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The amenities that are on board of the Silver Dream make cruising the seas much like an excursion in your own private floating luxury hotel suite and restaurant. Fully equipped with everything that you need to enjoy complete and total luxury when aboard, Warren Yachts has the Silver Dream superyacht in all of its glory for sale. Wheether for private use or to maintain as a member of a fine charter fleet, the Silver Dream has a great deal to offer for the right buyer.

The Silver Dream measures 43.89 meters in length ( one hundred and forty three feet). The exterior designers for this craft are Dubois Naval Architects. The team was involved with the design of the yacht to ensure the structural soundness and maximization of interior space upon completion of the vessel. The decks are well designed with the majority crafted of quality teak wood.

Builders and interior work

The Silver Dream Motor Yacht was built by Dave Wdrren Yachts. The interior designer for her luxurious rooms was Sam Sorgiovanni. His expertise lead the creators of this beautiful and spacious ship in fortifying the interior with the ambiance that rivals that of a five star hotel. She is in fact a beautiful yacht that has tremendous eye appeal and the accoutrements that make it well suited for use as a charter or for further customizing as a personal craft. She was formally launched in 2000 and has been well maintained since her inception. The Silver Dream is in beautiful condition. She underwent a refit in 2005. The superstructure of this ship is made mostly from composite materials.



The yacht features accommodations for up to ten guests aboard. In addition, it houses nine crew members which are required for safe and efficient operation of the craft. Guests have plenty of room for their sleeping quarters in generous sized estate rooms and multiple areas for lounging inside in poor weather and for sunning on deck.

Smooth sailing

Naiad stabilizers are used to ensure that the Silver Dream remains stable even when encountering rough waters. This helps to ensure that all aboard will enjoy a more comfortable experience whether out in rough conditions or at dock with turbulence. Bow thrusters are Abt.


Power and propulsion

She is powered by two engines of 1350 horse power 993 Caterpillar. The fuel type is diesel and the engine model is 3412E. Twin screw propellers send her forward. The Silver Dream yacht has a total of 2700 horse power / 1987 KW. She achieves a top speed of eighteen nautical miles per hour with an average cruise speed of fifteen knots. Her range is approximately 3290 when observing the speed of twelve knots.


Other specifications

The cabin configuration includes one master suite with two doubles and two twins. The beam is eight and a half meters with the draft at 2.1 meters. The displacement is two hundred and forty one tons and the gross tonnage is three hundred and ninety five. The width twenty eight and a half feet with a large interior.  Made with plenty of sustainability, the Silver Dream has a potable water capacity of fourteen thousand eight hundred liters with power generation by Northern Lights twin at ninety nine kilowatts each. The bunkering capacity is forty thousand six hundred liters.


Aqua Air provides the air conditioning which is available when temperatures become uncomfortable. This yacht is fully equipped with all of the necessities to ensure that the internal environment is well controlled for the maximum comfort of guests and crew. The crew quarters are kept separate from guests quarters.



The Silver Dream features a Spa and Swimming pool for recreation and exercise while on board. These luxury features add to the enjoyment of excursions in warmer weather. The deck areas lend themselves to full customization for placement of amenities that suit the preferences of the owner/guests if used as a charter craft.

Natural light

Areas for alfresco dining are an attractive feature of this ship. During warm and pleasant daylight hours, these areas allow for enjoying magnificent sunrises and sunsets. During more turbulent weather, the interior also features natural lighting through the porthole windows which allow the maximum amount of sunlight in for the most stunning views. the sky lounge offers the best views and maximum sunlight, although several other areas have great access for sunlight as well.


Other amenities

Guests may also enjoy a private salon, a dressing room that is divided by his and her bathrooms located within the suites, a study and formal dining. This makes it possible to enjoy dining and visiting with other guests on the cruise or having the option to retreat to a more quiet and solitary location when privacy is desired. A jacuzzi is also available for the ultimate in relaxation.

There is also room aboard the Silver Dream for the storage of a variety of fun and recreational toys with plenty of storage room to spare. This is ultimately because of the design that ensures that space is used wisely with practicality in mind, but also luxury and comfort. The designers of this ship did an amazing job of attending to all of the small details that can make a tremendous difference for the functionality of the final product.


Final thoughts

The Silver Dream Super motor yacht is a beautiful craft that is now for sale. She cruises the seas with grace and elegance because she has been so well maintained. Her engines are powerful and her appearance is immaculate. She is fit for either personal use or as a charter. Luxury accommodations ensure that any guest will feel privileged to be aboard. The ship was built to last and upon first glance, she looks amazing for her age, which is sixteen years old. This dream ship has a good range for longer and extended excursions with ample room for guests, provisions and recreational toys. This superyacht is one of the more attractive yachts that we’ve seen and she looks graceful and elegant as she glides across the water.

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