20 Countries Currently in the Most Debt in 2019

When assessing the financial status of a country, it’s not so much a matter of how much is owed. It is more about the percentage of the ration of debt to Gross Domestic Product, also called its GDP, that determines just how much in debt a country really is. For example, the United States owes somewhere in the neighborhood of $20 trillion in debt but even though we owe the most, we’re by far, not the most in debt country on the planet. We’ve used this formula to find the countries that are the most in debt in the world as of 2019 . Here are the top 20 which are the deepest in debt.   Figures are according to GDP Rate and obtained from World Population Review.

20. Yemen – GDP: 95.83%

Yemen is the 20th most in debt country in the world with a debt to GDP ratio of 95.83 percent. The country is ranked as the 50th largest in the world according to their population of 29.58 million as of 2019 and an interesting fact about Yemen is that nearly half of the population of the country are children under 15 years of age, making it a country that has a high birth rate and it is currently estimated that when the births, and immigration figures are assessed, Yemen gains a new person every 47 seconds.

19. Bhutan –  GDP: 96.05%

Bhutan is a country that is situated near India and China at the base of the Himalaya Mountains. It’s the nineteenth most in debt country in the world with a population of 826,229 ranking number 164 in population. The population density is low in this country and the largest city in the country is Thimphu with 80,000 residents. There s a high literacy rate in the country with three quarters of the population claiming Vajrayana Buddhist beliefs and the second highest ranking of 22% following Hinduism. The country has a gain of one person in the country every 58 minutes with a birth rate of one each 37 minutes. Many people fled Bhutan to live in refugee camps.

18. France – GDP: 96.20%

The country of France is the 18th most in debt nation in the world with a dept to GDP rate of 96.20 percent. The French Republic consists of several territories including French Polynesia, New Caledonia, Clipperton Island, Saint Pierre, Saint Martin, Guadeloupe, French Guiana several more. In addition to being the 18th most in debt nation, they rank 22nd in the world with a population of 65.48 million, and they are expecting this number to increase to 72 million by the time we reach the year 2050.

17. Belgium – GDP: 99.08%

Belgium is a European country that is bordered by the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany and France. It is recognized throughout the world for being the home of the EU and NATO headquarters. Their 2019 population estimate is 11.56 million for a ranking of 81st in population. The country has a dense population with nearly sixty percent living in the Flanders region and just a little over 10 percent living in Brussels. The country has a diverse population with the majority Roman Catholic, Protestant and Christian and the rest distributed among other religions. One noteworthy fact about Belgium is that they have an increasing longevity rate among the population.

16. Bahrain – GDP: 102.01%

Bahrain is the sixteenth most indebted country in the world with a debt to GDP ratio of 102.01 percent. The population is ranked at the 152nd highest in the world with 1.6 million inhabitants. Bahrain is known for its dense population in the sovereign states and less in the city states. The population is made up of Middle Eastern residents, mostly of Shia Bahranias with some from South Asia with a population of Indian expatriates with 70 percent of the population Islamic and lesser numbers of Greek Orthodox and a few other religions. The main language spoken in Bahrain is Arabic.

15. Republic of the Congo – GDP:105.01%

The Republic of the Congo is the fifteenth most indebted country in the world with a debt to GDP ratio of 105.01 percent. It ranks 123rd in population size and is located in the Middle region of Africa. The Republic of the Congo is a sparsely populated country and ranks 204th in regard to population density. Unlike some of the other countries on our list there is still plenty of room for population growth in this country.

14. The Gambia – GDP :105.17%

The Republic of the Gambia is situated in West Africa near Senegal. The population in 2019 is estimated at only 2.23 million persons and it is a country that has very little available land with a dense population in the capital city of Banjul with an amazing 3.800 individuals per square kilometer. The Gambia is ranked as 74th in population density. The Gambia is a wonderfully diverse country with a 90 percent Islamic population and almost a third of the citizens living below the poverty level. Out of 160 countries, The Gambia is the 151st for human development showing that there is a lot of room for improvement.

13. Singapore – GDP: 108.79%

The Republic of Singapore is the thirteenth most indebted country in the world. It is situated in the Southeaster portion of Asia and is made up of a total of 63 different islands near Malaysia. The population is 5.87 million and it ranks as the 114th largest in the world by population. The islands are becoming more heavily industrialized and the need for additional labor has caused them to allow more immigration. It is an area with a high density level within the population and is ranked third in the world based upon population density.

12. United States – GDP: 109.45%

The United States of America is ranked at the twelfth most indebted nation in the world with a debt to GDP ratio of 109.45 percent. The population was estimated to be at 327.16 million. The United States is known as the melting pot with wondrous diversity among the population with regard to ethnicity and spiritual beliefs. The largest city in America is New York City with a population of eight and a half million.

