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Nishant Patel, the current CTO, founded Contentstack in San Francisco in 2018. Contentstack is a headless CMS with an API-first approach that optimizes content. It is designed to allow content editors to keep updating content on their sites and apps without needing the help and support of a developer. In contrast, developers can code using their preferred tools and languages. According to their website, 70% of digital transformation struggle to meet their strategic goals. One reason seems to be that companies fall short in digital training. 58 percent of employees think their employer uses cutting-edge digital tools and platforms but does not provide them with adequate experience. On the other hand, Contentstack offers a unique experience that is so straightforward that no training is needed.

1. Riding The Wave

In the first quarter of 2021, Forrester named the company a strong performer in Content Management System (CMSes). The company started as Raw Engineering, using management systems like Tridion, Sitecore, and Drupal for customers’ web experience. Although they felt like the product they delivered was inadequate to meet their needs. The shift to being one of the strongest performers happened in 2011 when Nital Patel could no longer assist his customers using traditional CMSes.

2. Always Evolving

The field of technology and content management is constantly evolving, and Content Stack embraces that model. Their mission is always to find ways to improve their platform, making it intuitive and seamless. Because they feel the phrase Content Management system evokes an image they far exceed. So, instead of calling it CMSes, they refer to their product as a Content Experience Platform (CXP). A CXP, like other systems of record such as CRM and ERP, is the centrally controlled hub that coordinates all content-first experience creation, management, and distribution across all channels.

3. Magic Apple

They showed an analyst firm Project Venus, a new level of Content Management Systems. The company equated it to technological mastery comparable to Apple. According to Enterprise Time, the company named the product after the Roman goddess because, like her meaning, they wanted to offer a vision of love and caring because that’s how they feel about their customers. Both editors and developers will benefit from a new design system’s simplistic customer experience. According to the company, this effectively brings an end to the fight between technological capabilities and user-friendliness in enterprise software.

4. Not playing games

The company noticed that e-sports games were trending. Additionally, they saw a need for better ways to build content. Competitive video game companies are well over a billion dollars with the rising trend of mobile video games. Contentstack feels that the landscape for these games must change, and to do this, they must create rich content that brings in an even larger market. Having a more centralized version of content will allow these games to create better user experiences. Additionally, it will bring gaming platforms like Twitch to new levels.

5. Team building

Customer success professionals are in fierce competition because new tools and technologies are on the rise. Customer Success Manager (CSM) are some of the hottest in technology, but not all job seekers benefit. That is why Gainsight and SV Academy, the employer-driven online vocational school, recently launched CS YOU; a new program that provides training and placement for members of underrepresented groups in the technology field in entry-level Customer Success Associate roles. CS YOU is an honor to have Contentstack as a Charter Partner. With our ongoing dedication to customer success and an interest in utilizing technology to remove obstacles, this training program is a good fit for Contentstack.

6. Leader of the Pack

In 2020 Comparably recognized Contentstack. According to Cision PR Newswire, Neha Sampat said, “It is humbling to be honored by these awards and in the company of industry titans like Satya Nadella, Tim Cook and Sundar Pichai.” The company always recognized the value of cohesiveness, now recognized as one of the Comparably Best Places to Work. Neha Sampat was honored as the Best CEO for Diversity. Additionally, Comparably recognized them for their professional development, leading in small to mid-sized companies.

7. Going Gold

The 18th Annual American Business Awards are a company that honors businesses who excel in their respective fields. They determine these winners by averaging scores from over 200 business professionals. In addition, they awarded Contentstack with the Best Content Management Platform. Contentstack is the first API-first enterprise SaaS platform that incorporates content management and digital experiences. Contentstack, the first headless CMS, facilitates rapid collaboration between commercial enterprise and IT, removes silos between business units, and enables teams to achieve unsurpassed customer experiences. As a result, Contentstack’s income has tripled in the last year.

8. Great Gatsby

Understanding customers want speed and ease in their products, Contentstack created Gatsby. This tool gives companies scalability, flexibility, and security without an inflated price tag. When a website visitor turns up at a page to assets encrypted in a traditional content management system (CMS), such as WordPress or Joomla, the site will dynamically assemble data from its directory, process the content through a template engine, and done to make sure the page to the visitor. A static site generator gathers content, applies it to the appropriate templates, produces static HTML, and quickly returns the structured format data to the user. There is no engagement with databases or other external data sources, which reduces the chance of data breaches and time-consuming database retrieval.

9. Keep coding

For over 30 years, the SIIA CODiE Awards have honored thousands of products for their quality and innovation in technology. Each CODiE Award win serves as an essential business confirmation for a product’s advancement, foresight, and overall business impact. The CODiE Awards celebrate the most extraordinary creations, designers, and leaders in the industry. CODiE is the only peer-recognized contest for academic and professional technological advancements. Contentstack’s second CODie award happened the same year they received a G2 Crowd Favorite Award. Although they are thankful for the honor, the company recognizes that the best way to succeed in the rapidly changing tech market is to keep growing and keep evolving.

