10 Stocks to Consider Instead of Boeing


Boeing is a multinational aerospace company that specializes in the design and manufacture of aircraft and other related products. The company is publicly traded and if you like Boeing stock, we have ten other publicly traded companies that might interest you. Here are 10 stocks to consider if you’re a fan of Boeing.

10. Maxar Technologies

Ticker symbol: MAXR

Maxar Technologies Inc is a company in the electronic technology sector that provides solutions in space technology. The company specializes in the design and development of satellite technology, robotics, geospatial data, earth imagery, and insights and analytics. This company has been in operation since 1969 and it employs 6,100 workers. The market cap is $1.04 billion and the stock is currently in a rebound status. The 52 week low was 3.83 per share with a 52 week high of $21.45. The most recent figure showed stocks hovering around $17.81 per share.

9. Innovative Solutions and Support Inc.

Ticker symbol: ISSI

ISSI is a company in the aerospace industry that manufactures flight navigation systems. It is headquartered in Exton, Pennsylvania and has been in operation since 1988. In addition, ISSI designs produces and distributes air data equipment, engine display systems, cockpit display systems, primary flight guidance systems, and standby equipment. The company also services the products that it sells. This is a company that is helping to enable reduced carbon footprint navigation. ISSI is publicly traded with a 52 week high of 7.11 per share and a one year low of 2.45 per share. The current price is holding at $5.47 per share.

8. Rada Electronic Industries

Ticker symbol: RADA

Rada Electronic Industries is a defense technology company that was established in 1970 and it has been in operation since this time. The headquarters are in Netanya, Israel. Rada develops, produces and distributes electronics for the defense industry. Some of the products they make include airborne inertial navigation systems, avionics solutions, radars for defense forces as well as border protection systems and related products. The 52 weeks high for stock was 7.00 with a low of 2.55 per share. The current price is $5.95.

7. Virgin Galactic Holdings Inc

Ticker symbol: SPCEU

This company began operation in May of 2017. It’s only been in business for a little under three years. The company is headquartered in Las Cruces, New Mexico and its primary purpose is to function as a holding company with the ownership and operation of privately built spaceships. SPCEU designs the ships and develops passenger spacecraft for future ventures into space. The 52 week low for the stock was 7.30 per share with a high for the period of 24.28. The current price of the stock is $23.60 at last check.

6. Teledyne Technologies Inc.

Ticker symbol: TDY

Teledyne Technologies Inc. was established in 1960 in Thousand Oaks, California where the company is headquartered. This company provides communication and electronics products for satellite and wireless systems. The main divisions include Aerospace and Defense Electronics, engineered systems, instrumentation, and digital imaging. This is a diverse provider within the electronics and technology segment. The 52 week low for stocks was 224.84 with a high of 398.99. The current price at last check was $382.41

5. Axon Enterprise Inc.

Ticker symbol: AAXN

Axon Enterprise Inc is an aerospace and defense company that was founded in 1993 with its headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona. Axon develops, produces adn sells conducted electrical weapons that are used for personal defense. It creates taser weapons along with sensors and software along with accessories and products and services that are related to self-defense including wearables, cloud, and mobile products. The 52-week stock prices saw a low of 46.28 per share with a high of 85.73. The current price is $85.44 per share.

4. Transdigm Group Incorporated

Ticker symbol: TDG

Transdigm Group is a company in the electronics and technology industry that designs, produces and supplies engineered aerospace components, subsystems, and systems. The company was established in 2003 with its headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio. Transdigm Group Inc employs 18,300 workers and it is a major supplier of control power for aircraft. Stock prices saw a 52 week low of 421.98 per share and a high of 673.51. The current price per share is $643.17.

3. Esco Technologies Inc.

Ticker symbol: ESE

Esco Technologies, Inc is a tech company that specializes in the production of products and systems for a variety of different industries. These include industrial, commercial, utility and aerospace systems. It operates through a diverse and varied set of divisions, giving it a broad scope. The company was founded in St. Louis MO, in 1990. It employs 3,239 workers. The 52 week low for stock prices was 65.69 with a high of 107.10. The current stock price is $101.56.

2. Heico Corporation

Ticker symbol: HEI

Heico Corporation is a technology company that employs 5,900 workers. It was founded in 1957 and the headquarters of the company is in Hollywood, Florida. The company specializes in the design, production, and marketing of products in the electronic, defense and aerospace industries. The main divisions in the company are electronic technologies and flight support. The 52 week low for stock prices was 89.25 with a high of 147.93. The current stock price at last check was $129.35 per share.

1. Lockheed Martin Corporation

Ticker symbol: LMT

Lockheed Martin Corporation is a very well-known technology company within the aerospace and security sectors. This company develops advanced aircraft along with the technology that is used in the aircraft for the military. It is the largest defense contractor in the world and it provides services and products in a broad scope for intelligence, defense, and civil organizations. LMT supplies NASA, teh US Air Force, Navy, and the Army with missile defense systems, fire control systems and a range of other products and services. The 52-week low for stocks in LMT was 292.53 with a high of 441.52. Current stock prices are close to the 12-month high at last check at $439.76 at last check.

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