Can Forward Be The Apple Store Of The Medical World?

You’ve heard the saying, “There’s nothing more important than your health.” This happens to be a true statement because you can lose any material item and make a comeback from it if you choose, but once you lose your health, there may not be a comeback, or it can be a real challenge to regain it. medical care is also very expensive. Some medical conditions can wind up costing you a small fortune before all is said and done and getting testing done, whether it’s a simple blood test or types of scans, results can take weeks to get back which can delay answers and treatments. A newer, more innovative way of seeing patients is here. Forward, a new medical type of startup has moved into San Francisco, CA and it is a very different medical office. Everything about it is futuristic and resembles more of an Apple store than a doctor’s office, but according to the founder of Forward, Adrian Aoun, this is the future of medicine.

Founder of Forward

Adrian Aoun is an incredible entrepreneur. He holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Computer Science from University of Southern California and a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of California as well. He has worked as director at Fox Interactive Media, and prior to FIM, he was with Microsoft. Adrian Aoun is also the founder and CEO of Wavil, an app that provides instant news feeds on any topic out there. He has also worked on A.I. efforts within Google, and acted as an investor for several consumer and big-data startups and funds. Today, Adrian Aoun has embarked on a new venture and it involves medicine. He is the founder of Forward, a medical startup that he believes is the future of medicine.

What is Forward?

Forward is bringing the most innovative, high-tech medical experience to the San Francisco area. It is the newest idea in medical care to give patients the highest quality of health care without the cost you would expect so that anyone can afford to see a doctor, and get the best treatment. Forward is located in a large, 3,500 square foot state-of-the-art office.

On entering the building, you might think you are somewhere else rather than a medical office. It has been compared to the looks of an Apple Store, with a futuristic look and feel. When you enter, you’ll see unusual sites, unlike that of a typical doctor’s office waiting room. Connected fitness tools are in the waiting area, and lavish skin serums sit on a glass table next to a futuristic looking body scanner that takes your vitals: height, weight, blood pressure and temperature by simply placing two fingers in a sensor. “Design your Health,” is on the wall, which tells you that this is medical care for the future. You, the patient, are better able to have more control of your health, and healthcare at Forward.

Why Forward is different

The doctors at Forward are equipped with the most high tech medical tools and equipment that you won’t see at other doctors’ offices. In the six exam rooms are ergonomic chairs and a large display screen that pulls up the patient’s vital signs that were taken in the full-body scanner. The displayed vitals will let the doctor know if a certain medication matches, and is safe for the patient according to his individual inherited code. Some of the equipment you’ll find in each room is a type of infrared light that helps medical personnel locate veins through the skin, and a digital stethoscope that’s strong enough to hear the heartbeat and other detectable sounds through clothing so patients don’t have to remove clothing.

For everyone’s convenience, there is an onsite laboratory to run patients’ lab tests and get answers right on the spot. Getting faster test results means better care for patients to begin treatments sooner, quicker scheduled referrals as well as peace of mind for patients since there is the lack of having to wait for the results.

When doctors want answers to their questions they have, now they can get them quickly with the vast amount of A.I. that’s available to them at Forward. Having access to these types of resources makes it easier for doctors to compare the information they obtain to your health information and provide you with answers which ultimately means better care.

The information comes from lab tests and the large body scanner in the lobby; a painless enough process in which you step into the machine and place two of your left middle fingers into a sensor for a few seconds as it calculates your height, weight, temperature, heart rate, blood pressure and other information all at once. body scan results then feed into Forward’s built-in A.I. and its mobile app.

The whole purpose for developing a medical office like this was to help doctors give their patients more preventative care as opposed to responsive care to a problem that develops due to lack of proper equipment to get answers faster. The wait time between tests and answers in typical medical offices can mean the world of difference in a patient’s health.


One of the biggest reasons why many patients suffer with illnesses is because of the lack of money or health insurance to pay for good care. Adrian Aoun wants to see everybody be given the opportunity to get good care despite their health coverage which is why Forward allows for a different type of payment option for patients. Instead of insurance and co-pays, Forward offers patients continuous access to certain points of treatment for just $149 a month: blood and genetic testing, wellness and nutrition counseling, continuous access to the staff, your basic reference screening, and their monitoring system equipped with wearable sensors that Forward supplies. This is Forward’s approach to a more holistic type of medical practice, and there are plans to add more: vitamins and supplements as well as acupuncture and more.

Who’s invested in Forward?

A startup like this would obviously be a very expensive beginning, one that would require the help of many investors. Aoun has not disclosed exactly how much he has received in VC funding but he has said that Forward has tapped into some very well-known investors for investment funds. Some of the investors that have participated in Forward’ startup include; Aaron and Joe Lonsdale, angel investors Eric Schmidt, Marc Benioff, Garrett Camp, SV Angel, First Round Capital, Khosla Ventures and many more. The main objective was to raise enough money to build Forward’s flagship; acquire the site, build the infrastructure, design and craft the patented tools, and assemble a highly trained, top-of-the-line staff, and he certainly accomplished that.

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