The Five Best Vegetarian Restaurants in NYC

These days, you’ll never have to worry about finding vegetarian options, especially if you’re in a big city like New York. To begin with, New York offers tons of dining options, and many restaurants today cater to people with vegetarian preferences. Being a vegetarian, you’re probably always trying to make sure that you have the healthiest options when you’re dining out. It’s admirable and absolutely doable. If you’re a veteran vegetarian who happens to be in New York City or if you’re just starting out with the vegetarian lifestyle, this list of the top five vegetarian restaurants in the city should help you have a great night out.


Hangawi NYC

You probably never thought that vegetarian and Korean never went together. Well, meet Hangawi. It’s the vegetarian paradise for Korean cuisine lovers. Apart from being one of the best vegetarian options in the city, it’s also quite an experience. As soon as you walk into the place, you’ll have to give up your shoes to enter this Oriental establishment. You’ll also experience a completely Zen-like dining with the quiet atmosphere. Even the servers are completely serene. You’ll find that the mung bean pancakes and sautéed maitake mushrooms are absolutely delightful, but wait until you get to dessert. Once you’ve had their chocolate tofu ice cream, you’d never doubt your choice of becoming vegetarian ever again.

Candle 79

Candle 79 New York

If you’re looking for a more upscale option for vegetarian dining, Candle 79 on 79th and Lexington is your best bet. It’s certainly a rare opportunity for vegetarians to have such a lovely ambience for dining. As far as the food is concerned, the dishes you’ll be served will be absolutely striking in this intimate setting. Just imagine a saffron-flavored paella with beautiful seasonal vegetables and seitan sausage. Imagine lemon butter and caper sauces and peanut butter and dark chocolate mousses. It’s impossibly mouth-watering. The restaurant even offers a separate gluten-free menu. It’s a must-go for all the vegetarians and vegetable-lovers alike in the city.

The Little Beet Table

Little Beet Table NYC

If you ever find yourself walking through midtown hungry as ever, walk into the newly expanded Little Beet Table. You’ll never be the same and never leave midtown again without stopping by. The restaurant used to be a simple health-conscious fast food joint, and it’s turned into this wonderful fully gluten-free staple. The full-service restaurant offers some pretty amazing food. They offer dishes such as cavatelli with butternut squash and kale. Their pot-roasted apples with vanilla-walnut haroseth are the stuff of cravings. You’ll find their menu creative and imaginative and delicious, of course. It’s perfectly okay to keep on coming back to satiate your vegetarian hunger. Try everything on the menu if you’d please; we’d like to know how they all taste like.

Dirt Candy

Dirt Candy NYC

Amanda Cohen’s eatery on the Lower East Side has gotten a vegetarian overhaul. Her goal is simple: make people eat more vegetables. We certainly agree with that notion, especially if the vegetables are going to be as delightful as Cohen offers at Dirt Candy. The original eatery only had 18 seats; now the place offers three times that size. The setting itself is encouraging enough, with the open kitchen at its center and full access to the chef through the chef’s counter. Each dish you get is driven by one vegetable accompanied by the proper layers of ingredients. You’ll appreciate both the taste and the imagination behind Cohen’s dish concepts, and you’ll definitely be coming back for more.


For a more café-like experience, Terri is the place to go. Organic and vegetarian, you’ll get the usual café fares including sandwiches, juices, coffee, and cupcakes. It’s a nice dining option if you’re just out to get something light and quick. Located between Fifth and Sixth Ave, you’ll get plenty of options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They even offer a juice cleanse if you’re up to it. The prices are decent and the flavors are great. You’d never think it from a simple café, but their dishes are definitely far from simple. With three locations throughout the city—Midtown, Financial, and Chelsea—you can have access to Terri anywhere you might be. It’s worth the trek or the travel regardless.

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