Can Newly Named “Tesla” Dominate After Announcement?


On July 18 of 2016, Tesla Motors changed their domain name from to, which has caused a wave of speculation that it is about to branch out into other products besides its electric cars.   It should be noted that this is rather reminiscent of Apple’s decision to change its name from Apple Computer, Inc. to Apple, Inc. in 2007 just before its launch of the iPhone, which solidified its status as a maker of a wide range of consumer electrics as well as a provider of services related to them rather than the maker of personal computers that it once was.

As it turns out, the wave of speculation seems to have been proven right by Tesla’s release of its plans for the near future. So far, it has been focused on its electric cars, which were supposed to be launched in three separate stages. First, there was an expensive electric car, the Roadster, which was released in small number. Second, there was an intermediate electric car, the Model S, which was released in intermediate numbers. Finally, there was supposed to be an inexpensive electric car, the Model 3, which is supposed to be released in high numbers sometime soon in the near future.

Having carried out its previous plans, it makes sense that Tesla will now be moving on to bigger and better things.

What Is Tesla’s Master Plan?

There are a number of components to Tesla’s master plan:


First, Tesla wants to push solar panels to consumers, which has been made possible by its purchase of SolarCity. Once they have been installed, solar panels will be able to provide power to the homes of consumers while also charging up batteries, which in turn, can be used to charge up their electric cars. Better still, as solar panels become more and more efficient at converting sunlight into electricity, they promise to become more and more sensible investments for most consumers out there.


Second, it is important to note that Tesla is planning to expand its focus rather than change it. As a result, it should come as no surprise to learn that it will not just continue making electric cars but also make a wider range of electric cars for interested individuals, with two examples being an electric SUV and an electric pickup. This way, Tesla can ensure that the major segments of the consumer car market have been covered, thus increasing its chances of success when it comes to convincing consumers to make the switch from gas-powered cars to solar-powered cars.


Third, Tesla is coming up with other means of transportation as well. One example is an electric truck, which will be used to haul the loads that are critical to the continuing function of economies all around the world. If Tesla can succeed in coming with an economic model, they will be able to reduce a significant source of emissions by their solar-powered counterparts a viable substitute. Another example is an electric bus, which will be used to ease traffic and cut emissions as a means of public transportation. In particular, its design will remove the central aisle, meaning that it will be able to carry even more passengers in order to do its job even better than its gas-powered counterparts.


Forth, Tesla wants to continue improving its autonomous driving technology, which will be installed in not just its electric cars for consumers but also its electric trucks and electric buses. In part, this process of improvement will be enabled by fleet learning, meaning that driving data will be collected from consenting drivers so that the resulting information can be used to improve the autonomous driving technology over time. Something that will not only make Tesla’s vehicles safer for their users, but also more effective and more efficient by matching their driving to local traffic patterns for optimal results.

Fifth, Tesla wants to make its autonomous driving technology so powerful and versatile that the owner of one of its electric cars will be able to use it in car sharing with others while it is not in use. This is helpful for the owner of the electric car because it means that they can earn some cash whenever their vehicle is not in use. However, it is also beneficial from a societal perspective because the increased ease of car sharing should mean a fall in the number of consumers who will purchase cars, particularly since public means of transportation will be stepping up as well to satisfy part of their demand for transportation.

Will Tesla’s Master Plan Succeed?

It remains to be seen whether Tesla’s master plan will succeed or not. After all, predicting the future is an uncertain prospect for even the best and the brightest, meaning that there is no real way to tell whether the company will be able to do what it is setting out to do at this point in time. However, it seems probable that even if it runs into a stumbling block or two, it will manage to accomplish at least part of its aims.

After all, the economic realities that turned electric vehicles into a viable alternative to their gas-powered counterparts have not changed, meaning that the need for them remains. Combined with the fact that the rising popularity of electric vehicles has resulted in the necessary infrastructure to spring up, this means that they are more sensible as a means of transportation than ever before, not just for consumers but also for businesses and non-profit organizations.

As a result, if Tesla can deliver on its promises when it comes to electric trucks and electric buses, there should be a receptive market out there. Likewise, while autonomous driving is still imperfect at the moment, it is also still in its earlier stages. With time, it seems probable that it will become better and better are doing what it is supposed to do, which in turn, should mean an increasing use of them for a wide range of applications.

Summed up, Tesla’s future is looking as bright as the source of power for its vehicles.

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