A Closer Look at the De Bethune DB25 Perpetual Calendar Green Watch

De Bethune DB25 Perpetual Calendar Green Watch

De Bethune recently launched a new series, The DB25 Perpetual Calendar Green Watch, which has a green guilloche dial in a grade 5 titanium frame. The watch is transforming the modern-day watch designs with its precision and accuracy. It is a modern improvement with an upgraded silicon escape wheel that is unresponsive to magnetic wheels.

The History of De Bethune

De Bethune is a luxurious Swiss watch company opened in 2002 by David Zanetta and Denis Flageolet. David and Denis both worked at THA. David was part of the team involved in re-launching L. Leroy in 1998. They both resigned from their work, and together they joined hands and formed De Bethune, intending to revolutionize the watch industry. De Bethune watches are famous for their high-quality materials and epic designs. The watches are a pioneer work in silicon balance springs that enhance accuracy and shock protection. According to Ablogwatch, in 2017, a private company owned by Giovanni Perin purchased De Bethune with Pierre Jacques as the CEO. Jacques is a competent CEO with over four years of experience, and his expertise gave the brand much-needed stability and continuity. Denis Flageolet is still a significant shareholder in the company, but unfortunately, David surrendered all his shares.

The De Bethune DB25 Perpetual Calendar Green Watch

It is pretty hard to describe the DB25 Perpetual Calendar Green Watch because it is everything in one watch which makes it easy to use various simple superlative descriptive words. The level of detail accorded to the watch is mind-boggling, and a few can only fathom it. It is an independent and innovative masterpiece that combines traditional watchmaking skills and modern-day technological advancements. The watch has a distinct style that, in simple terms, is split into two. There is the DB25 range which has the classical and traditional side, and the DB25 Perpetual Calendar Green which will be showcased during the Dubai Watch Week. The De Bethune DB25 Perpetual Calendar Green Watch is green, and it is made following the principles of the current design by De Bethune. There are other previous designs by the same company like anthracite, silver, salmon pink dials; rose, white, platinum, and gold cases. The new debut version adds a little spice to the watch with the new color and a titanium case which measures 44 millimeters in diameter and a height of 11.1 mm. It also comes with hollow fit lugs standard in all DB25 models. The front part has sapphire crystals which are also present on the dial, movement, and the back cover. The dial of the watch is something to die for. It has a unique olive green color which is a similar color to DB27 Titan Hawk. The middle section dial has a hand-applied guilloche décor divided into twelve sections. The dial has an outside area with second guilloche decoration and a bent hand track that merges the two sides. The scales and the Roman numerals of the watch have a silver tone. The hand dial is made of polished steel, and it only indicates hours and minutes.

Essential Information

The watch has an olive green dial and a well-designed case. The dial is unique because it has two sides, the date and moon phase. It is also integrated with a leap year indication aligned vertically and the moon phase endowed with stars like the rest of the De Bethune watches. The watch has both hours and minutes display. The designer ensured the watch displays the day of the week and month, which you can see on two apertures at the three and nine o’clock. The moon phase has a 3D display equivalent to one lunar day that happens every 122 years. It is a purer form of modern-day innovation. There is still more to come. There are predictions that future innovations will have more creative arts that focus on developing the state rather than functionality.

Availability and Price

The DB25 Watch is available and comes with a green textile strap and a polished titanium buckle. The watch will be showcased at the famous Dubai Watch Week with a limited production, often watches a year. You can buy the watch from De Bethune’s official retailers. According to Monochrome, the current price tag is CHF 125,000, excluding tax.

Technical Specifications- De Bethune DB25

According to Debethune, the technical specifications are:

  • Case: has the following characteristics; refined grade 5 titanium, a height of 11.1mm, and a diameter of 44mm. It is also made from the sapphire crystal on the back, with 30m water resistance. The sapphire crystal has a thick anti-reflective coating. It also has cohesive, hollow lugs.
  • Dial: The hour and minute hand is a green dial decorated with applied guilloche. It is raised and slightly bent with a curved mirror from polished steel. The date display is adjacent to the 6 o’clock mark. It also has apertures you can use to set the day of the week, month, and a provision indicating a leap year. There is an image of the full moon representing one lunar day equivalent to 122 years.
  • Movement: it is automatic with an in-house winding system of caliber DB2324 35mm in diameter, 47 jewels, and 425 components. The winding wheel is made from titanium and white gold.
  • Strap: consists of polished titanium buckle, cognac brown leather, and green textile
  • Reference number: DB25QPATUIS4
  • Price: CHF 125,000
  • Production: ten pieces per year


DB25 Perpetual Green Watch is a great watch to own. I love the olive green color because it is unique, and it can be a great conversation starter with strangers. The design is simple, making it one of the best-looking watches. The space on the dial is something that everyone loves because it has two sides, the date and moon phase. It is also integrated with a leap year indication aligned vertically and the moon phase endowed with stars like the rest of the De Bethune watches.

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