Black Adds that Special Something to Any Room in Your House

It happens almost every time an interior designer suggests that a swath of black be incorporated into a design. “Black? Are you sure?” The client silently questions their decision to hire the interior designer. The interior designer responds with an affirmative – “Yes!” The design professional then goes on to explain why.

Black is the ultimate color, and so versatile. Ranging from Dramatic bold striped wallpaper to a simple black book resting on a coffee table. Black anchors the eye, adds depth as well as DRAMA! If you have ever walked into a finished room and felt that it needed just “something” to bring everything together, chances are, that something is a touch of black. Interior designers know that there are a myriad of ways to leverage this powerful hue.

Black and white is the definition of timeless. When put into a bold pattern, like stripes, this color combination becomes ultra-fashion forward. In a traditional sitting room, try adding bold striped pillows and the room immediately feels updated without taking away from the traditional design. And if you’re feeling extra bold, add a black and white striped rug. Another favorite place to try a bold stripe pattern like this one is full scale on the walls. Try it on an accent wall at the end of a hallway, or in a powder bath. Your guests will set their eyes on this and be inspired to transform their own walls. It almost transforms into a piece of art in itself. Also, keep in mind stripes are an extremely easy Do It Yourself (DIY) project, adding a big impact for very little cost.

Another great place for black is in the furniture. Staying in a traditional sitting room, the furniture should be classic, elegant, and neutral, but still allowing for personality. After all, this is where you receive your guests and spend time with friends and family so make it a powerful introduction into the rest of your home. Try a black bench or a set of accent chairs. Also, a black coffee table with a white marble tray is an ultra-chic update to try.

Going back to the powder bath theme, black is probably not the first color to pop up. But if you give it a chance, it will not disappoint. Many forward-thinking interior designers use black wallpaper with matte and metallic accents. This will turn out beautifully. The perfect partner to this application would be a white marble waterfall countertop, a large mirror and some multi-dimensional pendants dropped from the ceiling in lieu of traditional scosces. The best part about this type of wallpaper, is that the metallic actually reflects the light back, to further brighten the space. If you are not feeling quite this bold or afraid the space will feel too tight, just start out with wallpaper on the vanity wall and expand from there.

Moving to a smaller scale, one of the best ways to use black is with accessories. Books are great for this. to accessorize all of the time and I especially love to mix in black bounded books to add interest. (Think The Little Book of CHANEL, always a classic.)

When considering decorative objects, it is best to use either a similar material or shape to tie vignettes together. For example, try grouping black apothecary jars in varying sizes to hold Q-tips and cotton balls in the master bath. A grouping of black and white glass candles in the same shape can be an eye-catching alternative to the traditional glass votives.

Another great place to add this dramatic hue is on a lamp. In fact, there is no better way to use a dark color than on a fixture that produces light. Try a black enamel lamp with a white shade. Or even better, gold lamp shade with a black interior. One word describes this – Amazing.

The next time you are cruising through your favorite design magazine or a great showroom, look out for black. Often, it may bring the drama that makes the room fabulous. And remember life is short, so however you choose to use black, have fun with it.

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