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Why Bling H20 is Such an Expensive Water

Bling H2O

If you said a decade ago that water could become luxurious, people probably would’ve dismissed the idea. However, we know today that this is the truth. You can see plenty of expensive bottled water brands everywhere. Brands like Voss and Fiji are basically considered average now. These days, you can get bottled water that probably cost more than your rent. For example, there’s a brand of luxury bottled water called Acqua di Cristallo Tributo a Modigliani that sells 1.25ml of water for $60,000. That’s an absolute extreme, but there are plenty of other brands that are cheaper than $60k yet still ridiculously pricey for water. One luxury water brand is called Bling H20, and it sells for $40 per 750ml. Let’s take a closer look into why Bling H20 is so expensive. Many people cringe at the idea of paying $2 for a bottle of water. Some people even believe that water should just be free. In fact, many countries all over the world offer accessible water fountains for the public. Be that as it may, there are plenty of people that are willing to pay $40 for a bottle of water. Bling H20 will taste just like any other bottled water brands—because water tastes like nothing. So how is it that the company is able to sell the water for that much?

Bottled Water

Hollywood writer-producer Kevin G. Boyd came up with the idea of luxury water. It’s certainly not anything new, but no one else has really upped the game before. While $40 is definitely expensive for a bottle of water, it’s not impossible to get for those that can afford it. The idea behind Bling H20 starts with the branding—as with everything else these days. Boyd noticed that everyone carried their bottles of water around as if it were part of their persona. But he also noticed that there’s really not one bottle out there that’s presented uniquely. There goes a gap that Boyd wanted to fill, and the brand for Bling H20 was born.

Bling H20 comes in a variety of bottle options, and pricing will depend on the size and type of bottle. The price really varies from roughly $25 to the most expensive bottle that sells for $75. The biggest breakdown of the price is the bottle itself. You’ll never see Bling H20 sold in a plastic bottle. Every single bottle from this brand is made from a beautiful bottle made of frosted glass. The frosted glass is limited edition, of course, and the bottles are also covered with hand-applied Swarovski crystals. With such stunning and luxurious packaging, you can guess that you’ll be getting more than just tap water on the inside. But how exactly do you elevate water to make it more expensive?

First off, the water itself comes from a natural spring in Dandridge, Tennessee. It doesn’t mean much for the brand altogether because Zephyrhills come from natural springs as well—in Florida. It doesn’t mean much for the quality of the water either, but the filtration process does add a bit more value to the product. The company claims that the water goes through a nine-step purification process. Apparently, three out of those nine steps include ozone filtration, ultraviolet treatment, and microfiltration as well. With all of those fringes and extras added on, there’s really no other reason for the price of the water apart from just the image established with the brand.

The Elite

When you’re carrying a bottle of Bling H20, you become part of the elite. After all, you can only carry this super luxury water if you can afford to. Some people have even incorporated the bottled water as part of their styles. Bling comes in so many designs that make this possible. There are a couple of bottles that come with fancy spikes. The original bottles come in a variety of colors such as tangerine, red, aqua, fuchsia, and more. So far, the most expensive bottle of Bling H20 sells for $2,700 per bottle. It’s a made to order bottle called The Ten Thousand. This bottle of Bling is called by that name because it has 10,000 hand-applied Swarovski crystals on the bottle. This bottle can be made in any color combination. It’s a true luxury at its finest.

As part of an initial marketing strategy, Bling H20 handed out bottles of water to some of the biggest celebrities around. We’ve seen folks such as Jamie Foxx and Paris Hilton carry around a bottle of Bling. Rumor has it that Paris even gives the water to her dog. Regardless, the bottle can now be seen and bought everywhere including fancy restaurants and the fanciest stores. The good thing about investing in a bottle of Bling is the fact that the bottle is reusable. So even if you turn this into a one-time investment, you’d be drinking out of a Swarovski-encrusted bottle for a while. You’d be trendy and environmentally friendly at the same time.

As expected, Bling H20 delivers when it comes to style and branding, but there’s one other thing that matters more: the taste. If you were paying a ton of money for some special water, you’d probably expect it to taste special too. Given the filtration that this spring water goes through, many reviewers are saying that the taste is well worth the price. It seems that people have no issue with the price at all—not even with The Ten Thousand. According to fans of the bottled water, Bling H20 is as smooth and tasty as water could ever be. For now, we’ll just take their word for it.

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