20 Things You Didn’t Know about Cellino Biotech

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Are you familiar with Cellino Biotech? You’ve probably guessed by the name alone that they work to improve the lives of others through medical research. However, there is a lot more to the story. What they do is important. How they achieved their success thus far is just as interesting. Nabiha Saklayen is the founder of the company and the woman behind the success. If you’re curious, here are 20 things about them you might like to know.

1. They’ve only been around for a few years

The company was developed back in 2017. It has done a lot of good since then, mostly with regard to research involving nanites and laser beams. It might sound a bit far-fetched, but they have been perfecting their technology for the last four years. Oddly enough, it was the brainchild of a Harvard graduate student who developed the idea for a class project. It’s almost hard to believe that things have progressed as rapidly as they have, even for the people who have been involved from the beginning. Nevertheless, they are all grateful to be doing what they are doing.

2. During that time, they’ve made great strides

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, they have made great strides in a very short amount of time. One of the reasons that they have been so successful is because they are all passionate about what they are trying to achieve. For them, it isn’t as much about making money as it is about helping to propel the science of medicine into the next level. They want to do their absolute best because they have a strong desire to help people get well. That fact alone makes this particular company a special one.

3. The company was started by three people with different backgrounds

As previously mentioned, the idea for this company was the brainchild of Nabiha Saklayen, a physicist who was in her last year of graduate school at Harvard when she started it. For her, it started out as a final project and then turned into something more. Eventually, she brought another physicist, Marinna Madrid, and physician Stan Wang onboard as well. The three of them represent something very special. They work in concert, one medical doctor and two dedicated scientists, to potentially end some of the most devastating diseases known to the human race. There aren’t many callings more important than that.

4. They are using space-age technology to solve age-old problems

They definitely don’t approach their research in the same manner that others who have come before them did. In fact, they approach it from one of the most futuristic theories ever. For them, it is entirely about combining the worlds of physics and internal medicine in order to come up with new, comprehensive ways to treat diseases. They’re working with lasers on a cellular level. It’s a concept that has never been attempted before. Hopefully, the results will be equally astonishing.

5. Their hope is to cure some of the world’s most deadly diseases

One of the diseases they focus on most is cancer. Since cancer changes the way cells divide, there is genuine hope that by using lasers to alter cells which can then be used in stem-cell treatment, they can successfully stop the spread of the cancer cells. At the moment, they are testing out their theories and the research they have already completed looks promising. At the same time, they are trying to accomplish their goals without adversely impacting the rest of the cells in the area. If it works, it will be a tremendous step forward, especially when compared to standard treatments that are widely available today such as radiation and chemotherapy.

6. Their goal is to customize treatments for each individual

The individuals working at Cellino Biotech want to customize treatments for each person who needs significant medical care. They believe that this could potentially unlock the key that so many people have been looking for to help people live healthier lives for a number of years. If they are correct, it means that some of the most severe diseases that claim hundreds of lives every year could potentially become a thing of the past. For any person who has ever been affected by these types of diseases, this is news worth listening to.

7. Eventually, they plan to make treatments tailored to every person

While they’re not quite there yet, they do eventually plan to create treatments that are tailored to every person who needs them. Say that a person is receiving treatment for cancer. That individual could have their entire DNA sequence mapped out by Cellino Biotech. They can then take samples of that particular patient’s cells and then use lasers to alter those cells, replacing the unhealthy cells with the altered, healthy cells in stem cell treatment. The idea is to then give the patient an opportunity to fight the disease with their own body.

8. Cancer isn’t the only disease they are targeting

Cancer is one of the major diseases that they are targeting, but they’re not stopping there. In fact, they are also targeting some of the most prolific diseases known to the human race. Specific issues that they are currently working on include heart disease, diabetes and Parkinson’s disease, in addition to cancer. They also hope to be able to work on other neurological diseases in the future. Imagine what it would be like to be diagnosed with cancer and for that diagnosis to carry no more weight than that of the common cold. Similarly, think what it would be like to be told that you have heart disease, but that the disease could be successfully treated, even reversed. Imagine being able to do all of that without having to undergo potentially dangerous surgical procedures that require weeks or even months to recover from. Imagine these diagnoses not being a death sentence. Think about what it might be like to have a neurological disorder like Parkinson’s disease, yet also have the knowledge that the disease can be successfully treated. It could literally transform the way people live their lives.

