Why Carlos Beltran Could Be MLB’s Next Great GM

Carlos Beltran

Most people dread growing old, and one of the sure things that come with old age is retirement. Others will choose early retirement while others will wait until their eligible employment years are gone. Early retirement has its perks in that you are mentally prepared to take on another venture when you still have the energy to do it. However, some will prefer to spend time with their family like what Carlos Beltran had planned to do. However, opportunity knocks on our doors only once in a lifetime, and when he was asked to interview for the managerial position of the Yankees, he felt privileged. Unfortunately, he did not get it, but that does not mean it is not because he was unqualified. These are just a few of the reasons that would make Carlos the next great general manager in MLB history.

No selfish ambition

Sometimes God puts us in a position that will raise us to a particular platform not for our benefit but for the sake of others; like Moses leading the Israelites out of Egypt with only a staff in his hand and faith in his heart. Carlos had thought long and hard about retiring and was torn between going home and playing for another year or so. However, he later announced his decision to retire, and when he did his first interview following his retirement announcement, he disclosed that he would love the opportunity to manage. To most that would be because of the fame and fortune that come with the job but for Carlos, he was not thinking about himself when he made this revelation. All he wants is the chance to motivate players and make sure that they become the best players they can be by continuously impacting them in a way that ensures this goal is met. Having been with the Yankees for three years and meeting with lots of younger players enabled him to act like a coach to them, mostly because he talks a lot and it makes him approachable.

While this may seem like a statement for the show, Carlos has always been one to lend a helping hand to those who need it. He said that as he got older he realized that his purpose was not just to hit the ball and have the crowd cheering him on, as he won championships. He felt that his mission is to share what he has learned from his experience with the younger players, just like those before him hand done for him. For Carlos, being a manager is about taking up the baton and hopefully passing it on to the next generation of baseball players who have the potential to be leaders someday.

20 years of experience

In every resume, the first thing that most candidates highlight is their experience, and the longer it is, the higher they feel their chances are of getting the job. Carlos, however, has no experience as a manager but then he has been a player for more than two decades and that makes him ideal for managing the baseball players. Just like a person who sits on his executive chair has no idea what employees are going through unlike the person who has been on the ground for long, Carlos being a player has given him the requisite knowledge on what players need and what can be done to improve their chances of being the best team there ever was.

When Carlos was being interviewed for the managerial position two years ago, some said that it would defy history to have him clinch the title immediately after retiring. His attempts to go against the odds like Larry Bowa and Lou Piniella who took the shortest time from playing to managing were however thwarted when Aaron Boone was named the next manager to take over from Joe Girardi. Now that time has passed, critics would not have to say that he is going from the field to the executive office so soon. Besides, with his twenty years of experience comes lots of postseason experience and the fact that he was a player during the Game 7 Series in 2017 is a plus on his side since it is proof enough that he can handle pressure without breaking a sweat.

His managerial strategy

In human resource management, there is this managerial style referred to as “managing by walking around”, and it has always been the most recommended. Carlos would adopt this style maybe because he knows the benefits it would have on the team as well as on him. When he was interviewed in 2017, Carlos was clear that he would not want to be a manager who goes to the ballpark and waits for the game to begin; instead, he would want to be a proactive manager. For instance, Carlos said that the last four years in his career exposed him to the world of analytics, which he believes is fundamental for a team to win. According to Carlos, analytics ensure that players are positioned in such a way as to make consistent plays and help pitchers attack hitters. Having such valuable information will facilitate in his decision-making as a proactive manager.

His Latino background

We are not ones to play a racial card, but Carlos is a Latino, and it could work in his favor. Looking up to someone you can relate to has always been important for the younger generation, and when one of your own continues to make strides in professional sports, then they become the star that keeps shining light upon your path. Carlos is a native Spanish speaker who has always been looked up to by the younger Latinos in baseball and having him in any team’s corner would ensure certain prominence in the clubhouse.

He has the support of his family

Most people overlook the fact that once your family is not supporting you in whatever you are doing, then chances of developing stress on the job are high. They say behind every successful man is a woman who never gave up on him, and in this instance, Carlos has the support of his wife. He revealed that she has always supported him as a baseball player, and since she knows that Carlos has always wanted to be a manager someday, she has never stopped being his pillar. With such a woman backing him up, Carlos can manage the team without worrying about going back home to cold hugs. After all, success starts right in the head, and once your mind is set, then everything else falls into place.

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