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10 Cheaper Alternatives to Buying Google Stocks


When you are looking to invest in stocks, your mind probably turns to tech related companies right away. While these are certainly appealing and offer the potential for some solid returns, they are not always your cheapest options. Not everyone can or wants to pay the enormous share price that Google now commands for just one share (well over $1,000). You may be better off looking for cheaper stocks that perform just as well and possibly have the potential to do even better over time. With that in mind, we have put together the following list that details 10 cheaper alternatives to Google that you might want to consider buying in the near future.

10. HP Inc.

Just about everyone affiliated with any sort of technology is aware of HP. They have long been one of the world's largest producers of personal computers, prints, ink, and more. If it is used on a computer, HP likely has something to do with it. While Xerox recently tried to take over the company, HP resisted and continues to rebound quite nicely. They still have a great deal going for it and this makes it an attractive alternative to Google.

9. Micron Technology

With Micron Technology, you will be buying into a company that makes memory devices for a wide range of computers today. This is DRAM and a host of hard drives. They just recently released a new microSD card that is industry grade and 1TB in size. This is excellent for surveilling via the cloud. This will eventually make the traditional video record obsolete, positioning Micron Technology to be one of the leaders in the field of this new technology.

8. Seagate Technology

Here is another company that focuses on the manufacture of hard drives. They also complete a number of other storage devices that provide solutions for individuals and companies that need to hold large amounts of data. They serve both individual consumers and large businesses alike. This means that they have a steady stream of customers and the potential to continue increasing their revenue base in future years.

7. Gartner Inc.

Gartner is another attractive stock worth considering in exchange for Google. They provide research and consulting services to a host of companies around the world. They have clients in various sectors of the economy including supply chain management, information technology, human resources, and finance. They have also recently begun to branch out into other areas as well. They conduct a number of conferences for their clients throughout the year and are currently outperforming industry estimates in terms of revenue.

6. Qorvo

If you have have not heard of this company, you should do your research. They make semiconductor chips that use RF networks. This allows for electronic communication to take place between various networks that are wireless. They recently discussed buying back $1 billion in stock, indicating an ambitious growth plan for the future. Their stock is only slated to go higher, so right now many analysts consider it to be a bargain.

5. Xerox Holdings

Xerox has been a household name for decades. They own a number of subsidiary companies around the world, indicating that they are diversifying their portfolio away from a reliance on paper copies. This is in line with modern technology and should bode their performance well in the future. They did recently try to acquire HP, but that bid was rejected.

4. Lam Research

Here is another research oriented company that is a much cheaper alternative to Google. You will find that they work to make equipment that is useful in the manufacture of microchips. This industry has grown 48 percent in the last year alone, meaning that revenue potential is through the roof with Lam Research.

3. KLA

Here is a company that specializes in the manufacture of equipment that helps with the processes associated with making microchips. Industry depends on KLA to ensure that the microchips are properly tested and ready for deployment. They recently generated nearly $1.5 billion in revenue for the quarter, indicating brighter days ahead for all involved.

2. Keysight Technologies

Keysight Technologies is another large company focused on making a variety of hardware and software products that can be used in testing electronic equipment and various accessories used for measurement. They now partner with FormFactor to create equipment that is innovative in the photonic industry. This will allow it to compete with even larger companies and attract new clients its way. With a current share price that is just over $100, it is a very attractive alternative to Google at the moment.

1. Rapid 7

Here is a great alternative to owning Google stock that won't cost you the farm to get in on it. Rapid7 is a company that focuses on using a combination of analytics to provide cybersecurity to its clients. This is a field that continues to grow and there really is no end in sight. By using the services that Rapid7 provides, companies can use their own IT professionals to focus on more strategic tasks that can help the organization attain its goals.

So, now you have ten alternatives to Google that are much cheaper to buy. Some of these can very well return you a nice profit. The key is to diversify your portfolio and be willing to take some losses in order to generate the type of long-term gain that you have been hoping for. If you can do that, then you will be well positioned for sustained growth in the future.

Bill Vix

Written by Bill Vix

Bill Vix writes blogs, articles, and website content for clients who want the facts presented in a way that is digestible to their target audience. He graduated from Clarion University of Pennsylvania in 2009 as an English major with a concentration in Professional Writing. After graduation, he pursued graduate degrees in both Library Science and Communication. With over 10 years of professional writing experience, his ultimate goal is to simply and effectively communicate useful information using the most technologically relevant methods.

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