9. There is less risk of adverse side effects with their technique

There’s also less risk of adverse side effects with this particular technique. Since the patient is using their own cells as part of the treatment, there is less risk that they will have a bad reaction to the treatment itself. This too could potentially revolutionize the world of medicine because it may allow doctors to successfully treat patients without the fear of side effects or even rejection.

10. They plan to revolutionize the process of stem cell treatment

Stem cell treatment in and of itself is something special. It has given medical doctors the opportunity to help patients who had virtually no hope before. Scientists have even used stem cells to grow a beating human heart inside a box, proof positive that this type of research holds more than its fair share of promise. That said, the work that they are doing at Cellino Biotech could potentially take stem cell treatments to the next level. The whole idea holds a great deal of promise for those who are in desperate need of cutting-edge medical treatment.

11. They are working directly with LabCentral

LabCentral is a facility that is almost as unique as Cellino itself. It is a non-profit that works directly with medical startups, with the express purpose of helping them achieve their goals without allowing costs to get in the way. The relationship between these two facilities is unique because it has far-reaching implications for helping other people who need state-of-the-art medical treatment in the real world.

12. It’s important to them to help patients, regardless of socio-economic class

One of the reasons that Cellino Biotech teamed up with LabCentral is because they want to be able to provide their form of treatment to patients regardless of their ability to pay large sums of money. They don’t believe that a person’s socioeconomic class should determine whether or not that individual receives potentially life-saving treatment. As such, they want to make their treatment available to everyone across the board. Working with LabCentral is one way that they are achieving that goal.

13. They believe that medicine shouldn’t only be accessible to the rich

As previously mentioned, they don’t think that medicine should only be accessible to the rich. In the past, large pharmaceutical companies have been able to charge as much money as they want for potentially life-saving treatment. In addition, those treatments often have significant side effects that can potentially be deadly. Cellino Biotech is working to create an entirely new era in medicine where anyone and everyone receives the type of treatment that they need, with the genuine potential for their condition to be cured.

14. They are transforming the way people look at medical research

Because of their groundbreaking research, people no longer look at medical research in the same way that they have in the past. For the first time in a very long time, people are starting to look at it the way it was probably intended to be in the first place. Medical research at Cellino Biotech is about finding new and innovative ways to help every person across the board. At the same time, they are working to create treatments that don’t cause more problems than they solve. They aren’t happy with merely finding a treatment that could potentially prolong life, all while causing a list of other potential side effects. Instead, they are working to create something that could potentially cure a deadly disease without causing any potential adverse effects at all.

15. They’re also transforming the way people receive medical treatment

Since they are working with a non-profit, they’re also transforming the way that people might receive medical treatment. In the United States, people that don’t have good medical insurance are often denied the type of treatment they need, especially when you’re talking about a life-saving treatment for a disease such as cancer or heart disease. With the work that Cellino Biotech is doing, more people could potentially have access to the medical treatment they need as opposed to succumbing to disease simply because the right form of treatment wasn’t available to them.

16. They want to treat patients without impacting their immune systems

At the moment, the overwhelming majority of treatment for many of the most serious diseases requires the suppression of the immune system. That is precisely what Cellino Biotech wants to avoid. They have a goal of using stem cell research to successfully treat diseases without adversely impacting the immune system. That in turn can potentially help patients remain stronger and healthier overall.

17. Their goal is make it stem cell treatment scalable

In order to achieve their goals, they have to make stem cell treatment scalable. In other words, it has to become something that can be widely used as opposed to only being used by a select few. With their research, it is possible to do exactly that.

18. They hope to have changed the way medicine works within the next 20 years

They have a goal of making it possible for every person to have their own DNA mapped out, with tailored treatments for everything that ails them, within the next 20 years. That is a lofty goal, but it’s also one that they seem to be working toward at light speed. They have already made a great deal of progress in the short time that they have been in business. There’s no telling what they can accomplish within the next two decades.

19. They don’t approach their goals from only one side

One of the reasons that they have people from multiple disciplines and backgrounds working there is so they can approach things from more than one perspective. It definitely helps to have a medical doctor on board, as well as two physicists. They are able to combine their skills in order to come up with unique solutions that haven’t been employed in the past.

20. They plan to have clinical validation in less than a year

Of course, clinical validation is a must in order for them to move forward. They plan to have that accomplished within the next 12 months. From there, it seems like the sky’s the limit.

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