20 Dangerous Tourist Destinations Where People Die the Most

Some of the most beautiful tourist destinations are also the most dangerous. Many visitors have become the victims of accidents while on vacation and some are severely injured while others have lost their lives. Most of the high risk areas bear warning signs that direct visitors to stay back from ledges but not all supply these warnings. Unfortunate, though they are, tragedies do happen while people are having a good time. We’ve looked into the incidences of tourist fatalities and discovered that there are places where only the most daring of adventure seekers travel. Here are 20 tourist destinations where people die the most.

1. Black Cat and Kokoda Trails, Papua New Guinea

Papua, New Guinea is the home of the Kodoka and Black Cat Trails which draw tourists and hiking enthusiasts from around the world. Those who enjoy the challenge of conquering the sixty miles of trails in hot and unforgiving terrain that is infested with leeches and other predators face a series of obstacles to overcome. They must complete the journey in the allotted time of six days walking, climbing and swimming in order to do so. The treat of illness and injury is ever present, but in September of 2013, a group of people were attacked by marauders who were carrying machetes and the aftermath of the attack left seven seriously injured and two dead.

2. Yosemite Half Dome, Yosemite, California

One of the deadliest destinations in the United States is the area that is home to the Half Dome in the Yosemite National Park. A portion of the dome has been nicknamed the death slabs because they are slick even when they are dry. Hundreds climb the trail which ends in a deadly steep grade leading to the half dome and special climbing equipment is required to even get up to that point. Although millions of visitors have made the climb up to the landmark annually, the records show that approximately 60 people have lost their lives due to accidents attempting to complete the climb.

3. Mt. Everest, Nepal

Climbers from around the world sign up to climb Mt. Everest annually. This is one of the deadliest tourist attractions on the planet. People who attempt the climb are injured or die from altitude sickness because of the height of the terrain, from falls and some have frozen to death. The number of deaths which have been recorded to date are almost 300, counting the five who died in 2018.

4. Pamplona, Spain for the Running of the Bulls

The city of Pamplona in Spain receives thousands of visitors who sign up to participate in the famed Running of the Bulls event. Several people who have been seriously injured by trampling and being gored by the animals. It’s definitely up there as one of the most dangerous destinations in the world, although just 16 people have reportedly lost their lives since the event was established in 1910 to the present.

5. Istanbul, Turkey

The city of Istanbul, Turkey which is the old Constantinople, is one of the most dangerous travel destinations on our list. It was once a place where cruise ships carrying passengers from around the world stopped to see the popular tourist attractions and catch a few shows and wonderful meals at five star hotels, but due to the threats of terrorism, ships have changed their itineraries to avoid Turkish ports altogether. Well over 200 people have been killed in the past few years, making this a place that many tourists now avoid, but some still take their chances.

6. San Pedro Sula, Honduras

The Central American country of Honduras is one of the loveliest with breathtaking scenery and it draws tourists from around the world, but those who go are taking their lives in their hands. Honduras is one of the countries for which a travel alert has been issued because of the high incidences of crime. Diseases such as the Zika virus are concerns but the worst thing to fear is the violence which has recently occurred there. In the city of San Pedro Sula, the average murder rate is more than three per day with 169 per 100,000 in the population, making it one of the most violent and dangerous destinations on earth.

7. Volcano National Park, Hawaii

If you’re thinking about going to Hawaii and signing up for a volcano tour, you’d better think twice. There have been 40 recorded deaths from this excursion and the biggest risks are bicyclists who have lost control and plummeted into the hot lava flows, as well as exposure to deadly gases which are released into the air containing carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide and hydrochloric acid, any of which are deadly on their own, but they’re combined.

8. Cliffs of Moher, County Clare, Ireland

When visiting the country of Ireland in County Clare, one of the biggest tourist attractions are the Cliffs of Moher. The landscape is among the most beautiful in the world but the breathtaking scenery comes with a dark history and dangers all visitors should be aware of. Th cliffs are uneven and when there is the smallest amount of moisture in the air and on the ground, the cliff areas become slick. Slick uneven rocks on steep terrain are features of the cliffs which overlook the ocean turf which is often quite turbulent. This is the perfect recipe for disaster. Not only are the Cliffs a popular place for suicides, the strong winds and other environmental factors have caused several falls with grave injuries and many deaths.

