20 Things You Didn’t Know about Botify


What do you know about tech startup Botify? Unless you run a business, you may not be terribly familiar with it. If you do just happen to own a business and you want a stronger online presence, you would be well advised to find out everything you can about Botify and then utilize their services to the fullest extent possible. If you’re interested in learning more, here are 20 things about the company that you might not have known until now.

1. They fill an important niche in the business world

Up until now, there really wasn’t a company that was capable of doing what Botify does. As a matter of fact, companies were losing tens of thousands of dollars in profits because of missed opportunities on search engines like Google. Botify recognized that this was a problem and decided to address the issue. The end result is that major corporations are now making additional profits, all through the process of Search Engine Optimization that takes things to the next level.

2. The company already has some of the world’s biggest businesses on their list

It didn’t take long for major companies to take notice of Botify’s ability to increase their profit margin by a considerable amount. As a result, companies like L’Oreal, Marriott and Expedia utilize their services. As a matter of fact, the company now has more than 500 corporations as major clients. If that’s not enough to get your attention, it’s important to note that the list is growing on a daily basis.

3. They use advanced analytics to get the job done

How does Botify manage to accomplish all of this? In short, it is all accomplished through advanced analytics and algorithms that are built into the software used by Botify. As you might have already guessed by now, it’s quite technical in nature. In fact, you would practically need to have a degree in software development in order to understand the procedures that they use. The good news is that businesses don’t have to have a degree. All they need to do is use the services provided by Botify and then sit back and reap the rewards in the form of a larger clientele, safer operations and most importantly, increased profits.

4. SEO is a major component of their business model

Of course, Search Engine Optimization, also known as SEO, is a major part of what Botify does. Part of the method used to drive additional traffic to the websites of these major corporations is to increase their online presence through SEO techniques. The key is to utilize techniques that are effective without overdoing it. SEO can be a touchy subject, as failing to utilize the right group of words enough times can result in reduced page views. By the same token, the use of those same phrases too many times can have the same effect. That’s why it’s best to leave SEO to the experts as opposed to trying to do it in-house.

5. They also increase internet safety for their clients

One of the biggest benefits of using Botify is that they increase internet safety for their clients by providing the highest level of cybersecurity possible. This is something that changes all the time. Sometimes, it seems that cybersecurity almost changes on a daily basis. People are always trying to breach security on websites for the purposes of collecting the private information of customers. Botify recognizes that this is a danger and does everything in their power to prevent it from happening in the first place.

6. The entire experience is autonomous

Another thing that makes this company unique is that the entire experience is autonomous. Corporations that hire them to increase their online presence don’t have to worry about doing any of the work themselves. There is no added work for the corporations in order to take advantage of their services. Once Botify starts running the algorithms for a company, everything pretty much falls into place on its own.

7. They specialize in helping businesses achieve greater success

The company knows that the corporations they work with are already capable of achieving great things. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have become so successful in the first place. That said, the experts at Botify also know that there is always more that can be achieved. That is precisely what they help these corporations achieve. By using the latest technological developments, they are capable of giving major corporations that last little push, the one they need to increase their profits exponentially.

8. They know that everything hinges on Google search results

The company makes no mistake about it, they are well aware that everything revolves around Google’s search engine results. Even for major corporations, it isn’t possible to survive without consistently landing in the top rankings on Google. While some of the most steadfast companies might make it, they certainly wouldn’t be performing at their best. It is Botify’s job to make sure that the companies who do business with them consistently land at the top of Google’s search engine, each and every time.

9. They understand that it’s also about personal habits

One of the things that the company has an innate understanding of is that people have a habit of clicking on the first thing that pops up when they do a search on Google. It doesn’t matter what the subject matter might be, people have a tendency to click on whatever comes up first. Therefore, the businesses that are ranked second, third or fourth may not even be seen by these individuals. People have a tendency to look at the first line and little else. If the corporation in question is consistently 10th on the list, it’s highly unlikely that anyone will ever even see it. Botify understands that people have this tendency, largely because everyone is running at a rapid pace. They simply don’t take the time to stop and look through the list. Their job is to make sure that the companies they partner with land at the top of the list so that more people click on their information, thereby meaning that they have a greater potential to make more money.

