When is the Best Time to Visit Israel?


Saint Augustine said that the world is a book, and those who fail to travel read only a page. Since reading is credited for taking us on adventures through our imaginations, traveling is going on expeditions literally and turning the pages one by one. Israel is one of the many places you have to add to your bucket list. The people are friendly, and the land is full of beautiful features. One place to visit is Jerusalem, where history lovers will be in awe of all the town has in store while those interested in fine dining and culture should travel to Tel Aviv. Still, there is always the best time to visit Israel so let’s tell you when you should consider planning for a trip: It Depends on Your Interests

Religious Festivities

If you would love to experience the Jewish religious festivities, planning your visit to coincide with them is of utmost importance. According to Condé Nast Traveller, April is ideal for visitors to see how Jews celebrate Easter and Passover. During this time, pilgrims from over the world visit Israel and you can be sure that the place will be crowded and prices will shoot up to take advantage of the surge in demand. However, if you cannot afford to enjoy a meal without bread, then visiting Israel during Passover is not the best idea because, during that entire week, restaurants do not serve bread. In some extreme instances, they shut down completely. Still, you should note that in Israel, Saturday is the Jewish Sabbath, and it begins when the sun sets on Friday until nightfall Saturday. So even if you are not there to enjoy the religious holidays, you will be affected. For instance, on Sabbath, there is a photography ban in Jewish holy sites. Restaurants in Jerusalem especially will close on Friday, but you can still find some nonkosher eateries. Public transportation during Sabbath is hectic. According to Fodors, urban buses operate in Nazareth only, and they are on tight schedules. Also, the game parks and national reserves are crowded during Sabbath when town residents take time off work to enjoy the amenities.

Cultural Holidays

Even if you are not religious, the country is known for other exciting holidays. Purim is equated to Halloween, and it is usually celebrated in early March. The children and anyone interested in dressing up fill the streets in the days leading up to the holiday. Purim lasts for only a day, starting from the evening to the next day’s evening, because in Jewish calendars, days begin at nightfall, as per the story of creation detailed in the Torah. Although Purim is not a religious festival, it is highlighted by reading the story of Queen Esther, who saved her people from being killed. Besides reading the scroll, the Jews exchange gifts of food. In the United States of America, Independence Day is always on July 4 every year. In contrast, the Israeli attained their independence on May 14, 1947, but there is no constant date to celebrate it. In 2017, it was marked on May 2, while in 2018, it was celebrated on April 19. It is marked by artistic performances and lighting twelve torches, each representing a tribe of Israel. There are fireworks and military parades, but you can go swimming and sightseeing because tourist sites remain open and public transportation is not interrupted.

Nature Exploration

If you love hiking, spring and fall are considered the best times. Spring falls in March, April, and May, and temperatures are not as hot as they would be in June, July, and August. January and February put you at risk of experiencing flash floods, so touring in spring ensures that you also get to experience the lush green and flowers in full bloom without interruptions. Still, it would be best if you took care to plan your expeditions when the festivities have taken place or before because you might want to replenish your supplies but find the stores are closed. Summer temperatures can go as high as 104 degrees Fahrenheit, especially around the Dead Sea since it is the lowest point on earth. Since nature lovers will like to soak in the land’s glory day and night, camping during the spring and fall is usually a great idea. Luckily, camping is permitted outside of reserves, and most people prefer camping on the beaches where there are fire pits and taps. However, you can choose a segregated area in the trees or the designated areas in the reserves. Even if your plans still make it impossible to travel in spring or fall, summer can still be the best time to visit Israel. As Tourist Israel enlightens us, the best thing to do during summer in Israel is to enjoy the unique landscapes and natural beauty across the country.

What to Take with You When Visiting Israel

Acanela advises things to pack whenever you are visiting Israel. Of course, in this era of flaunting our travels and keeping memories, top of the list is a fully-charged camera or phone battery and charging devices to capture every moment you find breathtaking. The article further says that only European-style outlets are used in Israel, so it is important to go prepared with an adapter that will suit the outlets. If you happen to make your visit during summer, remember the high temperatures can be too much to bear, so carry a bottle of sunscreen with you, especially if you will go hiking. Also, pack clothes that suit the weather; you do not have to worry about filling up your bags with warm clothing because most hotels offer laundry services. All the same, carry clothes and shoes that will blend with the residents’ style. The article says that you can never go wrong with jeans and sandals because the streets are littered with cobblestone pavements, so wearing high-heeled shoes will be uncomfortable. Still, not every place in Israel accommodates casual dressing. Some places demand women to be modest so forget about wearing camisoles when going out in such areas; you will need to ditch trousers and go for loose-fitting skirts and dresses and cover the head lest you be at risk of being harassed. All in all, Israel is a beautiful country, and each season is best for visiting depending on what you plan to do.

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