A Closer Look at Royal Huisman’s DART65 Motor Yacht


Legendary Dutch shipyard Royal Huisman upped its game in 2013 when it unveiled its DART motor yacht and sailing yachts. Each 262 foot long vessel was impressive, and it set the stage for the brand to take their design and naval engineering in a modern direction. The quality of Royal Huisman yachts has always been among the best, but the DART series integrates artful beauty and incomparable luxury. Now, the brand has announced a new concept for the line, the DART65.

Here’s a closer look at how this project is unfolding.

The DART65 Concept

The goal when designing the DART65 motor yacht was to have it look different than any other ship in its class. Judging by the concept drawings that have been released, Royal Huisman has definitely hit the mark on that goal. The vessel is elegant, refined, and sports an exterior that’s a refreshing twist on the mainstream yacht. Everything about the exterior is eye catching, and it perfectly foreshadows the amount of opulence and luxury that awaits guests on the inside.

It can be said that most megayachts are like miniature resorts at sea because of the number of comforts and luxuries that they contain, but DART65 aims to take that concept to another level. It won’t just have a lot of water toys, plush areas, and fun entertainment, it truly looks like the ultimate entertaining space that just so happens to be a world class yacht. Just as an upscale hotel would boast a fabulous exterior facade, so does the DART65 motor yacht.

Winch Design, the London based firm, is responsible for cultivating the aesthetic of the ship’s exterior. A graceful arc line and reverse bow are just a couple of DART65’s highlights. The design for the ship also incorporates some of the elements that make Royal Huisman’s DART80 such a stand out, including its stepped aft deck, beautifully sloped transom, and raised pilothouse. To come up with precise calculations to complete the concept model, Winch Design worked with the esteemed firm Azure Naval Architects.



A ship with the proportions, features, and technology seen in the DART65 motor yacht requires an equally impressive ship yard to build it out. This is why the vessel isn’t a mere concept that has a small chance of coming to fruition — it’s a full fledged project that will soon be completed in Royal Huisman’s state of the art facility.

Royal Huisman’s shipyard in Ronduite, The Netherlands contains an enormous 30,000 square meters of space. The facility has a total of three building sheds, which is where the actual construction of their fleet takes place. Custom and semi-custom yachts are also created there and crafted to perfection before launch. DART65 will eventually go through the shipyard’s paint shed to get its stunning look, and on-site is another shed made just for refitting and restoring yachts, which Royal Huisman famously did with the historical yacht Endeavour.

Because of the facility’s size, Royal Huisman can not only handle the building of vessels the size of DART65, but those that are even larger. The biggest ship built there to date is the award winning Athena, which measures over 295 feet long and has a beam more than 40 feet tall.

Expected Performance

DART65 hasn’t launched yet, but because of the precise engineering and calculations made thus far, it’s not difficult to estimate how well it will perform. Royal Huisman didn’t just want to create a yacht that looks great, power and efficiency were also important factors. The 213 foot long DART65 motor yacht is expected to have a range of 4,000 nautical miles when sailing along at its cruising speed. It will have a steel hull, aluminum superstructure, and two MTU 16V2000 M72 main engines to power it at sea. The ship is expected to have a cruising speed of 14 knots and a top speed of 17.5 knots.

Amenities and Entertainment


The DART65 motor yacht design includes three decks, each with a bevy of entertainment, smart storage, and spaces for lounging and relaxing. On the main deck is the largest lounge complete with custom designed furnishings and a modern look — it’s essentially meant to serve as an onboard beach setting. A large pool is also prominently on display in the concept drawings of the main deck. Floor to ceiling panels of crystal clear glass will flank the lounge on this level of the ship, providing great views and a more spacious and open feeling.

When it’s time to dine, guests aboard DART65 will be able to head to the grand dining area or hang out at the main deck’s bar. The foredeck was built to offer additional space for sunbathing and enjoying the yacht’s Jacuzzi tub in privacy. Underneath the foredeck is a tender to store a wide variety of gear and water toys.

The sundeck will come with the option to include a carbon fiber hardtop that can slide over and cover it, making the DART65 motor yacht a versatile ship suitable for a wide range of locations and seasons. Other amenities onboard will include a rejuvenating spa, fully equipped gym and workout center, and a cinema that would rival those on land.

Owners will have the option of specifying the arrangement they’d prefer for their yacht’s floor plan, and DART65 will also be available in a range of different hull colors. These semi-custom options make the vessel even more luxurious and exclusive.

Luxurious Accommodation


One of the most lavish parts of the DART65 motor yacht’s interior is its guest suites. Because of its incredible sleeping quarters, owners of the yacht can use it to cruise for weeks at a time, host amazing events and parties, or rent it out for charter. The owners suite, which will be located on the ship’s main deck, is a full-beam masterpiece with a spacious private bathroom, formal dressing area, and incredible panoramic views. The other staterooms look just as impressive and there are six in all, giving the yacht the ability to host up to 12 passengers. In addition, there are enough cabins to accommodate up to 16 crew members.

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