9. The Colorado River, Multiple states in the United States

The Colorado River is a popular destination for those who enjoy white water rafting, swimming and other water sports. While it offers some great challenges for experienced rafters, there have been a high number of deaths on the river due to drowning. When the spring melt causes the river to swell and become more turbulent it may make for a more exciting ride, but the risk and danger factors also increase dramatically. As many as fifteen people have died of drowning in the river in a single year.

10. Mont Blanc, Chamonix

Mont Blanc is the highest peak in the Alps mountain range. It draws droves of mountain climbers in every year. It is estimated that approximately thirty thousand visitors try to make the climb annually. It’s famed as the highest mountain peak in all of Europe and this represents a challenge for climbing enthusiasts, but of the thousands who attempt to reach the summit of the mountain, many have died from avalanches, falls and cold weather with approximately 100 deaths occurring each year.

11. Death Valley National Park, United States

The Death Valley National Park is another popular tourist attraction that draws visitors from all over the world to view the unique rock formations and the other breathtaking features of the desert oasis. Death Valley has earned the reputation for being the hottest region on the face of the earth and while it’s a haven for photographers, the high daytime temperatures are responsible for multiple tourist deaths each year from heat exhaustion and exposure to the elements.

12. Eagles Nest Cave, Florida, USA

This destination is one of those places that tourists have on their list of things to do before they die. The attraction appears to be soothing and tranquil adn the underwater cave draws thousands who seek to take on the challenge of a 300 feet dive through the cave. What many people do not realize is that the cave diving is one of the most dangerous things that you can do because it is actually a sink hole. There have been a minimum of a dozen drowning deaths associated with cave diving at Eagles Nest Cave.

13. Grand Canyon

The Gran Canyon has long been a popular travel destination for tourists from across the globe. It’s one of the most beautiful natural wonders in the world and millions come to view the canyon and go on tours and excursions annually. There have been hundreds of deaths associated with this destination including drownings from swimming in the river as well as from flash flooding events, falls, environmental accidents, aircraft crashes, homicides and a couple of dozen freak accidents for a total of almost 600 deaths in recorded history.

14. Hanakapiai Beach, Hawaii

This is a beautiful beach but it’s not a place that you’ll want to go if you’re planning on swimming or water sports. When you first enter the beach there is a warning sign that tells all visitors to avoid going near the water. It has been reported that there have been more than 80 deaths at this destination due to the high tides, rip currents and violent waves.

15. Maroon Bell Mountains, Aspen, Colorado

The Maroon Bell Mountains region is a popular destination for seasoned hikers who enjoy a hearty challenge. The trails are extremely dangerous due to falling rocks and the steepness of the trek. It has even been nicknamed Deadly Bells. There have been several injuries and deaths on the trails and it’s not the kind of hike that you should attempt unless you are a seasoned hiker.

16. Mogadishu, Somalia

Mogadishu is high on the list of travel alerts and it’s one of the most dangerous cities on the face of the earth. Although it was once of popular tourist destination, it has lost that distinction. Th greatest angers for travelers in Mogadishu, Somalia are from pirates, violent terrorist cells and the civil war which has plagued the locals for decades. The risks of being killed or kidnapped for ransom in Somalia are extremely high.

17. Yungas “Death” Road Bolivia

The Yungas Death Road is one of the most dangerous destinations on the face of the earth. The road is even frightening to look at in pictures, let alone walk down it, or worse yet, ride a bike. The terrain is steep and the road runs along a series of high cliffs. It has been designated as the most dangerous road in the world with hundreds of drivers dying on the road annually as well as bicyclist fatalities.

18. Angel’s Landing – Zion National Park, Utah

Angel’s Landing is another hiking path that is quite narrow. It’s not for the faint of heart as the trail snakes over high terrain with drop offs of a thousand feet on both sides. Your balance has to be very good to make it over some of the nastier and more dangerous portions of the path. It’s recommended as a destination to avoid for hikers because six hikers have died attempting to navigate the course.

19. Cancun, Mexico

It was reported that there were a total of 14 people killed in less than two days in the city of Cancun, Mexico. While this is an extremely popular tourist destination, the violence in the city has become so prevalent that it’s probably not worth taking the risk of becoming a victim. The official news report attested that the murder victims were found in tourist attractions within the city, so it appears that there are really no safe places to be.

20. Praia De Boa Viagem

Praia De Boa Viagm is a beautiful destination with ideal weather, sandy beaches and it’s close enough to the city to enjoy nighttime fun and entertainment. It has all of the earmarks for making the perfect vacatin locale, except for the killer sharks. It’s also one of the most dangerous areas in all of Brazil for fatal shark attacks.

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