How to Clear Your Cache on an iPhone


A cache stores data so that said data can be retrieved with greater speed than otherwise possible. Some caches are software-based while other caches are hardware-based. Generally speaking, when people talk about caches, chances are very good that they are talking about browser caches because those are the ones that should be most familiar to most people. Function-wise, browser caches are used to store a part of the data that has been downloaded for webpages. By doing so, they make those webpages much faster to load in the future because much of the data is already stored on the computer. As such, browser caches can save people the need to download that data again as well.

How Can You Clear Your Cache on Your iPhone?

If people want to clear their cache on their iPhone, they should know that it is both simple and straightforward. In short, interested individuals start by going to Settings and then Safari. After which, they can use Clear History and Website Data to do exactly that. Alternatively, if they want to clear their cookies without clearing their history, they can go to Settings, then Safari, then Advanced, and then Website Data. There, they should be able to find an option called Remove All Website Data, which should enable them to clear their cookies without clearing their history. Besides these, if interested individuals want to browse the Internet without saving any data, there is always the option of turning Private Browsing on. Something that can be found under the Tabs button on the Safari browser. Those who use other browsers might want to clear their cache on those as well. Fortunately, this process tends to be just as simple and straightforward for those browsers as well. Generally speaking, interested individuals should start by looking for either Options, Settings, or something similar on their browser of choice. After which, they will want to look up the section that is concerned with their privacy as well as their security. There, they should be able to find options for clearing their cache as well as similar procedures. The ease of clearing the cache isn’t a coincidence. A lot of people are interested in this topic. As a result, the people behind browsers have enormous incentive to make the process as convenient for them as possible.

Improve Performance

People can experience a slowdown of their device for a wide range of reasons. Fixing this can be rather complicated because the sheer number of potential causes means that interested individuals are going to need to hunt down the right cause before implementing the right solution. Still, it is possible for someone to have so much data stored in their cache that they actually experience a slowdown of their device because of the sheer amount of storage that they are using up. When that happens, clearing their cache is one potential way to speed up their device by clearing out some of their storage space. Please note that this tends to provide minor benefits at most. For that matter, if someone is so low on storage space that they experience a noticeable difference in performance by clearing out their cache, they should look into other methods for clearing out storage space. One example would be deleting apps that they either don’t use or don’t use very much. Another example would be moving photos and other space-intensive files somewhere else rather than leave them on their device. Suffice to say that cloud data storage can be very useful for that, particularly if people want to keep things wireless the entire time.

Load the Most Recent Version of a Webpage

A browser cache makes browsing much faster than otherwise possible by storing some of the downloaded data so that it is available for future use. There are times when this can backfire. For instance, a webpage might have updated. However, interested individuals can’t load it because their browser is loading the old version of the data from their browser cache rather than downloading the new version of the data from the server. Clearing the browser cache is an easy way to correct this. After all, if there is no old version of the data that can be loaded up, the browser will be forced to download the new version of the data from the server.

Correct Browser Errors

Sometimes, a browser can experience errors because of something having gone wrong with the browser cache. Perhaps some webpages won’t load, perhaps some webpages will load slowly, perhaps some webpage will refuse to perform as intended, and so on and so forth. There is no guarantee that clearing the browser cache will help out with such issues. However, if it is indeed the cause, then clearing it can indeed help.

Protect Your Information

On a final note, the single most important reason to clear a cache would be protecting personal information. It isn’t uncommon for browser caches to store sensitive information that can cause a lot of damage if it gets stolen by malicious individuals, meaning that it is important to keep that kind of thing well-protected. Similarly, browser caches themselves can be a target for adware as well as other forms of malware to sneak their way in, which can wind up with the same results. As such, it can be a good idea for interested individuals to clear their caches from time to time for the purpose of preventing this kind of thing from happening. This is particularly important if people are using a shared device because anyone else using it will have much easier access to their personal information than outsiders. Of course, people can’t protect themselves by just adopting a single practice. Instead, cybersecurity is built upon a wide range of practices that come together to offer protection that is much stronger than the sum of its parts. Other examples of these practices include but are not limited to avoiding any links that seems suspicious, keeping software and hardware up-to-date, changing passwords on a regular basis, using unique passwords for everything, and using passwords that consist of long, totally randomized strings of letters, numbers, and punctuation marks.

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