Can You Rent a McLaren? If So, Where?


Most people associate British vehicles with uppity prestige until they spot a McLaren sprinting on the streets. McLaren is a stunning vehicle that you can drive on the streets or a race track. Bruce McLaren, the lead driver in the Cooper Grand Prix team in Britain, founded the McLaren Motor Racing limited in 1963. 50 years of successful racing motivated him to come up with high-performance racecars such as the McLaren 650s, McLaren 650s Spyder, McLaren MP4-12c as well as the McLaren MP4-12c Spyder. If you have had a chance of driving a McLaren before, you already know that speed and horsepower do not translate into an unforgettable driving experience. The vehicle’s formula one engineering, as well as design, leads to a comfortable experience, and long-lasting memories. The vehicle is a ticket to show fast car enthusiasts what they have been missing out.

According to Luxury Car Rental, the vehicle offers strong and lightweight carbon fiber chassis construction with similar BMW i8 and Lamborghini Aventador’s unique dihedral door design. McLaren’s production was very low and its buying price is high due to its engineering, and features. However, that does not mean your dreams of driving one for a few days are shut. Several companies across the U.S offer posh car rental services where you can rent a McLaren for the number of days you wish to enjoy driving the British-made racecar.

You can rent a McLaren for events such as:

Wedding Event

If you are having and wedding soon and you are looking for a posh sports car, rent a McLaren. The sports car is going to deliver in a wide range of counts. Driving a McLaren to your wedding, can not only impress your in-laws but also make them classify you in the elite club. In your lifetime, there is no other time you can be photographed, selfied, or recorded to the extreme than on your wedding day. Therefore, it is essential to have a vehicle beside you that looks good from different angles. McLaren is the perfect foil to the happiness of newlywed’s. The car has the right amount of glamor and luxury to let those close to you know it is a vehicle of distinction. It is perfect for those who want an elegant touch on their special day.

Rent a McLaren for that long-awaited road trip

A combination of British engineering and miles of American road results in an excellent match. That is what happens when you rent a McLaren from a reputable car rental company in the U.S. Head-turning, yet discreet, this sports car makes most drivers want to drive from the first mile to the last without taking short breaks. Most people drive posh vehicles to be seen in them while others drive cars without caring who notices what you are in because they know that it is what is on the driver’s seat that matters. A McLaren fits this description.

Rent a McLaren for Prom

When you mention sports cars to a group of people, what rings on their mind is a Lamborghini or Ferrari. That is the stereotype, but a sports car enthusiast cannot leave a debate on the best sports car without mentioning McLaren. According to 777 Exotics, the unique engineering of the vehicle is different from its Italian counterparts. The cool, comfortable car will leave your date feeling special. With a McLaren, you do not have to rev up the engine to attract attention the vehicle has its own ways of impressing those in its environment.

Tips for Driving a Rental McLaren

McLaren manufacturers ensured that speed and acceleration were among the major features of the vehicle. When you rent a McLaren, give it the appropriate amount of respect when driving to avoid fatal accidents. Below is a list of some tips that will help you drive the McLaren and have a great time.

  • Watch out for potholes: For stability purposes, the McLaren is low to the ground. Therefore, potholes and speedbumps can be dangerous to the vehicle. Some roads have potholes. Ensure to avoid such obstacles where possible or decrease your speed significantly.
  • Ensure both hands are on the steering wheel: The stability and handling of a McLaren are excellent, but the vehicle has an engine power equivalent to 562 horsepower. If you do not maintain the appropriate amount of awareness while driving at top speeds, it can lead to serious accidents.
  • Ease your acceleration: The incredible acceleration of McLaren can turn to be dangerous if not handled responsibly. Ease your foot onto the gas to maintain control of the sports car.
  • When you rent a McLaren, it would be wise if you went for a test drive on a road with no traffic or an empty parking lot. That will help you familiarize yourself with the vehicle’s technology and get a feel of its power and acceleration.

How to keep a McLaren rental safe

McLaren is among the rare vehicles you will come across on the street. Even in cities riddled with a wide range of luxury sports cars, McLarens are still unique. That can make the vehicle a target to thieves if left without applying proper safety measures. Below is a list of crucial tips that can help you keep your McLaren rental safe.

  • Engage the security system always when you step out of the car.
  • Park your vehicle in a place that offers secured parking if available. According to Premiere, parking on the street increases the chances of theft.
  • When you park the vehicle, ensure to keep your personal items out of sight or remove them from the car.

Every McLaren enthusiast likes the vehicle’s body shape made of pioneered Carbon. In addition, most people prefer the vehicle since it has scissor doors apart from McLaren 720S, which has twin hinged dihedral doors. Rent a McLaren from a reputable rental company and make your wedding, road trip, or holiday more fun. Reliable car rental companies have various choices on models as well as colors to fit their customer’s tastes.

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