a 2016 list of several top luxurious menswear designers and their creations.

Several years ago, Stuart Hughes and Richard Jewels commissioned a suit made from cashmere wool and silk with over 480 diamonds. This suit with its total of 240 carats sold for $943,000. Alexander Amosu designed one suit with 9 diamonds set in 18-carat gold. The price was $110,000. The companies listed below are not quite that fabulous, however, they do use only the best materials such as vicuna wool, the incredibly silky fabric from the South American camelid. Pashmina and Qiviut may also be used. Each design is an extra layer of luxury for the discerning customer.

Here are our picks for the top suits north of $1,000 in 2016.

Versace Pied De Poule Formal Trousers

Versace Pied de Poule

Versace is the self-proclaimed maker of sexy “cloth” for men. This suit is straight cut, wool, and features a pied de poule, a tiny hounds tooth check pattern. Vertical and horizontal threads of black and white are elegantly woven for this masterpiece. The pants have central zip button closure, the slim fitting jacket is two button. This suit is suitable for almost any occasion, from business meetings to weddings. Pants cost $3,825.00, jacket is priced from $2,250-3,000.

Valentino Classic Heringbone Suit

Valentino Classic Herringbone Suit

Valentino Cloth Brand presents it Classic Herringbone Suit. The designer’s finest suits are usually solid grey or navy, so this is an interesting detour. The two button jacket has notched lapels, two front flap pockets, and four buttons on the cuff. It also is T-cut in back and has a camouflage lining. The pants have concealed hook and button closure and two pockets front and back. Herringbone prints have a distinctive V-shaped weaving pattern, employing an arrangement of rectangles. The broken zigzag resemblance is superbly employed in this outfit. The price for this 100% wool classic is $2,655.

Dior Homme Micro Checked Pattern

Dior Micro Checked Wool

Dior Homme Men’s red and black micro checked pattern suit is edgy, but not overly dramatic. To lose the traditional corporate look quickly, this is the right one to step out in and step up your game. Part of the new wave-themed collection, the jacket and pants are both virgin wool cloth. The pants are straight cut, the jacket is boasts eclectic horn buttons and a fitted shape. The jacket is lined with black checked fabric and the pants have 2 back flapped pockets. This combo retails for about $2,500.

Richard Seco Red Double Breasted Suit

Richard Seco Red Double Breasted Suit

Ricardo Seco’s red double breasted suit is fashion revolution in motion. Representing the designer’s Mexican heritage and penchant for bright colors, the jacket has a slim cut, sophisticated fit, three buttons on the cuffs and bold roll-up pants. Be daring and pair with a print shirt to ensure your fashion statement. The suit stops traffic wherever it goes. Seco pieces are priced in the $1,000 range.

Cesare Attolini Olive Green Suit

Cesare Attolini Olive Green Suit

Cesare Attolini’s master designers introduce an olive green suit for business and pleasure, from the board room to best restaurants. The suit sells for around $5,800. It is 100% wool, with a twill fabric weave, and light weight for maximum comfort. A more traditional midnight navy blue suit, also 100% wool with a herringbone fabric weave, sells for $6,300. Add the right tie or belt and go forward.

Kiton Gray Suit

Kiton Gray Suit

Kiton’s Gray Suit has a subtle, classy striped pattern and plain weave. The colors are white, beige, and brown allowing a wide choice of accessories to coordinate the entire look. The jacket has one button and two flap pockets. For $8,700 this suit says you mean business.

Gieves and Hawkes Bespoke Suits

Gieves and Hawkes

Gieves and Hawkes, at No. 1 Saville Row and Vigo Street, offers bespoke suits beginning at $4,500. Each garment piece is made-to-measure. This house of style favors a high armhole and roped shoulder cut. The staff, of course, will consider individual taste in every detail of the suit. At one time the venerable house of style only sold ready to wear suits to special clients. It’s noteworthy that Alexander McQueen’s founder, Lee McQueen, began his career as a pattern cutter at Gieves and Hawkes. This expertise lead to McQueen’s own location at No. 9 Saville Row. Your first order will probably take 12 weeks to complete, but is so worth the wait. For repeat customers the wait time decreases.

Giorgio Armani Suits

Giorgio Armani Suit

Giorgio Armani, the icon, has a variety of men’s suits in wool blends, stretch wool satins, and virgin wools. This deep gray suit in worsted wood with a windowpane motif is slim fitting. The suit has a soft rounded shoulder design for the jacket. The jacket also has two buttons, a rear split, and flap pockets. Made with 100% virgin wool, a detailed lining, and it is flannel weight. This suit and others by the fashion line retail for around $5,000.

Alfred Dunhill Belgravia Two Piece Single Breasted

Dunhill Belgravia

Alfred Dunhill, renowned designer for the “English Gentleman”, has the Belgravia two-piece single breasted suit for $2,500. The company’s Italian designers have designed a classic fit, single-breasted navy wool suit. The pants have flat front belt loops. This would be considered a power apparel in any setting.

Ermenegildo Zegna Vicuna Suits

Ermenegildo Zegna Vicuna Suits

Ermenegildo Zegna produces about 30 vicuna suits each year. The suits are numbered and the price starts at $46,000. Another option is a Sharkskin two-piece trademark Trofeo suit in gray. The jacket is double vented and the trousers are single pleat style. The suit costs $3,395 and is a wool and silk blend. If you just want pick up a new sports coat, Zegna has a Vicuna Sport Coat that sells for about $22,000.

To be a true stand-out consider Nick Graham’s completely plaid suit, which is definitely for risk taking guys. After all, it was modeled by Bill Nye, the Science Guy during New York Fashion Week.

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