A Closer Look at The Casio G-Shock GM6900 Metal Watch

Casio G-Shock GM6900 Metal Watch

Casio’s G-Shock line of watches has been on the market since 1983 and it has proven to be a big seller for the brand. Recently, the company has announced its new series in the line that they call the G-Shock GM6900 Metal Watch. These watches feature stainless steel metal bezels as an outstanding feature and they’re designed for luxury elegance in fashion in a very special line. Here are 10 things you didn’t know about the Casio G-Shock GM6900 Metal Watch.

1. This is a commemorative line of watches

The Casio G-Shock GM 6900 Metal Watch is a celebratory line. Since 1983 its predecessors have offered a tough and durable watch model with accurate timekeeping suitable for everyday wear. The new models are made in commemoration of the 25th anniversary of the release of its ancestor the DW6900 back in 1995. The vintage watch sets the tone for the current line that is expected to be a huge success for the brand.

2. The G-Shock can take a jolt

The very name of the G-Shock points to one of its outstanding features. It can take an impact without interfering with the normal operation of the timepiece. The inner mechanical workings are structured in a way that protects them from an occasional jolt or fall that could cause damage to other types of wristwatches. This makes them popular with wearers that participate in rough and tumble sports and occupations that expose them to potential impacts on the arm.

3. The G-Shock GM6900 is water-resistant

Another feature that makes this watch tough and durable is its high resistance to water. The watches in this line have a water-resistance rating that makes them safe to wear in depths up to 200 meters. What this means is that it can be worn in the shower, or in the swimming pool, for snorkeling or for other water sports. A little water isn’t going to impact the operations of the watch because it is designed to hold up to moderate submersion. It’s not a divers watch though so don’t take it out for scuba adventures.

4. It’s highly legible

The Casio G-Shock GM6900 features a digital readout. The layout makes it easy to read with a bold display of the time, and subdials at the top. It’s been enhanced with an electros luminescent backlight that leaves a glow that illuminates the readings in all types of lighting conditions including full sunlight to the darkest night. You’ll always be able to see what time it is regardless of the lighting environment that you’re in.

5. It’s also a stopwatch

If you’re a coach or you like to help out during friendly competitions, the Casio G-Shock GM6900 also has a stopwatch function. The measuring capacity is 1/100 for accuracy and precision. It comes with a choice of measuring modes for your convenience including Elapsed time, split time, and measuring first and second place time. Anyone who judges races and other sporting events will find these to be useful features.

6. There is a countdown timer

Another useful function in the GM6900 is the countdown time. It measures 1-second increments, 1-minute increments, and 1-hour increments with a countdown range of 1 second to 24 hours. It also has an auto-repeat feature. This adds an incredible amount of value to the highly functional watch that is offered for a remarkably low price for all of the features and benefits that it has to offer.

7. There are several variants available

Casio has produced several different variations of the G-Shock GM6900. This is good news for fans of the durable and tough wristwatch. Perhaps the most outstanding feature is the use of metal versus plastic or other less durable materials, but it’s also available in a variety of color choices. It is available in an ion-plated steel version, an anthracite tone, a yellow goldtone, and a natural polished steel version. We also learned that Casio plans to release even more additions to the collection in the future. Although they haven’t confirmed the details yet there are more variants planned for future releases.

8. The focus is on protecting the movement

As with all good things, there are pros and cons. The good thing about the GM6900 is that the metal case is designed to protect the movement beneath. This helps to preserve the integrity of the timepiece. It is worth noting, however, that it is possible to get dings and scratches in the metal. The movement is Casio’s 3230 module and although it is an old-school design, it performs very well producing useful and accurate functions.

9. The case is larger and heavier

The Casio GM 6900 is a larger watch that is most suitable for those with bigger wrists. Although it’s designed for comfort on the wrist, it is heavier coming in at 96 grams. The size of the case is an ample 49.7 mm in width and 18.6 mm in thickness. The lug to lug distance is 53.9 mm.

10. A simple strap but that could change

Casio remained conservative for their choice of the strap for the GM 6900 metal watch. The watch, including the case and bezel, are metal, but the strap is made of black resin. We’re all aware of the fact that Casio has made some amazing metal bracelets, but so far, they have chosen not to provide these as an option for the GM 6900 metal watches. It is believed that they are holding this option in reserve for a future edition of the GM6900 line, however, as the brand did indicate that there will be more variety coming out. Regardless, the Casio G-Shock GM 6900 metal watch is being offered for a price range between $180.00 and just a little over $200 depending on the color choice and the vendor that you purchase it from. It remains an excellent value for the cost.

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