A Closer Look at The Blancpain Mokarran Limited Edition

Blancpain Mokarran Limited Edition

Blancpain is a luxury watch brand that has joined others in an effort to preserve the delicate ecosystems of the ocean. The creation of its newest model, the 2020 Blancpain Mokarran Limited Edition is a unique and memorable timepiece that is certain to become a highly prized collectible watch with the passage of time. To help acquaint you with this oceanic masterpiece, here are 10 things that you didn’t know about the Blancpain Mokarran Limited Edition watch.

1. The Mokarran Limited Edition will help to save the hammerheads

The Mokarran Limited Edition is a dive watch that will help to benefit a new oceanic conservation organization. It is named after the Mokarran Protection Society. The aims of the organization are to protect hammerhead shark populations. It is based in French Polynesia as a non-profit environmental protection agency.

2. The dial color signals a departure from the norm

Blancpain is known for three prior Ocean Commitment watches but the previous editions feature a blue color for either the dials or the cases. The Mokarran Limited Edition has a lovely matte green dial. Sitting atop the dial is a ceramic bezel also colored green with wonderfully contrasting indexes in a highly visible silver-grey coloring.

3. The case is also ceramic

The case is made of black ceramic with a satin-brushed finish. It measures 43 mm in width with a round shape. It is covered with a domed sapphire crystal which serves the dual purpose of providing legibility to the dial as well as protection for the movement that beats beneath.

4. This is a diver’s watch

The Mokarran Limited Edition is a member of the Bathyscaphe collection of watches with the reference 5005-0513-NABA. It is water-resistant to 300 meters. Other translations include 30 ATM, 30 Bar, or 1,000 feet. This is a watch that is suitable for wear while diving at depths of up to 300 meters. It is made to withstand the intense pressures of the water without sustaining damage to the internal workings of the movement or other components. You can also wear it during other watersports including swimming, snorkeling, or showering.

5. The movement is in-house

The movement that powers the Blancpain Mokarran Limited Edition wristwatch is a Blancpain Caliber 1318. It is a variant of the caliber 1315 minus the date function. The movement beats at 28,800 VpH/4 Hz with a power reserve of 120 hours. The rotor of this limited edition movement is made of solid 18k gold with the engraving that reads “Sphyrna mokarran.” The translation is The great hammerhead shark. The engraving gives a nod to the purpose of the watch, and that is to help raise funds for a very worthy cause. Blancpain has made an effort to pay close attention to even the smallest details which add inherent value to the timepiece.

6. This is a strictly limited edition

Blancpain has crafted just 50 pieces of the Mokarran Limited Edition. This watch was rare at its creation by virtue of the small lot number that has been produced for distribution throughout the world. $1,000 is set to be donated to the Mokarran Protection Society for each example of the watch that is sold. The selling price that Blancpain has set for each piece is $15,500. What this means for the preservation organization is that a total of $50,000 is set to be donated when all of the watches have been spoken for. It is worth noting that the brand has been a supporter of the Mokarran Protection Society before the creation of this particular watch. This is a timepiece that is likely to increase in value with the passage of time.

7. The strap is NATO

Blancpain has made this special limited edition watch available with the brand’s in-house NATO strap. It’s made of nylon material for comfort on the wrist and for its fast-drying qualities. The strap is fully adjustable for a snug yet comfortable fit for all wrist sizes. It is a matte black color that works nicely as a contrast for the other elements of the watch, and it completes the sophisticated aesthetic.

8. Blancpain Mokarran is a nod to a history of divers

The first modern dive watch that Blancpain created was released for sale in 1953. The brand has worked with divers and scientists as well as under-water explorers to develop and deliver high-quality dive watches that perform flawlessly. It is a Swiss brand that has made dive watches for nearly 70 years. It has been in existence for nearly 300 years and has developed an excellent reputation within the watchmaking industry.

9. Blancpain entered into an agreement for environmental preservation

The Blancpain company founded the Blancpain Ocean Commitment Initiative which is also known as BOC in 2014. This is a growing movement for the preservation of the oceans and the creatures that are at risk for extinction. The company is known for its long history of furthering environmental preservation efforts through its own volition. This commitment to saving the delicate and at-risk elements of our earth is just one more trait that makes Blancpain such an appealing brand to intellectuals who realize the need to conserve and preserve.

10. Blancpain has made significant contributions to divers models

The quality of divers watches has improved through the passage of time, and Blancpain has made some innovative contributions to the improvement of water-resistant technologies. Since the early 1950s skilled technicians for the brand have been working on new ideas to solve old problems with water-proofing high-quality timepieces. Advancements in the build and placement of the case back, along with gaskets and the crowns have improved the durability under continual water pressure. The brand holds several patents for its innovative designs so no other watchmaker can legally copy them. The unidirectional bezel that is usable underwater without causing damage to the internal components is another example of the improved technology that is the intellectual property of Blancpain.

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