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De Bethune

Watches are among the most popular accessories that feature in the wardrobes of many fashionistas. They are versatile wrist pieces that serve as time-tellers and style statements. There are several watchmakers and most come with uniqueness to stand out from others. One of the unique watch brands you may come across is De Bethune. According to this brand’s website, it is an independent Swiss watchmaker, which focuses on research and development of unique chronographs with the 18th-century inspirations. It has the De Bethune DB28XP model, which is an excellent work of art. Should you want to get the DB28XP model, here are ten things you need to know about it.

1. It Marks the Tenth Anniversary of the DB28 Family

De Bethune has been around for almost 18 years, a period characterized by various innovations and patents on watch parts. This brand has also come up with multiple watches, which have distinct designs. In 2010, it expanded its artistic freedom and came up with the DB28 model of watches. Under this model, there are many watches, which utilize a futuristic design to make them visible. To commemorate a decade since the inception of the DB28 model, the company released the DB28XP and two other watches.

2. The Artistry in the Wrist Piece

When you look at the De Bethune DB28XP, your attention will be drawn to the immense artistry dedicated to it. The watch looks like a hybrid of two different generations, with both steampunk and cyberpunk undertones. The casing borrows from the 19th to 20th-century clock craftsmanship, evident by the pocket clock inspiration in the crown above the 12 o’clock mark. The dial has a futuristic look, similar to something that will be the norm, centuries to come.

3. The Touch of Simplicity

A timepiece with a simple design is one the best as a fashion accessory as it becomes a versatile style complement. The DB28XP has the essence of simplicity, despite being artistically diverse. This attribute is present on the casing, where its outline is not extravagant. The same applies to the strap, which is as simple as it comes.

4. The Strap

Talking about the strap, this is one of the most overlooked parts of a watch. It is a vital part, which determines the situation you can don the time-telling accessory. The strap of this De Bethune model is all alligator The upper part is extra supple alligator leathercraft, while the inner layer is alligator lining. It is a comfy material that ensures you do not get pressure marks when you wear it is on your wrist.

5. The Versatility Aspect

This timepiece is a worthy contender for the price of the most versatile watch. Its adaptability comes to play due to its design which makes it a unisex watch. Men can wear it comfortably, the same to ladies, more so the ones who are experimental when it comes to fashion. Its dark bands also contribute to its wide variance in use as you may have it as part of formal wear and stick to it as a casual style accessory. While it does not have features of a sports watch, its durability makes it a nice piece to bring to outdoor activities.

6. DB28XP’S Durability

Among the factors you need to consider when getting a wristwatch is its longevity. It is a crucial element that ensures you do not incur repair or replacement costs. The new De Bethune accessory is very durable courtesy of its polished titanium build. Titanium features prominently from the case to the dial and gives the watch an essence of sturdiness, less prone to impact and corrosion. The polishing gives it an air of radiance. It is also water-resistant up to 3 atmospheres, with its sapphire crystal being scratch-proof. Its patented Triple Pare-Chute shock-absorbing system comes to play in case of impact and ensures your watch is intact.

7. Focus on the Display

If you want a timepiece mainly for fashion purposes, then you put more focus on its display area. According to Monochrome, the wrist accessory features a redesigned case which is quite thin, with a more pronounced curvature. The dial is the IT factor of this artwork, sporting triangular central bridge guards, which have straight-grained chamfered contours. The bridge guards give it a futuristic look. The hands are another attraction and are also made of titanium, with polished blue inserts. The sapphire crystal adds some radiance to the timepiece and is an excellent complement to the shiny case.

8. It Is A Comfortable Wrist Piece

When you put on this De Bethune time-teller, you will notice the comfort it provides you. The bands feel natural to the skin due to the smooth lining. It eliminates the pressure mark menace, which can make your wrist itchy. The curvature angle allows the case to rest in synch with your arm, doing away with the pinching effect common with sharp-edged wrist accessories. Its light weight prevents arm strain and improves its overall coziness.

9. Technical Specifications

Some of the technical specs of the DB28XP include hours and minutes functionality and a mechanical hand-wound movement. To set the time, you adjust the crown, which sets both minutes and hours. It has a six-day power reserve, courtesy of De Bethune’s patented self-regulating twin barrel.

10. Pricing

The DB28XP model is already out, and it can be yours if you part with $79000. The price tag looks steep, however, when you look at how unique the wrist piece is, then you know you have a good bargain on your hands.


If you are a style-conscious person, you have an idea of how vital a timepiece is as a fashion component. This article looks at one of the most sophisticated watches, the De Bethune DB28XP. Its release, together with two other chronometers marks the 10th anniversary of the DB28 model.It is a versatile and comfy watch that you should get to add some color to your fad.

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