Camp No Counselors Q&A: Where Adults Can Act Like Kids Again

Who is ready to play like a kid and party like an adult this summer? If so then Camp No Counselors may be just the right place for you. Whether you’re in a couple, with a group of friends or flying solo, this experience is all about forgetting the stresses of adulting in the Denver area this summer and just getting back to basics with like-minded new friends in the Colorado countryside. For more on what exactly Camp No Counselors is all about we sat down with Adam Tichauer the founder of Camp No Counselors for this Q&A session:

Q: This sounds like such a fun concept. It’s for adults only right? What is Camp No Counselors all about?

A: Yes, this is a grown-ups only camp where you get to play like a kid and party like an adult! Camp No Counselors is an opportunity for adults to forget about the stresses of adult life and spend three blissful days with like-minded people back at camp.

Q: Where is your Denver camp located and what is offered?

A: Our Denver camp is a one hour drive from Denver and Colorado Springs. It’s located on 385 acres in the majestic Black Forest of Colorado, just far enough from the city to feel like an escape but close enough for short travel times. Covered with rolling hills, miles of trails, and pristine forest, our Denver Ranch Camp is simply stunning. All the buildings are surrounded by a sprawling acreage of pine forests, which provide picturesque spaces for sports, games, crafting, climbing, letting loose, and exploring. This camp has newly renovated bunks with their classic log cabin exteriors fully intact to maintain that special camp feeling.

Our Denver Camp’s Activities Include:

Archery / Arts ‘n / Basketball / Capture the Flag / Canoeing / Color War / Dodgeball / Friendship Bracelet Making / Heated Swimming Pool / Kayaking / Kickball / Rock Climbing / Nature Hikes / Painting / Ping Pong / Ropes Courses / Slip n’ Slide / Softball / Sunbathing / Talent Show / Tie-Dye / Ultimate Frisbee / Zip-Line and much more!

Q: How long has Camp No Counselors been around?

A: The business was started in 2013.

Q: How did it get started? Who came up with the concept?

A: I came up with the concept! Work was stressing me out and I needed a weekend out of the city just to recharge, have fun, and re-connect with my best friends. That’s how Camp No Counselors came to be!

Q: How many camps do you have?

A: We have hosted over 70 camps to-date and currently have 11 camp locations spanning the United States and Canada.

Q: What is the No. 1 reason for grown-ups to go back to camp this summer?

A: The number one reason our campers say they want to come to Camp No Counselors is to relive their happiest memories as carefree kids at camp. The second biggest reason we see people wanting to come to Camp No Counselors is because they never had the opportunity to go to camp as a kid, and now they can make those camp dreams a reality.

Q: Is this couple focused? Or can I sign up with friends, or even solo?

A: Camp is for anyone! We have couples, groups of friends, individuals, singles, and even people looking to get away from their kids for the weekend. As long as you want to laugh, play, and party, Camp No Counselors is for you!

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