A Closer Look at the Doppelgänger NGC-42 Watch

Doppelgänger NGC-42 Watch

The Doppelganger NGC-42 watch is the first model made by Austrian watch manufacturer, Doppelganger. NGC-42 gets its name from the New General Catalog of Nebulae and Clusters of Stars (NGC). NGC is a catalog of deep-sky objects compiled by John Louis in 1888. According to Space Wiki, NGC is one of the largest comprehensive catalogs since it contains 7,840 objects. This watch not only borrowed its name, but its design mimics celestial bodies. For instance, the double orbital indicators move like celestial bodies since they orbit a central dial unit. The double orbital indicators show the hours and minutes on a non-linear scale. Thanks to the flying tourbillon and a random pulse control, the double orbital indicators are able to move. Below, we explore what it offers in terms of functionality.


A tourbillon is a mechanism that continually rotates the balance spring, balance wheel, and escapement while its movement runs. Its main role is to increase the watch’s accuracy by blocking the effect of Earth’s gravity or magnetism on the balance wheel and spring. To accurately do that, the tourbillon of this watch is made up of 53 components. All the watch’s internal components are magnetic, so they need to be safe from magnetism. Magnetism causes the balance spring to cling to itself, which reduces its length. As a result, the watch begins to gain or lose time suddenly. Sometimes, the balance spring may fail to uncoil by itself, and you would need to take it for repair. Tourbillons assure you high levels of accuracy. The only drawback is that it is expensive, hence making the entire watch expensive. However, it boils down to what you value most in a watch. It is rather frustrating to keep winding your watch when it gains or loses time. So, if you do not want any of that trouble, getting this watch would be the best thing to do.

Night Vision

In the past, some watches could not allow you to view time in the dark. That was because they lacked luminescence, so watchmakers likely hadn’t discovered it. Thankfully, this watch allows you to read the time in the dark since it uses a luminous material called Swiss Super-Luminova. To further make it easy to read time, the hour and minute scales have different lengths and widths. The difference in their dimensions is to avoid any confusion when reading time since they share the same luminescence color. Swiss Super-Luminova is a luminous material that is non-radioactive, resistant to environmental influences, and resistant to high temperatures. Due to these properties, the material will not react and cause damage to this watch. Another admirable thing about this luminescence is its durability. According to Alexander Watch, it lasts for long since it cannot decay, fade or age.

Glass Material

The glass material for this watch is sapphire, which has been treated with an anti-reflective coating. Without the anti-reflective coating, you would not see the time due to the glare from so much reflection. As a result, you would be squinting each time you wanted to see the time. Therefore, to eliminate the glare, the coating disperses the light rays from the sun. Sapphire is the preferred material for most watches due to its hardness. It is the second hardest mineral after diamond. Its hardness, therefore, helps it to withstand cracks or scratches. So, even if you were to drop the watch from a high point, you can be sure that the glass will remain intact.

Water Resistance

Water resistance has been a difficult concept to understand for a while. There are occasions when people swam with a watch and got ruined, despite the company claiming it is water-resistant. Remember, there are different levels of water resistance. Some can only withstand water that spills on them when hand washing, and others can withstand water from a swimming pool. Since this watch has a water resistance of 30 meters, we will unpack what that means. There has always been trouble understanding what a water resistance of 30 meters means. Most people assume that you can swim with it until 30 meters underwater. However, according to IJL, you are not allowed to reach anywhere near 30 meters. Instead, it can withstand pressure equal to 30 meters deep. The assumption here is that the water at 30 meters is still, which is unlikely. So, this watch can only withstand water from rain showers or handwashing. It is therefore not recommended for you to dive or swim with it.

Bracelet Strap

Its strap is made from rubber. It is no secret that few people consider rubber an attractive material. Typically, they will opt for watches with leather or metal straps. Believe it or not, rubber straps are very advantageous. First, it is comfortable to wear. Rubber can take the form of your wrist. As a result, the rubber strap will not feel loose or too tight on your wrist. Besides clinging to your wrist, you can easily adjust the strap by twisting it rather than having to loosen the entire watch. Although leather straps are durable, rubber straps are more durable. For example, you can bend the rubber strap without worrying about snapping it or permanently altering its shape. Lastly, rubber is easy to clean. When dirt lands on rubber, it will neither dry up nor be absorbed. Instead, it will stay on top of it, and you can flick it off.


There was a time when people thought that people would stop wearing wristwatches due to the emergence of smartphones. However, with watches like the Doppelganger NGC-42 model, it is hard to stop wearing watches. First, it is because of its aesthetics. The company was able to reference space through its design creatively. Since more watchmakers are becoming creative with their designs, it will be hard for people to stop wearing them. Another reason to care about this watch is its accuracy. Constantly winding a watch is not something most people like doing. Otherwise, they could use their smartphones which hardly lose time. However, with its tourbillon, the watch will continually give accurate readings.

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