A Closer Look at Trinity Yachts’ Rockstar for Charter


There are few experiences as luxurious and memorable as surfing the seas on a custom-built superyacht. These ships offer an incredible array of features designed to optimize comfort, entertainment, and leisure for passengers. Chartering a superyacht allows one to experience pleasures normally reserved for the stars. Superyachts like the award-winning Rockstar by Trinity Yachts are specifically designed to provide this glamorous feel. However, this ship does not compromise on performance in order to deliver such style. Instead, it is renowned for having excellent quality and superb comfort. It is one of the unique superyachts that have given Trinity its reputation as one of America’s leading ship building companies.

Trinity Yachts is an outstanding and respected name in the industry. It is one of the few American ship building companies that rivals the European brands. It specializes in the construction and refitting of custom superyachts of any size, reaching well over 100 meters. The shipyard is located in the central Gulf Coast of the US, and is quite expansive. This shipyard has several decades of proven success delivering highly acclaimed units. It has constructed over 25 yachts that have all been celebrated and praised as unique and impressive ships. The reason for its continued success hinges on its dedication to innovation; Trinity Yachts is constantly looking for new designs and technologies to improve the art of ship building.

One superyacht that certainly embodies this progressive philosophy is the elegant and striking Rockstar. This ship is a 49-meter unit, placing it at the higher end of mid-size yachts. Its sophisticated exterior gives way to a glamorous interior with several unique features. With exceptionally expansive lounging areas, the Rockstar is the ideal yacht for entertaining guests. With powerful engines and a modern stabilization system, this ship ensures great performance as well as outstanding comfort.



While only 49 meters in length, the Rockstar’s breathtaking design makes it feel like a much larger yacht. Nowhere is this better felt than in its impressive cabins and lounging areas, which were specifically designed to comfortably host guests. The ship was designed to provide the utmost comfort while ensuring a glamorous feel. It instils in guests the notion that they are experiencing the life of the stars, a life that is chiefly concerned with luxury and leisure.

The sharp lines and bold exterior were designed by Trinity Yachts, while its unique interior was the work of the esteemed Patrick Knowles. Many yachts offer interior designs that are geared towards comfort and relaxation. Knowles accomplishes this same feat while also adding a splash of excitement and energy. The Rockstar is at once warm, inviting, and invigorating.



Chartering a superyacht is an expensive ordeal. Therefore, it is essential that an individual has confidence that the ship they are chartering will satisfy every last desire. Luckily, there is no need for guesswork when chartering the Rockstar; its reputation speaks for itself.

The Rockstar received a great deal of praise from critics and yacht enthusiasts alike when it was introduced in 2009. Its gorgeous exterior and innovative interior layout caused it to be an immediate hit. In fact, it even won the Best Semi-Displacement Judges Special Commendation Award in 2010 at the World Superyacht Awards.


Accommodations and Comfort

Perhaps the most important feature of any yacht is its accommodations. Any discomfort in the ship’s bedrooms will certainly put a damper on what should be an exquisite experience. Passengers aboard the Rockstar need not worry about this, as its 5 cabins are spacious and luxurious. Its on-deck Master Suite is particularly impressive, and features a unique design. As well, the four guest staterooms below deck are each expansive and thoughtfully designed. Up to 12 guests can look forward to experiencing these wonderful accommodations. In addition, the ship has quarters for up to 10 crew members to ensure that every last detail is looked after.

The most striking aspect of the Rockstar may be its Master Suite. This cabin features a split-level design that provides the residents with an incredible 280-degree view. In addition to this innovative layout, the suite includes a private lounge, his-and-hers bathrooms, and a King Sized bed. As well, 3 of the staterooms below deck offer King Sized beds, while the fourth offers a twin that can be converted into a Queen. Each of the guest cabins is designed to maximize spaciousness and comfort.

In addition to the wonderful accommodations, the lounging areas on the ship are simply outstanding. The Sky Lounge in particular is exceptionally spacious, with long couches providing ample seating. The generous use of windows in this lounge ensures fantastic natural lighting. It is highlighted by its cocktail bar and cigar humidor.

Perhaps most impressive is the yacht’s Sundeck. This deck was specifically designed to comfortably entertain guests. There are sunpads forward as well as several couches aft. There is also a luxurious lounge chair area as well. Most impressively, the Sundeck offers a cocktail bar and jacuzzi tub. It also features a dining area that can accommodate up to 10 guests. This provides a great alternative to the interior dining room for formal meals.

In terms of the feel of the ship’s interior, Patrick Knowles has instilled a glamorous feel that is a call-back to old Hollywood. He accomplishes this unique energy by including splashes of purple and pink amidst its warm colors. As well, it features elegant glass light fixtures and black-and-white stills of famous film stars of old. These all contribute to an interior that is at once sophisticated, fun, glamorous, and comfortable.



In addition to the impressive accommodations and lounging areas aboard the Rockstar, there are various entertainment features to ensure a pleasurable cruise. Perhaps most importantly, it includes ship-wide Wi-Fi access. While chartering the Rockstar provides passengers with a distinct feel of old Hollywood, it is important to be able to stream music, shows, and movies while also staying connected to friends and family.

As well, the ship comes equipped with an excellent entertainment system. This allows guests to comfortably view shows and movies together with superb sound. Most importantly, the layout of the ship is geared towards entertaining groups of guests.

The Rockstar is a ship that offers both exquisite comfort and a well-rounded entertainment experience. The sophistication of its old-fashioned feel is complemented by its modern entertainment features.



While life aboard the Rockstar is a fabulous combination of comfort and entertainment, no yacht would be complete without features to make the most of the water. This superyacht is well-equipped to provide many thrills when playing in the sun.

For those seeking high-octane thrills, there are several exciting recreational features available. These include 2 Seadoo Waverunners with an impressive 215 horsepower each. As well, there are wakeboards and water-skis for enjoying the water.

More adventurous guests will be thrilled to find that the yacht includes gear for snorkelling as well. Further, for those who simply want a leisurely experience, the yacht includes paddle boards and kayaks. The Rockstar also includes an impressive 18-foot Nautica tender.

With its onboard entertainment and various recreational features, every guest will find something to love about the Rockstar. It provides enough options to ensure that there are just as many thrills when playing in the water as when enjoying the interior.



For guests who want to experience a once-in-a-lifetime cruise while keeping up with their fitness program, the ship includes several enjoyable features. These include exercise equipment on the bridge aft deck. There is a recumbent bicycle as well as weights and yoga mats to accommodate a wide range of workouts.



The Rockstar can be chartered for a weekly price of $238,000 for the winter season, which will bring guests through the Caribbean, or about $232,000 for the summer season, which will take guests along the Mediterranean.



Anyone who desires a comfortable and exciting charter experience should look no further than the Rockstar by Trinity Yachts. It provides an innovative and luxurious interior as well as plenty of options for entertainment and recreation. Its unique styling creates a glamorous feel that is reminiscent of old Hollywood. It is a truly unique and unforgettable superyacht.

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