The 20 Best Things to do in Lubbock, TX

Lubbock Lake Landmark

Lubbock is a haven for those who love art and culture. The city has a fantastic music scene, with the chance to hear your favorite bands play live any day or night. There are also many great dining options available so visitors can take advantage of our rich food selection before going back into town again. The people here have always welcomed fresh faces. There’s no better place in Texas than Lubbock if you’re looking forward to some pure relaxation away from big city life. Lubbock is a small town in the Texas panhandle, and it’s known for its cotton production. This area was so prosperous back in Lubby Day (the old spelling) when only 300 people lived here. Lubbock, Texas, is a bustling metropolis with so much to offer. You may choose to go dining and shopping in the community’s cultural events or take advantage of outdoor pursuits like fishing on Lake Cooper. Listed below are 20 of the best things to do in Lubbock.

gliders throughout WWII

20. Learn about the history of gliders throughout WWII

The Silent Wings Museum is an incredible tribute to World War II gliders and the program that developed them. There are so many amazing stories, like how they could transport troops in secrecy. The exhibit also showcases the equipment used by pilots during this period. You will also find some personal effects contributed by those who fought for the country’s freedom here at home front lines in the USA. The museum has something special waiting inside for any visitor-from guided tours with veteran tour guides. One can also choose a self-conducted investigation into the military service history (powered by First Command). There’s always more than meets the eye when exploring each room.

At’l Do Farms

19. Explore the maize maze farms at At’l Do Farms

At’l Do Farms is a family-run farm that offers visitors the chance to get up close and personal with their maize crops. There are many ways you can experience At’l Dos for yourself. First, you could go on one of the two hiking trails designed explicitly to avoid confusion right from left when it comes time to choose your direction at each intersection along this path. Alternatively, you can take whichever route catches your eye at first glance through the maze garden featuring over 160 scarecrows towering above you while wandering around lost, trying desperately not to look too scared. It’s a thrilling experience!

Rock ‘n’ Roll legend Buddy Holly

18. Learn more about Rock ‘n’ Roll legend Buddy Holly

Buddy Holly, America’s most beloved icon of rock ‘n roll, was born in Lubbock. The Buddy Holly Center contains one of his famous Fender Stratocasters, which survived the crash that took his life. It can be seen alongside other personal items like guitars and paraphernalia from his iconic musician’s career. You will also see an 18-foot tall statue depicting him wearing glasses made famous by their horn rims.

Scavenger Hunt

17. Scavenger Hunt

Lubbock city has a mobile-based scavenger hunt that can frighten the guts out of you. You can go on a virtual treasure hunt through Lubbock, looking for several objects while learning about this fantastic place. Along the way, if there’s enough demand from participants in rankings. They will even let people compare themselves against one another to see who came out ahead of time.

16. Honor the contributions of the African-American community

When Alfred and Billie Caviel donated the Caviel Pharmacy building to the Roots Historical Arts Council back in 2011, they did it in the hope that one day it would become a museum to represent African-American Culture. It’s put up in a building with its legacy for black Americans. Alfred and Billie ran a pharmacy here, which was their first time owning it themselves. They were also some of only a few minority pharmacists when they started up shop back then, with most still being white-owned businesses even today. The museum celebrates doctors and other professionals, like lawyers, who have made strides forward into fields typically seen as being dominated solely by men before them. It’s essential because showing younger generations there can be options when thinking about careers.

ranch life

15. Have an Experience of the ranch life

The National Ranching Heritage Center is a place that has been frozen in time—to the 19th century. It’s designed for people who want an authentic experience, and they get it here. You can see life on working ranches all those years ago, with modern buildings housing original exhibits about ranching history, including their History of Beef exhibit. The primary focus is on beef production, from cowboys on cattle drives to today’s groundbreaking technology. The tech in use includes 3D visualization software used by USDA scientists studying genetics or artificial intelligence. The AI is employed as virtual veterinarians, performing surgery remotely without ever having seen any animal firsthand.

real-life heavy metal house

14. Visit a real-life heavy metal house

A strangely designed building on top of a tiny hill may be seen at a short distance from Lubbock. It’s not a strange spaceship or even a sculpture. It’s just a regular house made entirely of steel built by artist Roberto Bruno, who worked in it for 35 years. Unfortunately, his work isn’t perfect – but then again, it’s a piece of art. Even if you want to marvel at how much work was put into creating something so simple yet lovely in its simplicity, you should still go for the experience.

cactus vintage theater

13. For a classic night out, visit the cactus vintage theater

The Cactus Theater is the best place to be for a show, movie, or to pass the evening away. It’s an old-time theater with high ceilings and lots of space so you can feel like royalty as your mind drifts off during intermission. The original building was built in 1938 by WD/Hench, who also created many other iconic Lubbock structures, such as Raintree Park. This means this sacred edifice has been around long enough that most locals grew up knowing about it and have unforgettable memories of the place.