10. Marketing Masters

According to mobilemarketingmagazine.com, Masterclass holds more than 150 half-day events worldwide in which companies can listen to business leaders about platforms and systems that can help them develop their digital marketing. After every event, they are asked to respond to the digital experts, relying on what they discovered from having listened to conferences and discussion groups. In addition, the Digital Partner award programs recognize business owners that consistently receive high levels of customer satisfaction. In 2019, Contentstack received this. The Miami Heat used their technology to give personalized experiences to their fans. As The Heat used this technology, they saw a significant increase in revenue.

11. Polyglot

Contentstack understands that to elevate their product and make it more accessible, they need to eliminate a language barrier. So they introduced advanced languages alongside localization features in 2019. Essentially, if your content is not available on the web in your specified language, you can program your stack to add the content in your second choice language. One example is if you are getting data in French, you can localize it in Spanish.

12. Honored by peers

According to solutionsreview.com, Gartner Peer Insights is an online platform that includes feedback from both vendors and potential customers from the technology industry. These awards are intended to help IT leaders make informed buying decisions and help providers better their services by obtaining customer feedback. Contentstack is constantly looking for ways to improve its Content Management System and Digital Experience Platform. However, their focus remains on their customers. Its 2019 Gartner Peer Insight Award was another reflection of the level of commitment they have to their brand.

13. Don’t Stop Believing

According to Tech Crunch, Contentstack’s series B funding topped $57.75 million, bringing the total to $89 million. This round was lead by Insight Partners, who already led their series A budget. Georgian, Illuminate Ventures, and Gingerbread Capital. The company feels that this new round of funding demonstrates its commitment to its industry. Additionally, Contentstack has proof their hard work is paying off. Since October 2019, the company’s customer base has grown 150%.

14. Stacking up

This latest addition to the SDK family streamlines app and web development for customers and partners utilizing Contentstack. Our Microsoft .NET SDK made it so much easier for coders to utilize Contentstack’s comprehensive library of RESTful Content Delivery APIs before. As a result, Contentstack’s clients and customers using the .NET SDK can accelerate their time to market. .NET is Microsoft’s framework that operates primarily on Windows. It contains an extensive Framework Library that also offers cross-language class library access. The new .NET SDK allows users to create .NET apps that use Contentstack APIs to supply content. In addition, there are a few in-built SDK methods.

15. GraphQL

Even though they only started designing GraphQL several years ago, they have already begun reinventing the technology. Since their inception, they have found multiple ways to improve capability, stability, and performance since their inception, providing a much better experience for their customers. For example, their most recent release includes improved strength and the ability to perform multiple content queries with a single request.

16. Don’t Spy

Contentstack is partnering with Valtech to create an Augmented Reality product in only four weeks. They wanted to get an open-source mobile web-based model quickly. Content can be swiftly uploaded using an API-first headless CMS. It would have taken much longer to create an environment for this technology using a traditional model. So instead, much like their other products, they started with core values that built the company, benefitting their customers and simplifying things already on the market.

17. The Postman Rings Once

The company introduced another revolutionary product with Contentstack Postman. This platform is a set of pre-configured API requests that help customers begin to use Contentstack APIs. Then, staying with their user-friendly model, customers can try them out with the REST client. These will deliver to any channel like websites, mobile devices, wearable devices, and various other places.

18. Go Green

Contentstack is always looking for ways to create cohesive teams with a group of individuals who excel. They wanted to bolster their employee’s spirits during the Pandemic, so they made #SPDWFH (St Patrick’s Work From Home Day). They encouraged their employees to use colorful St. Patrick’s day backgrounds and selfies posted on Slack throughout the day. They even managed to play some Irish music coast to coast. A with many other things, Contentstack takes customer service to new levels.

19. It’s just business

Best in Biz Awards, Inc. is the only business awards program judged by notable writers and editors from top-tier publications. Many start-up companies have previously won the Best in Biz Awards. Winners in the Best in Biz Awards are chosen from independent judging panels from newspapers, TV and radio stations, and trade publications. Content management is one of the fastest-growing industries, and Contentstack is at the forefront of it by expanding the field and developing technologies that improve operational efficiency. Best in Biz recognized this level of advancement in 2019.

20. Always innovative

In 2018, Contentstack introduced custom fields to their platform, but they didn’t stop there. Instead, they added experience extensions, a concept for customizable widgets. These give a new dimension to how a customer can work more effectively on their website. Some of their features include AI technology that analyzes data and provides tag solutions. Additionally, there are features for statistics and language translation on a blog. Although their platform is designed for people without coding experience, widgets have customizable code for limitless possibilities. Contentstack has always focused on creating a better content management platform, and this implication is another in a long line of industry-defining innovation.

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