10. They have the benefit of experience

The company also has the benefit of experience. Having been formed in 2016, they’ve now been in business for a little more than five years. In the world of internet-based tech companies, that’s almost like being in business for a lifetime. In short, it means that they know what they’re doing and most importantly, that they get results. Otherwise, they never would have lasted this long.

11. They use their analytics to see what Google is doing

The company also does something that virtually no other company in its area of expertise is currently doing. They are capable of using their analytics to see whether or not Google has actually looked at the pages that have been put out there by their customers. If they have, they know that traffic is being driven to the site. If Google hasn’t looked at the pages, they utilize specialized software to rearrange the contents, thus making it more likely that Google will look at those pages. The end result is that additional traffic is driven to the site in far less time than it usually takes with other services.

12. They know that more doesn’t always mean better

One of the things that can potentially cause problems with these types of services is that a lot of them recommend that companies include additional content whenever they’re not consistently in the top five for Google rankings. The problem is, more content doesn’t always equal additional page views. In fact, there are certain situations where it can have exactly the opposite effect. Working with a company that understands that and then tailors their services to address the issue is invaluable to a number of major corporations, hence the reason that they choose to do business with Botify in the first place.

13. They use internal links to increase Google views

One of the ways that they increase Google views is through the use of internal links. The use of certain links increases the chances that the Google crawler will recognize these pages. That is precisely why Botify includes specific internal links, especially when its analytic software indicates that Google has not yet looked at a particular page.

14. They also optimize pages so they don’t take as long to load

Another thing that the company does is make sure that pages load in the shortest amount of time possible. No one wants to sit around and wait for pages to load. Many times, the amount of content on a page, as well as the way that the content is arranged, can dramatically affect the amount of time it takes to load. The idea is to optimize everything on the page so that it loads quickly. The faster a page loads, the more likely it is that it will remain at the top of the Google rankings and that it will be seen by more people.

15. They have a wide range of pricing available

The company does include a wide range of pricing options. They are not cheap, as the services they provide are vitally important for the success of their customers. As such, their most economical plans start at approximately $500 a month and go all the way up to more than $10,000 a year, depending on the types of services that each corporation wants to include.

16. Their services are customizable

As you can see, their services are customizable to a certain extent. Depending on the level of services that each of their customers wants to have available to them, Botify will tailor the services that they provide to include minimal help or fully autonomous SEO technology that basically does everything for that particular customer. The services range from creating specific blog posts for their customers to consistently monitoring their pages in order to see exactly who is looking at them and how many times they have been viewed. At the end of the day, it puts each one of their customers in charge of exactly how they want to handle their specific account. It’s all based on the results that each customer wants to see.

17. They are still getting the attention of major investors

The company may have been in business for a few years now, but they are still getting plenty of attention from investors. In fact, they recently obtained more than $55 million in funding to further develop their services. Staying up-to-date is crucial in the world of digital technology. This funding will help them stay on top.

18. They have to change their algorithm all the time

Google changes the algorithm all the time and that means that Botify has to do exactly the same thing. It is the only way for them to stay on top of things. Thanks to their adaptive software, their algorithms automatically change when Google changes theirs.

19. Their algorithms also notice issues that could cause problems for their clients

They also have specially designed algorithms that notify them when issues occur that could potentially cause future issues for their clients. In short, they help their clients get the largest number of page views, all while helping to avoid potential problems in the future.

20. They are single-handedly taking their clients into a changing world

People don’t do business in the same way that they used to. More and more people are looking (and buying) online. Botify is successfully helping their customers move into this dynamic new world so that they too can remain competitive.

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