Lubbock Lake Landmark

12. Take a night hike at the Lubbock Lake Landmark

Try an evening walk at Lubbock Lake Historic National Landmark if you are in town on the last Saturday of each month. The free night hikes start approximately half an hour before sundown, and no flashlights are allowed, so it’s definitely worth your time. When visiting this historic site that honors early human history throughout Texas’ Ice Age wildlife habitat, pick up some pamphlets from their information center or go down there yourself.

drive-in theater

11. Plan a night out at the drive-in theater

The drive-in movie theater is a classic part of American teenage culture very few people still enjoy. You can go on an old date experience here with your significant other or pack up the kids and head out under the stars for some quality time alone. The concessions building offers many 50s greats like milkshakes and corn dogs, so you don’t have to worry about hunger during this fun event.

Grasp and enjoy some Wind

10. Grasp and enjoy some Wind

People love visiting the American Wind Power Center. A perfect day would sit by one of America’s old windmills. Listening to its blades spin as they captured some energy from the wind and sent it through an electric motor so that water could flow out into a trough below or go back into the town’s power grid is a fantastic experience. The center holds over 160 unique structures, including 1920 era electricity-generating machines, which still generate power even though most people don’t use them anymore. Many are rare, with only five other ones like ours left across America. After years in storage, most of them have been restored because nobody knew what else to do with them when technology changed around us.

Art Trail experience

9. Art Trail experience

Local galleries and museums open their doors for a unique event on the first Friday of the month. Similar evenings may be found in many towns, and in Lubbock, it’s a student favorite. However, with open-style galleries and meet-the-artist possibilities, it transforms into a great social trip. Galleries may also include a snack or a drink of wine, and you can always follow up with a classy dinner at a nearby restaurant.

Science Spectrum

8. Have fun and learn at the Science Spectrum

The Science Spectrum and OMNI Theater is a center for science education. The permanent exhibits educate people of all ages, but the events like reading fairs draw kids into this world of STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math). They have unique activities around nature or even to celebrate summer holidays. You will find your little one never wants to go back home after an event here.

Buffalo Springs

7. Have a fun-filled day of adventure at Buffalo Springs

Buffalo Springs Lake is a perfect Great Outdoors adventure for those looking to relax and enjoy themselves. The grounds allow fishing, boating, or canoeing in the slow waters of the lake. There are also plenty of beaches where you can hang out with friends next to stunning views overlooking it. You’ll be serenaded by abundant wildlife while hiking on one of the many nature trails through dense woods that lead up into clear streams.

Lubbock Memorial Arboretum

6. Get in touch with nature at the Lubbock Memorial Arboretum

K.N. Clapp Park contains the Lubbock Memorial Arboretum, a historical monument. It is on 93 acres of open space and has a rich assortment of trees, plants, shrubs, vines, flowers, and animals such as butterflies and birds. The arboretum includes the lovely, quiet Playa Lake (which attracts waterfowl in the winter), a 1.18-mile walking track, and The Interpretive Center. In this quaint red brick house, many environmental classes are given. They also provide guests with customized guided tours to educate them about the varied trees and plant life.

Texas Tech University

5. Pop in at the Museum of Texas Tech University

The Natural History Museum is a free museum that features collections on diverse topics, including natural history and anthropology. One of the most impressive exhibits in this vast space is giant dinosaur replicas that can be found throughout many rooms or hallways within its building. They also have an Ice Age exhibit with mammoth model skeletons mounted over its entranceway. The Diamond M Gallery Wing houses work by various western artists, such as Representations from Diego Rivera, alongside contemporary abstracts created only for MU’s permanent collection. The changing exhibitions complement those featured permanently at the institution.

the thunder zone

4. Enjoy a hot sunny afternoon in the thunder zone

The Thunder Zone is a family-oriented mini-amusement center with go-karts for kids of all ages and an arcade where you can test your skills. The speedway track offers exciting racing that’s perfect if adrenaline will get the best out of you. There are two seats in each car, so it doesn’t matter what size we’re talking about. Whether miniature or oversized, you’ll find something to fit your needs here at this fun facility. It has a game of complete cosmic golf (indoor), laser tag (outdoor), and even some great video games.

3. Learn about the human history of the Lubbock area

The Lubbock Lake Landmark is a natural history site, where human occupation in the area dates back almost 12 000 years. Besides exhibits exploring science and what was found at this dig site, there are walking trails. The trails range from easy hikes to families with children up steep mountain climbs if you’re feeling adventurous. In addition, bicycle riders can take advantage of planning. Guided bike rides are offered by their staff each day during the summer months.

Prairie Dog Town

2. Spend an afternoon at the Prairie Dog Town

In a town of endless entertainment, these delightful creatures have their place. It ranked among the ten most popular attractions in Lubbock. Prairie Dog Pete is its ambassador and can be seen on billboards throughout city limits advertising his home for dogs. Word at street level says that this community loves carrots. Bring some along with you when next visiting if you’re curious about what they’re all hype about. The people here welcome visitors to see firsthand how wonderful life could be as an adopted resident.

Joyland Amusement Park

1. Plan a family fun day at the Joyland Amusement Park

Joyland Amusement Park is a throwback to an era when thrill-seekers were king, and roller coasters could get your heart racing. The park offers something for everyone, from the youngest child who needs some help on footer rides to adults. One can also enjoy brushing up against other joyous visitors waiting patiently by lines that lead towards their favorite attractions: Raging Rapids; Wildwater Kingdom — which includes slides like log flume and wave rider plus more. You’ll never forget how much fun you had experienced such memorable moments during childhood summers at this beautiful place.

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