A Closer Look at The Breguet Marine Hora Mundi

Breguet Marine Hora Mundi

Various brands have represented the weight of history in watchmaking, and it varies from one brand to another. But there is probably no watchmaking brand whose establishment casts a longer shadow than Breguet. This brand owner Abraham Louis Breguet comes from the world-renowned high-quality watch country Switzerland and created his wealth in Paris pre and post the French Revolution. This genius man left a mark on every facet of watchmaking he designed. The journey began with an experiment of creation of the first self-winding watch called Perpetuell in 1780 and followed by the first wristwatch in 1810 called the Breguet No.2639, which was presented to Caroline Bonaparte, Queen of Naples, represented a horological inventor and inexhaustible experimenters for complicated watches, is the foundation that forms the base of Breguet Watch company behind our feature watch, the Breguet Marine Hora Mundi.


In 2011, was the year Breguet began producing complicated wristwatches. The first, the Breguet Marine Hora Mundi, was designed with a two-time zone complication. According to Hodinkee, the approach Breguet designers used for the original Classique Hora Mundi was borrowed from the traditional Breguet through and through, but different on the larger side of 43 mm x 13.55 mm. Breguet was believed to be a horologist who thought that all things are equal and preferred to create thinner watches. However, when making this masterpiece, he didn’t intend to compromise on the watch movement part extra space if technical needs required it, and that was the case with these Hora Mundi models.

The classic Breguet Marine Hora Mundi was designed with precious materials such as 950 platinum or 18-carat red gold. Brequet released three versions of this watch dial which symbolizes different parts of the world. One represented America, the other Europe, and the last African Continent. This watch took the designer of this watch about three years to design, develop, and ensure that it operated flawlessly from all the complicated parts inserted into it. That dedication to work and genius led to the creation of the first complex mechanical timepiece that uses an instant jump time zone display.

The new version of Breguet Marine Hora Mundi

The new Breguet Marine Hora Mundi, released in 2022, is slightly more extensive compared to the original version that Breguet created. It measures 43.9 mm x 18.8 mm. It has water-resistant up to 100 meters level, an improvement from the classic one, which was water-resistant to 30 meters level. The function part matches its predecessors, but there is an improvement in its aesthetic, which represents the new world. It is creating a buzz among watch enthusiasts already.

The dial

The lower level of the latest Breguet Marine Hora Mundi dial part portrays conventional ocean waves in hand-applied guilloche placed above is a transparent sapphire disk. This disk is decorated with a metalized depiction of different continents, and they are decorated with horizontal brushing. According to Chronopassion, the dial has been designed to have enormous depth. It appears luminous but not literally except for the lume filled hour and hands markers, which showcase a blue glow that the watch designer has emphasized using the gleam of the hand-hammered Moon and Sun at Night and day when it reaches 3 o’clock. Another attractive feature is an aperture that shows the City under which the hands display the time and date on the window at 12.00.

The Dual Time Zone feature

For most travelers or dual-time watches enthusiasts, these times of watch are crucial during the time when you are away from home. Typically, these types of watches operate using two separate hour hands. You can set one of the hour hands by increasing the hour, either forward or backward, to indicate the local time. The other hour hand, which in most cases is a 24- hour hand, will showcase the time back in your home country. For these Breguet Marine Hora Mundi models, the designer did something unusual by fitting them with a dual time zone that indicates the local time of your visiting country and time back at home only when you demand it. When you want to set your time, this is what you need to do. Begin by selecting your home city at the watch crown at 7.00, then use the crown situated at 3.00 to set the day/night, time, and date indication.

Next, use the crown at 7.00 to pick your second City. Proceed to turn the crown, date, day/night, and time. According to the Time Place, the indicator will automatically set the correct position for your second City which you’ve chosen. After setting both time zones, when you want to observe the two-time location, the trick is to press your watch crown at 7.00.it will automatically cause the hour hand, day/night, and date indication to instantly turn back and forth to showcase the two cities. When you want to control this watch’s hour hand, day/night, and date indications, you will use the two cams programmed to hold the chosen cities. You can also use the heart cam to reset the watch to zero. As the cam begins to rotate, the hour hand will also turn with it to show the time zone of the City that you have programmed it.


The Breguet Marine Hora Mundi is available in rose gold and white, houses caliber 77F1 functioning with a frequency of 4 Hz. Further, it has a power reserve of 56 hours and has been created using 384 parts housed in an escarpment designed using silicon. The watch looks attractive with immaculately finished decoration for only CHF 71,000.

Final Verdict

Breguet Marine Hora Mundi can fascinate you from all aspects the designer has used to create it. Switching from one City to another may give you a weird feeling yet enjoyable. It also has a nicely fitted leather strap, matching gold bracelet, sapphire plate, and rubber strap, all for this nice piece of wristwatch suited for your travel adventures. The mechanization of this watch is imaginative, simple to operate, and you will not have any difficulty managing it

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