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20 Things You Didn't Know About Beyond Meat Inc.

Beyond Meat

There has recently been a fair amount of discussion about the use of plant-based proteins to replace the use of meat in the human diet. There are several reasons why consumers are excited about this new trend. It gives vegans and vegetarians more choices in their meal planning and it also provides a healthy alternative to eating the flesh of animals. This new protein source has opened up a new market within the food industry and we've just begun to see the television commercials advertising products made with this new protein. Beyond Meat Inc. is a pioneering company in this new market sector. If you're interested in learning more about plant-based protein as a meat substitute and how it all works to create these products here are 20 things about Beyond Meat Inc. that you might find useful.

1. Beyond meat was founded in 2009

Ethan Brown is the founder of the Beyond Meat Inc company. It is based in Los Angeles, California. The company first started marketing its product and distributing them throughout the US in 2013. The very first plant-based burger was released for sale in May of 2016. This product was sold throughout the United States as well as internationally. Although the food manufacturer has been in business for a decade, it's just now beginning to receive a lot of attention because of the products it offers.

2. Beyond Meat Inc has a strong investor base

The company is backed by some big names in finance and within the food industry. A variety of venture funding firms and individuals like the company and believe in their mission and have decided fo back it with financial support. Some of the investors include theObvious Corporation, Kleiner Perkins, Biz Stone, Bill Gates, and even the Humane Society. Tyson Foods has purchased a five percent stake in the company in the fall of 2016.

3. Beyond Meat Inc has won awards

We were pleasantly surprised to learn that the Humane Society has backed Beyond Meat Inc with financial support. They're not the only animal advocacy organization that supports the efforts of a plant-based meat substitute resource. The Beyond Meat company was named as Company of the Year in 2013 by the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals organization. This is quite an honor and distinction, and the efforts of the business and its owner have not gone unrecognized.

4. The company is evolving

The very first meat substitute that Beyond Meat Inc offered as a substitute for chicken meat. The products were sold in Whole Foods supermarkets throughout America in the spring of 2013. The following year, the company developed its first beef products. Their mission is to provide substitutes for beef and sausage, to offer healthier alternatives and to lessen the demand for animal slaughter by offering consumers who enjoy the flavor of sausage and beef a plant-based alternative.

5. Beyond Meat Inc went public

If you're looking for stocks to invest in, then you might want to check out Beyond Meat Inc. At the public debut of the company, stocks were offered at $25 per share adn it helped them in raising $240 million fast which helped to contribute to the company's overall valuation that was just a little under $1.5 billion. They are offering a cap of 9.5 million shares at prices which range from $23 to $25 each, adn it's a good stock to get in on as the market is set for rapid expansion. The ticker symbol for the company is BYND.

6. More investors came on board at the IPO

Beyond Meat Inc enjoyed a healthy reception when it went public with a 163 percent raise as big investors got on board. These include JP Morgan, Credit Suisse, and Goldman Sachs, as well as Banks of America, Jeffries and William Blair and Merrill Lynch coming on board as underwriters of the deal. It's an exciting time in the history of the company.

7. Beyond Meat Inc could change the way we eat

With the increasing popularity of plant-based meat substitutes, we could see some big changes in the foods that are routinely sold. One of the goals of Beyond Meat is to antiquate the use of animal protein and this is good news for animal rights activists. The founder has long been haunted by the prospect of using meat commercially for nutrition, and although the benefits of meat protein have been documented as a link in the evolution of the human brain, he knew that there had to be an alternative, and it appears that he's found it and put his ideas into action. We've come a long way since the time that humans became hunters/gatherers and now we have the technology to produce food sources differently.

8. Beyond Meat Inc could contribute to a healthier environment

One point that we believe is a compelling reason to use plant-based proteins is that it could cut down on the number of greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere. Brown, the founder of Beyond Meat Inc contends that the vast numbers of livestock herds contribute to the development of greenhouse gas emissions. Not to mention that it also creates stress on the land, and contributes to the contamination of natural water sources as waste seeps into the groundwater from big livestock herds.

9. Beyond Meat beat Bitcoin

The popularity of Beyond Meat Inc stocks has driven it to become among the hottest of all initial public offerings on Wall Street for 2019, so far. Shares have gained nearly 170 percent. This is a significant indicator of success and public recognition. Bitcoin which is also a popular stock only gained 95.42 percent over the same period which was analyzed. This is good news for Beyond Meat. People like the idea of cutting down on distress to the environment, as well as addressing the issues of high cholesterol levels and obesity through an alternative food product and they're getting on board to support the effort.

10. The burgers are amazingly similar to meat

Beyond Meat has a meat substitute for a hamburger that is hard to distinguish from the real thing. The burgers cook like beef and they look like it as well. This means that people who use a lot of beef burger in their meal planning an make the switch to Beyond Meat products and still enjoy the taste and satisfaction of their favorite foods. Beyond Burger uses no gluten, soy or GMOs in the production of their burger substitute products.

