A Closer Look at Abeking & Rasmussen’s My Little Violet


For individuals with the means, cruising the seas on a luxury yacht can be one of the most memorable and fun-filled experiences possible. They offer superior comfort, style, entertainment, and come with a variety of accessories to enjoy the sun and water. However, chartering a yacht can be very expensive. Therefore, potentials customers should make an informed choice when selecting a yacht. Looking at specifications and reviews is a useful starting point; however, the best marker of a good brand is an established history of excellent quality.

Abeking & Rasmussen is one of the most famous and well-regarded companies in the industry, and is located in Germany. It was founded in 1907 by George Abeking and Henry Rasmussen, making it one of the oldest ship builders around today. Their yachts have a long history of award-winning quality, and range from 45 to 125 meters. This is a company that takes a family-oriented approach to building yachts, customizing each unit for its buyer. They are renowned for their versatility, quality, and integrity.

My Little Violent is a particularly gorgeous mid-size yacht from Abeking & Rasmussen. It underwent a refitting in 2008 and emerged in pristine condition. This yacht is perfectly suited for luxury vacations, as it offers only the highest degree of style, sophistication, comfort, and entertainment.

My Little Violet


At 45.6 meters long, My Little Violet is a sizable mid-range yacht. It was first constructed in 2005, but had a significant refitting in 2008 to ensure it maintained exceptional structural and mechanical integrity. This yacht boasts many features that are normally found in much larger ships, but manages to balance these features with a spacious design. It has a steel displacement hull and an aluminum superstructure.

Both the interior and exterior of the yacht were designed with a careful attention to detail. The design was provided by Reymond Langton Design. This yacht features a simple but elegant interior, making the most out of natural lighting and warm earth tones to produce a relaxed and sophisticated atmosphere. It also boasts high-end stabilization technology, including at-anchor, in order to reduce roll motion effects.

Up to 10 guests can enjoy the luxurious accommodations aboard the My Little Violet. It is ideal for luxury cruises as it refuses to compromise on any feature. The performance is smooth, the design is comfortable, and the entertainment options are plentiful. This is a yacht that is sure to please any guest.

Accommodations and Comfort


There are 5 cabins available to passengers on the My Little Violet. This includes a spacious Master Suite and VIP stateroom, as well as 2 double cabins and 1 twin cabin. These accommodations will comfortably hold up to 10 guests, while there are quarters for up to 11 crew members to ensure maximal comfort and luxury.

The most impressive cabin is the sprawling Master Suite. It is extremely spacious, spanning the entire 8.7-meter beam of the ship. Further, it boasts floor-to-ceiling windows which maximize natural lighting and openness. It is even equipped with a walk-in closet, King-size bed, and marble en-suite bathroom. The VIP stateroom also features a King-size bed. Every guest room has an en-suite bathroom. In addition to these wonderful accommodations, the Upper Deck Salon can be used as an extra guest cabin if required.

As the owner of the My Little Violet preferred outdoor dining, there is expansive sheltered deck space for meals. This allows the space that would be used for an interior dining room to become additional lounging space in the Main Salon.

This lounge area is comfortable and spacious. It is well-suited to watching movies. For further leisure aboard the ship, the Upper Deck Salon is an excellent area for playing games or simply relaxing. Its design achieves a relaxed atmosphere that guests will find perfectly a luxurious cruise.

The accommodations and lounge areas all benefit from the sophisticated interior design of the yacht. Only the most comfortable and pleasing materials were used in its construction, with suede, leather, and silk used throughout the ship. Further, the ample natural lighting is complemented by the warm earth tones to create an atmosphere of high-end luxury tempered with a casual feel. As well, there are bespoke sculptures located throughout the yacht that add to this atmosphere. The layout and décor work together to produce a yacht that is supremely comfortable and stylish.



In order to optimize the experience aboard the yacht, there is a highly qualified crew available. This includes Captain Igor Cupic, who has years of experience in a variety of ships. He was experience with cargo ships, tankers, and luxury superyachts.

For meals, Chef Miroslav Lisica uses his more than 13 years of experience to produce sumptuous plates. As well, he is an excellent pastry chef, as he completed the Le Cordon Bleu Paris course in Ottawa.

There are also deckhands and stewardesses on hand to ensure every detail meets the highest standards.



With the excellent accommodations, spacious lounge areas, and highly professional crew, there is little that a person could ask for aboard this yacht. However, it offers a great deal of entertainment in order to ensure the best possible experience. The yacht includes Wi-Fi for staying in touch with family or friends, social media, and streaming.

Further, there are televisions located throughout the ship. There is one in each cabin, there are two in the Main Salon, and there is one in the Bridge Deck Salon. Additionally, there is an exterior deck music system installed. When cruising on the My Little Violet, there is no shortage of lively fun.



Although there are few pleasures in life that compare to lounging on a luxury superyacht, some guests want more fast-paced fun. In order to make the most out of the water and fresh air, there are a variety of toys available to guests.

For those seeking a thrill, there are 2 Yamaha Wave Runners included. Further, the ship includes 3 water skis and 2 wake boards. There are also several inflatable toys that can add to the fun on the water.

Some guests may have a more adventurous and inquisitive spirit. For this reason, the My Little Violet also comes equipped with scuba and snorkeling equipment. There are also 2 tenders that come with the yacht: a 12-meter Chase Tender with dual Volvo engines, and a 125HP Castoldi.

Passengers aboard the My Little Violet can look forward to thrills and pleasure whether on the ship, on the water, or beneath the surface. There are activities and features available to please every guest.



The My Little Violet is available for charter. Given the wide variety of features included, as well as its superior design and comfort, it is no surprise that the yacht comes with a considerable price tag. For approximately $200,000 to $222,000 weekly, guests can enjoy a luxurious cruise around gorgeous areas like Corsica, Sardinia, and Cote d’Azur. For those with the resources, this yacht offers unparalleled comfort and pleasure.


  • Length: 45.6 meters
  • Beam: 8.7 meters
  • Gross Tonnage: 499 tonnes
  • Hull Material: Steel
  • Superstructure Material: Aluminum
  • Configuration: Displacement
  • Guests: 10
  • Crew: 11
  • Bedrooms: 1 Master Suite, 1 VIP Stateroom, 2 Double Rooms, 1 Twin Room
  • Quantity: 2 Engines
  • Fuel: Diesel
  • Power: 1072 hp, 800 kW
  • Max: 15 knots
  • Cruising: 12 knots
  • Range: 4500 miles at 12 knots


My Little Violet is a mid-range yacht that packs in all the features one would expect from a much larger ship. More impressive still is the fact that it is able to offer so many features while maintaining its spacious and open design. Abeking & Rasmussen have created a yacht in My Little Violet that more than lives up to their sterling reputation.

Every passenger will be comfortable and relaxed aboard the yacht. With 5 luxurious cabins that can accommodate up to 10 guests, family and friends can all enjoy this wonderful ship. The Master Suite and VIP room in particular are spacious and offer high-end living. There are expansive lounge areas throughout the ship, with sheltered outdoor dining areas as well.

In addition to the comfort that passengers will enjoy, there is a wide variety of entertainment and leisure activities available. With Internet access, televisions, music systems, and toys to enjoy the water like Wave Runners and snorkeling equipment, there is no shortage of fun with the My Little Violet. It is a truly versatile, stunning, and unique yacht.

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