Five Coal Stocks That are Still a Buy in 2019

The coal industry has had its share of ups and downs in recent years. It’s been branded as “dirty energy” and some fear that coal energy is a part of the problem when it comes to environmental issues and global warming. Thanks to President Trump’s belief in the importance of the industry and new innovations in the way that coal is mined and used for energy, the industry has undergone some positive transformations, and coal is one the upswing once again. Many of the larger companies who engage in the mining and production of coal and coal byproducts such as natural gas, have taken great measures to ensure the health and well-being of their workers and of the environment through changes in the methods for mining and processing coal and coal products. If you’re looking into investing in the energy sector, then here are five coal stocks that are still a buy in 2019.

1. Warrior Met Coal, Inc. (NYSE:HCC)

If you’re looking for an affordable stock that has a high potential for investing, then Warrior Met Coal, Inc. is a stock that you may want to consider. The corporation directs its resources towards coal mining in the Appalachians of America. They have some great things going for them including their own facilities for processing the coat that they mine and strong connections with buyers in South America and Europe for the export of the coal that they mine and process. The company has a claim on reserves of an estimated 300 million tons of coal reserves with a capacity to recover up to 8 million tons annually, which translates into a steady source of raw materials for processing and export. The company has taken measures to ensure that the environment and employees are kept safe through the implementation of best practices. The company also produces natural gas products from the coal. At last spot check the price of Warrior Met Coal stock was $30.45 per share.

2. CONSOL Coal Resources LP (NYSE:CCR)

Consol Coal Resources stock is viewed as a safe stock investment. Th company is involved in the development of thermal coal operations and currently manages several underground mines with its headquarters in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania. The company was established in March of 2015 and spot checks showed recent stock prices at $17.88 per share. The price to earning ratio is currently above average. Operating margins are also above average and the profitability of the company as of this time is higher than expected, or above average for comparable companies. Consol Coal Resources is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a safe coal stock to invest in according to US News.

3. BHP Billiton Limited (NYSE: BHP)

If you’re interested in dipping your toes in coal stock but are not quite convinced that you want to go with a coal stock solely, BHP Billiton Limited may be another good option. This company focuses on the mining of coal along with copper and iron also. The advantages of this are its diversity so if there is a downturn in the coal market, the stock is not likely to take a big hit. It’s a more diversified type of stock within one company. BHP is a company that is based out of Melbourne, Australia within the basic materials sector of the Industrial metals and minerals industry. The company employs roughly 27161 workers and the stock is currently up by two percent and at the last spot check the stock was valued at $56.83 per share.

4. Natural Resource Partners LP (NYSE: NRP)

Natural Resource Partners LP stock is another highly recommended bet for investors. The company is involved in the ownership, leasing and management of a range of mineral properties including coal royalty, soda ash as well as corporate and financing endeavors for a slightly diversified portfolio. The coal royalty properties include the transportation and processing of coal with interest in trona ore mining of soda ash and refining. This Houston, The company has been in business since the spring of 2002. NRP is distinguished by US News as a stock that is in the safer category as well as being an earnings gainer within its niche in the market with earnings of 87.1 percent. The operating margins for the company area above average with the revenue classified as average. If you’re looking for a coal stock that has been listed as one of the safer bets, and you prefer a company that has some degree of diversification then NRP stock may be worth looking into. A recent spot check showed the price of NRP as $41.53 per share.

5. Arch Coal, Inc. (NYSE:ARCH)

Arch Coal, Inc. is an American based company which focuses on the mining of coal, the extraction, processing and marketing of coal with a special emphasis on low levels of sulfur. This makes them a highly environmentally responsible company because sulfur is an agent that is known to produce acid rain. They’re doing their part to help sustain the delicate environment. The coal that they supply to their customers is cleaner when burned at plants and factories. Arch Coal has established a network of international customers across five continents for the export of their low sulfur coal and coal based products. It’s a sustainable company with a conscience which makes them an attractive option for investors who believe that it is important to cut down on harmful environmental toxins. At last spot check ARCH was valued at $87.21 per share. According to information shared by the company, Arch is a leader in the natural resource sector who specialize in high quality thermal and metallurgical coal which is used for the generation of electricity and also in the manufacture of steel and steel products and are committed to providing these resources in a responsible and safe manner.

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