11. They offer sausage products

Beyond Meat also produces products that are labeled Beyond Sausage. You can find them in the meat aisle of the grocers who carry the products. They sizzle when they cook just like pork sausage adn they taste a lot like the real thing, except there is no animal protein. It's all plant-based, but there is no gluten, soy or GMO found in the pork substitute products. They offer a variety of sausage and brat products in a variety of flavors which gives consumers a decent range of choices.

12. Beyond Meat has a membership for discounts

The company has developed a Beyond Meat Inc community and they welcome new members. They're currently offering a signup drive on their official company website. Members receive news and updates on what's happening int he company, and they also receive updates on new products that are coming out as well as coupons that help them to save money at the checkout stand. It's free to join and it could reduce your grocery bill while helping you to keep on top of any related news releases.

13. Beyond Meat is a disruptor

Beyond Meat is disrupting the food industry Their meat substitute products offer alternatives for chicken beef and sausage and it's causing some consumers to buy less of the products that contain animal protein and more of the alternatives. The founder of the company is set on turning the food industry upside down and he insists that Beyond Meat products must be sold in the meat counters as meat alternatives. This is a sound marketing strategy, but he also envisions the traditional meat cases to at some point in the future be referred to as the "protein case" because of the popularity of plant-based proteins. He sees it coming to that and he's certainly pushing for it. This could be a powerful disruption to the animal-based meat production plants, but only time will tell. It's certainly creating a stir now.

14. Brown employs experts on food protein extraction

We learned that Brown has 25 food scientists on staff and around 75 other staff members working to figure out how to extract protein from plants in a way that will make it impossible to distinguish the end product from meat. He's gaining ground on this consistently. If people can't tell one from the other and Beyond Meat products are healthier, then there would be no good reason to continue eating meat-based products. Brown has thrown a lot of money at finding the solutions and he doesn't mind allocating resources to continue the evolution of their processes to make the perfect meat substitute

15. The company has some big challenges ahead

One of the biggest challenges faced by the Beyond Meat Inc company is that the price of the products that they offer is far more expensive than ground beef. This is likely to deter many hardworking people from purchasing the product when meat-based alternatives, which many still prefer anyway, are far cheaper to purchase. We learned that just two four-ounce Beyond Burgers patties cost $5.99. There are many who simply cannot afford to buy the products, even if they'd like to give them a try. If Brown wants to feed the world with plant-based proteins then he's going to need to figure out a way to produce these products at a price that everyone who currently buys animal protein can afford.

16. The company is currently overvalued

Analysts are warning that although Beyond Meat Inc had a great IPO, the current value is hard to justify, even though growth is picking up. The company would have to increase sales dramatically. There are a couple of reasons why there is a caution warning for investors. The first is that a realistic analysis of the market shows that the market for plant-based protein isn't large enough to sustain the number of sales that are needed to maintain value, and the second is that there is a lot of competition coming up in the market which is likely to impact the number of sales on Beyond Meat's high-priced products.

17. Beyond Meat may not be able to live up to the hype

A plant-based protein which is a healthy substitute for animal protein is a really good idea, and there are a lot of people throughout the world who support this, the ideology that is. Investors jumped on board and research dollars are being invested to perfect the products until they are indistinguishable from actual meat. These are all good things, but when it comes to sustaining the valuation of the company and living up to the hype, this is an entirely different prospect. Talk is good, but there are big issues which must be addressed if Beyond Meat is able to live up to the current frenzy. They simply have to refine operations and cut costs for production at some point to make the products affordable. While there is a growing market for the products they produce, it isn't really that big, and it's not big enough yet to support the massive growth the company is experiencing.

18. Beyond Meat is not yet profitable

While it's great that investors are backing the company, it's important to note that they are not yet profitable. They have never made a profit. Operating expenses far exceed the amount of revenue that is generated. It's not yet problematic but if the trend continues it will be at some point in the future.

19. Beyond Meat could signal a new way of life

If Mr. Brown has his way, Beyond Meat Inc is going to alter the way that we look at our protein sources. He's not wrong by pointing out that using plant-based protein will improve the health of our environment as well as our individual bodies. He's on the right track, and the company could be instrumental in changing the way we see food, but they are going to have to make a big investment in educational and marketing campaigns if they want to make any real and lasting changes in public opinion.

20. Only time will tell

Will Beyond Meat deliver on all of the goals that the founder has set? So far, they're doing a good job, but they're not there yet. While the premise of his strategic plan is sound, the company faces many challenges. Only time will tell if the time is right for a shift in public sentiment towards the proteins they consume. If there is enough of a shift, or if Beyond Meat Inc can tap into a larger market then they could well be pioneers in a movement that will make significant changes in food consumption, but only time will tell.

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