A Closer Look at Kismet from Lurssen Yachts


Most people can only dream of sailing the seas on a superyacht. These ships feature the highest standard of luxury available, making for an unparalleled cruise experience. Their design, accommodations, and accessories for entertainment and recreation make them ideal for anyone looking to have the experience of a lifetime. Generally, larger superyachts are reserved for the extremely wealthy, and they tend to offer the greatest luxury. High-end superyachts are designed to offer superior comfort to 5-star hotels while at sea.

With such luxury naturally comes a hefty price tag. This means that chartering a superyacht should only be done with confidence. Being confident in a yacht brand depends on its history, reputation, and prior work. One company that consistently produces top quality ships is Lurssen. A German shipyard, Lurssen was founded in 1875 by Friedrich Lurssen. It has continued to push the boundaries of yacht building, producing record breaking and award winning ships throughout the years. It has experience with large yachts, having constructed the largest yacht in history, a 180-meter superyacht. This is a brand that consistently seeks to build yachts that are innovative and of exceptional quality.

One outstanding yacht constructed in Lurssen’s shipyard is Kismet. This yacht has seen several reconstructions and renovations throughout the years, but now stands at an impressive 95-meters in length. It is one of the most luxurious and gorgeous yachts on the market for charter. It was designed to suit the tastes of the billionaire Shahid Khan.



As it was custom built to meet the high standards of the billionaire, Kismet does not compromise in any area. Its design, layout, accommodations, and features are all of the absolute highest standard. Further, its interior is beautiful and artistic. There are 7 guest cabins available, as well as a wide range of features and lounge areas. This superyacht is ideal for anyone who is looking to have a supremely comfortable and exciting cruise experience.

Its exterior was designed by the incredible Espen Oieno. It perfectly embodies the values that superyachts are associated with; it is elegant, powerful, and striking. Further, its interior design was provided by the award-winning Reymond Langton, and crafted following a “champagne and caviar” theme. This has resulted in a yacht that is sophisticated, artistic, and comfortable.

Accommodations and Comfort


Although the exterior and interior design of the superyacht is important, what prospective charterers will be chiefly concerned with is the accommodations. The Kismet has spared no expense in creating the most luxurious cabins possible. In order to maximize comfort, the ship accommodates up to 12 guests. There are 7 luxurious cabins for guests to enjoy. As well, there are quarters which allow up to 28 crew members to stay aboard the ship, ensuring that every detail is well attended to.

Most impressive of the cabins is, of course, the Owner’s Suite. This cabin is incredibly expansive, spanning the entire forward half of the upper deck. It is nearly a resort on its own, with his-and-hers bathrooms, massive wardrobes, a private office, and even its own jacuzzi tub. However, each of the other guest cabins are spectacular as well. There are two VIP Suites located on the main deck that feature designs inspired by Art Nouveau. The spacious additional guest cabins are crafted following Art Deco designs. These accommodations ensure a comfortable and stylish cruise.

However, the comfortable accommodations are only the beginning of the ship’s many attractive features. It was also specifically designed to facilitate parties and lounging with friends or family. Most notably, this includes its massive double-height Main Salon. This room is elegant, spacious, and features two fireplaces as well as a grand piano. There is also a gorgeous Sky Lounge which offers a great deal of seating and a full sports bar. This lounge can also be easily transformed into a disco dance hall.

In addition to these lounging and partying areas, the ship’s exterior was designed for guests to enjoy as well. There are lounging areas located on all three of the ship’s exterior decks. This includes a BBQ and al fresco dining options, as well as a fire pit with a built-in waterfall on the aft deck. Further, the Sundeck offers outstanding seating and a titled pool with a jacuzzi inside. The yacht offers exceptional lounging areas both inside the ship and outside to allow guests to enjoy the sunshine. It was constructed using only the finest materials, such as onyx marble and teak decks.



In order to enjoy a cruise fully, there must be features which allow for pleasure and fun while on the ship. The Kismet has an abundance of such features. Perhaps most importantly in today’s technologically driven age is the ship-wide Wi-Fi access. This allows guests to stream music and videos, as well as stay connected with friends and family.

Perhaps most impressive of all, however, are the two massive video walls that are featured prominently in the Main Salon. These walls are composed of 42 individual monitors each. The walls can be used for displaying events like sports games, or feature moving artwork to set the proper sophisticated tone. As well, the ship contains its own large movie theater for guests to enjoy group viewings of movies.

In addition to these features, the wide array of entertainment options located throughout the cabins ensure that a cruise aboard the Kismet is one of the most fun experiences a person can experience. Not only does it offer supreme comfort and style, it also includes unique entertainment features as well.



As it was designed after a billionaire who is passionate about sports, it is no surprise that the Kismet offers a wide range of exciting recreational features as well. This allows guests to fully enjoy both the interior of the ship and the fresh air and water.

Perhaps most impressive of all are the four tenders that the yacht boasts. In addition, there is equipment for those seeking high-octane thrills. For such guests, the Kismet comes equipped with two jet skis, scuba equipment, and a variety of water toys.

As well, the ship provides features for those who are interested in sports, like its owner. Most notably, this includes a helipad that can be used as a basketball court. In addition, there is a swimming platform so guests can splash and play in the water.

While the amazing design and entertainment features of the yacht are most likely more than enough for most guests, the Kismet goes above and beyond, providing guests with a bevy of recreational options as well.



Of course, for a superyacht to offer the most luxurious cruise experience possible, guests should be pampered during their stay. For this reason, the Kismet also offers several fantastic wellness options. For relaxing and feeling rejuvenated, the yacht includes its own beach club. Within, there is both a fully functional spa and a sauna. In addition, there is a fully equipped gym for those looking to maintain their fitness while chartering the Kismet.




– Length: 95 meters
– Beam: 13.8 meters
– Gross Tonnage: 2700 tonnes
– Configuration: Displacement
– Superstructure: Aluminum
– Hull: Steel


– Guests: 12
– Crew: 28
– Bedrooms: 1 Owner’s Suite, 2 VIP Suites, 4 Guest Cabins


– Max: 17 knots
– Cruising: 14 knots



Those looking to charter the Kismet should be aware that this type of extreme luxury does not come cheap. The superyacht is currently available for charter at approximately $1,300,000 per week. The winter season will see the yacht traverse the Caribbean, while the summer season provides guests with a tour of the Mediterranean. Although it is quite expensive, this yacht offers nearly unparalleled comfort and style.


Very few shipyards build superyachts as large as the Kismet. For a company with as many years of experience as Lurssen, charterers can be confident that the impressive size of the ship is used in the most intelligent way possible. This results in a large superyacht that is incredibly comfortably, stylish, and exciting. Aboard this yacht, passengers can enjoy a limitless supply of entertainment, recreation, and leisure. For those with the means, it provides a glimpse of how it feels to live the life of a billionaire.

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