The 10 Best Waterfalls to Visit in Maine


Maine’s coastline might get all the attention, but its interior is just as spectacular. Studded with gorgeous mountain ranges, sparkling lakes, and awe-inspiring national parks, it’s heaven for nature lovers. And then, of course, there are the waterfalls. Whether you prefer your falls long or broad, cascading or trickling, Maine has it covered. These are the 10 best waterfalls in Maine.

10. Small Falls

If you’re looking for a peaceful spot to while away a quiet Sunday afternoon, Small Falls is perfect. Consisting of a series of short falls cascading into the gorge below, it’s gorgeously photogenic. Little ones can splash around in the kid-friendly pool at the base of one of the smaller falls, and there’s even a small beach to relax on.

9. Kees Fall

Kees Fall is a straight-up, straight down 25-foot waterfall. As points out, it almost looks like someone turned on a faucet full force and forgot to turn it off. It’s not the easiest place to reach (expect a moderately difficult trek from the parking lot to the falls), but its natural beauty and perfectly peaceful surroundings make it worth the effort. If the thought of swimming under the cascades appeals, you can take a dip in the crystal clear pool below.

8. Screw Auger Falls

If you needed any more reason to visit the lovely Grafton Notch State Park, you’ll find it in the shape of Screw Auger Falls. If you want to take things easy, you can view the falls from the short, gentle walkway that leads from the parking lot to the falls. If you’re in the mood for an adventure, you can follow the trail along Bear River – it’s challenging, but the riverbed beaches, rock formations, and series of smaller falls will reward you well for your troubles.

7. Houston Brook Falls

At 32 feet, Houston Brook Falls in Somerset Count isn’t the biggest waterfall in Maine. It is, however, one of the most scenic. Made up of numerous horsetails and plunges, it cascades over mossy rocks to create a breathtaking picture. To reach the falls, follow Carry Pond Road southeast from Pleasant Ridge until you spot the signs for the trailhead. From the parking lot, it’s an easy 0.25-mile scramble over the rocks to reach the falls (as the rocks can get slippery, be sure to wear appropriate footwear). Swimming is permitted in the pool at the bottom of the falls if you want a dip.

6. Moxie Falls

As The Crazy Tourist says, Moxie Falls is one of the most fascinating waterfalls in Maine. Plunging over 90 feet, it’s among the highest (and certainly most impressive) waterfalls in the state. Despite its remote location, it’s immensely popular with nature lovers – one look at its sparkling cascades and beautiful surrounds and you’ll understand why. The falls are easily reached via a short trail from the parking lot on Moxie Road – just be aware the trail can get slippery, so be sure to wear sturdy footwear. Swimming is permitted, so bring along your swimming costume if you want a dip. To see the falls at their most majestic, time your visit between May and October.

5. Grand Falls

As says, Grand Falls might not be as tall as some of the other waterfalls in Maine, but its immense 120-foot breadth and enormous water flow makes it live up to its name. Immensely powerful, immensely breathtaking, and immensely worthy of a visit, the falls are reached easily enough by a 0.8-mile trail that leads from the parking area. To appreciate them at their best, come in early summer when the water flow is at its fullest.

4. Alder Stream Falls

At Alder Stream Falls, you get two falls for the price of one. The upper falls plunge 20 feet in a straight cascade. The lower falls horsetail before plunging 25 feet to the stream below. The falls are located just a couple of hundred yards from the parking lot. The hike down the gorge walls can be a bit nerve-wracking, but there are ropes in place to help you keep your footing. To reach the upper falls, follow the path into the woods and up to the top. Sturdy boots are mandatory, as is a camera – the views are extraordinary.

3. Dunn Falls

If you’re anywhere near Andover in Oxford County, be sure to schedule a visit to Dunn Falls. To access the falls, you’ll need to hike the 2-mile trail from the parking lot. It’s not the easiest of trails, so be sure to wear sturdy footwear. It’s worth the effort though. Along the way, you’ll pass by several swimming pools that are perfect for a dip, along with several smaller waterfalls. It’s stunning at any time of the year, but visit between July and October when the water flow is at its fullest to see it at its best.

2. Austin Stream Falls

Named as one of the best waterfalls in Maine by Vacation Idea, Austin Stream Falls is epic in scale. Its 100-foot drop falls in a series of stunning cascades. The upper falls are particularly spectacular, turning almost 90 degrees as they fall into the gorge. Reaching the falls can be tricky (the gorge below is a sheer-walled canyon that’s impossible to access) but there’s plenty of viewing spots from the camping area directly above the canyon. You can also access the rim on the upper gorge for jaw-dropping views of the falls below.

1. Angel Falls

Waterfalls don’t get much more spectacular than Angel Falls. This 90-foot waterfall in Franklin County is just as heavenly as its name suggests. It gets its moniker from the way the flow of water resembles an angel. In its self, that would be remarkable enough to justify a visit, but the sheer scale of the cascade, not to mention its lush surrounds and perfectly serene setting, make’s it mandatory viewing for fall enthusiasts. It’s easy enough to reach – simply take Route 17 from Byron until you notice the sign for the trail – and is best visited in June and July when the water flow is at its peak and the weather is at its best.

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