11. Mozambique – GDP: 116.60%

Mozambique is a southeastern African country which ranks the 11th most in debt in the world with a debt to GDP ratio of 116.60 percent. The country borders Tanzania, Malawi, The Indian Ocean, Zimbabwe, South Africa, and Swaziland. The population of this country is ranked as the 47th on the planet with a population of 31.41 million persons. Maputo is the largest city as well as the capital of Mozambique and the country is home to a diverse population.

10. Portugal – GDP: 117.54%

Portugal is the 88th ranked country on earth in terms of their population of 10.25 million. The country has been a place where people from all over the world have migrated, giving them a diverse population. Their density ranks 111th with regard to its land mass and it’s a density ranking is 95th with 111 persons for every square mile of ground. On an interesting note, Portugal as a country has been keeping demographics records since the 1400s.

9. Cape Verde – GDP: 126.66%

Cape Verde is a Western African country made up of islands just off the coast. It was once owned by the country of Portugal but gained independence in 1975. It is the ninth most indebted country in the world. The population as of 2019 is just 558,810. With regard to population it is the 172nd most populated country and has a high population density per square kilometer, ranking 89th in this regard. The majority of the population lives n rural areas with great ethnic diversity.

8. Barbados – GDP: 127.31%

The eighth most indebted country on earth is the Lesser Antilles island nation of Barbados with a debt to GDP ratio of 127.31 percent. The country is small with just 166 square miles of land mass and a population of just 287,010 persons, ranking as the 184th in population. It’s one of the most densely populated places in the world at number fifteen throughout the globe and number four in the Americas. Bridgetown is the largest city in Barbados and the population of the city is one hundred and ten thousand.

7. Eritrea – GDP :127.34%

Eritrea is an Eastern African country bordering Sudan and Ethiopia on the coast of the Red Sea. It is an archipelago nation with a total population of 5.31 million. It is number 120 in terms of population and 154 with regard to population density with an average of 112 persons for every square mile of land mass. Asmara is the capital city with an estimated 650,000 inhabitants and Keren with a population near 150,000 at the last estimate made in 2010.

6. Italy – GDP :127.51%

Italy has the sixth largest debt to GDP ratio of all countries in the world. The population is estimated at 59.22 million for 2019 making it the fourth in the most populated countries in Europe and overall in the 24th position. The density of the population in Italy depends upon which part that you’re in with the Larger metropolitan areas being the most densely populated with 197 person for every square kilometer as an average. There are a lot of immigrants in Italy and the country faces constant issues with illegal immigration. The largest city is Rome with a population of 2.8 million followed by 1.3 million in Milan and 1 million in Naples with a ranking of 4th with regard to population density in the world.

5. Lebanon – GDP :160.57%

The country of Lebanon is also known as the Lebanese Republic and it is situated in the Eastern part of the Mediterranean region. The population for 2019 is estimated at 6.07 million reflecting a rapid growth and it’s listed as the 112th in population numbers and 168 in land mass. The demographics are diverse with many different religious groups and it is number 19 in terms of world density ranking.

4. Venezuela – GDP :172.08%

The fourth most indebted country in the world is the South American nation of Venezuela. The 2019 population is estimated at 32.78 million persons making it number 44 in terms of population size. The land mass is large and the density is not quite 88 persons for every square mile of land, placing it in the 174th position for density. The country is experiencing consistently rapid growth and their population is quite diverse with African, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Arab, Italian and indigenous persons. The language spoken in teh country is officially Spanish and life expectancy is just a little under 71 for males and 77 for females with a low elderly population with those age 65 and older, however, this is expected to increase in the years to come.

3. Sudan – GDP: 176.02%

Sudan is the third most indebted country in the world with a debt to GDP ratio of 176.02 percent. The population as of 2019 is estimated to be at 42.51 million making it the 35th largest nation in the world. The Republic of Sudan is located near Egypt to the North and along the Red Sea for its coast line. Most people in Sudan live in rural areas and the country is 70 percent Arab with Nubians, Copts, Beja and a few other groups with diverse language of several hundred dialects spoken.

2. Greece – GDP: 181.78%

Greece has the second highest debt to GDP ratio. It is known as the Hellenic Republic and borders Macedonia, Turkey, Albania and Bulgaria. The population of Greece as of 2019 is estimated at 11.12 million and it’s the 85th largest of all nations in the world. The population density is approximately 212 persons per square mile making it the 120th. Greece, like some other countries is grappling with illegal immigration issues into the country.

1. Japan – GDP: 234.18%

The most indebted country in the world is Japan with a debt to GDP ratio of 234.18 percent. Japan is an Eastern Asia island nation consisting of four large islands and several small ones. The last census was taken in 2015 and the estimated 2019 population in Japan is at 126.85 million, placing it as the 11th in population size ranking with the posturing of the 40th most densely populated nation in the world.

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