A Cancer “Vaccine” That Wipes out Tumors is Ready for Human Trial

Cancer is one of those diseases that still manages to strike absolute fear in anyone that hears it, whether that diagnosis is reserved for the person in question or for someone close to them. It is easy to understand why. After all, it wasn’t all that many years ago that virtually any cancer diagnosis was practically a guaranteed death sentence. Even today, there are still a lot of types of cancer that can’t be effectively treated with the kinds of medical treatment that are currently utilized. For individuals suffering from the more aggressive types of the disease, there is still relatively little hope for a cure. Even in those individuals that are considered cancer-free, there is always a chance that it can come back again and again. As a result, very few people that have heard this word ever feel totally cured.

Fortunately, It is possible that all of that could change in the very near future. In fact, researchers working out of a lab at Stanford University have put a lot of effort into certain treatments that could potentially wipe out all forms of cancer sooner rather than later. While it hasn’t been tried in humans just yet, the treatment is now ready for human trials so it shouldn’t be all that long before researchers are able to see whether or not this new groundbreaking treatment will be effective.

The treatment itself comes in the form of a single injection. It is designed to go after the cancer cells and destroy them. In the lab experiments that have been carried out, mice that had cancerous tumors had this treatment injected directly into one of the tumors. In an overwhelming majority of cases, the treatment dissolved not only that particular tumor, but all of the cancerous cells throughout the entire body. Furthermore, it is important to know that there were a total of 90 mice that were involved in this study. Out of the 90 mice with cancer who were treated with this particular treatment, 87 of them became 100 percent cancer free.

Obviously, this is terrific news for anyone that is combating cancer. The hope is that the same experiments can be converted over to human trials with the same level of effectiveness. If anything even approaching the previous success rate can be achieved, there is no doubt that this treatment will soon be approved to treat individuals who are suffering from cancer.

While it is too early to tell exactly how the treatment will work In human beings, researchers can’t help but get excited because of their earlier results. The truth is, this is one of the most promising treatments that they have developed in a very long time. Some individuals might even go as far as saying that it is the most effective treatment that has been developed up to this point, given that it performs equally well in humans.

When you stop and think about how many lives cancer has altered and in some cases, completely destroyed, this treatment becomes more important than ever. This is a horrific disease that causes an enormous amount of pain and in many cases, it literally tears families apart one day at a time. The very possibility that something might exist that could effectively put a stop to this type of disease is enough to give people hope.

Of course, hope alone will not get the job done here. That is why it is imperative for this experiment to move on to the next step. As researchers discover how the treatment works in human trials, they can start to determine whether or not this will be an equally effective treatment for humans as it is for mice. If it is, it will unquestionably be one of the most groundbreaking cancer treatments that has ever been developed.

Thousands of people are waiting with bated breath, hoping that this treatment proves to be as effective as researchers believe it can be. Without a doubt, the treatment has been literally decades in the making. Hopefully, it will be capable of living up to promise that it is currently providing. It is a truly wonderful thing to believe that someday, cancer can actually be cured and will no longer be the terrifying diagnosis capable of changing entire lives that it is today.

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