A Closer Look at the The Doxa Sub 200 Whitepearl

Doxa Sub 200 Whitepearl

Doxa has announced the debut of its most recent release, the Sub 200 Whitepearl. It’s early in the game with the watch has recently become available for purchase for 2021 and we have the details that are likely to incite a sense of excitement for those who are ready for a summer-themed white version from a brand known for its artistic expressions with color. The new Doxa Sub 200 Whitepearl was unveiled two years ago at Baselworld 2019 and tantalized those who are fond of white and black color schemes. It’s a timepiece that deserves more than a casual glance.

What is the Doxa Sub 200 Whitepearl?

The Doxa family of diver’s watches has a strong history with six other iterations including two branches of the family. Preceding the Whitepearl for 2021, are the Sub 200 predecessors and the Sub 300 watches. Others became popular because of their vibrant color schemes, however, Doxa has taken the color white and made it just as exceptional from a visual perspective. According to Hodinkee, Doxa has made this timepiece an entry-level model dive watch, hence the designation Sub 200 in the title. It features water resistance up to 200 meters or 656 feet. Uniquely, the watch is offered in an all-white version with crisp black contrasts that only enhance legibility. The unique sizing for a diver’s watch could be construed as a men’s to a woman’s watch, placing it firmly in the category of unisex.

A closer look at the Doxa Sub 200 Whitepearl

Like its predecessor from 2020, the Sub 200 Professional, it is offered with a case made of stainless steel in a width of 42 mm and a depth of 14 mm. The case back is also made of stainless steel with a screw-down crown that enhances water resistance. The lens covering the dial is a sapphire crystal that is resistant to scratching. The dial features an attractive white background offering a crisp aesthetic that provides an amazing backdrop for the luminous black hands and outlines for the markers. The white bezel matches the patterns and colors of the dial. The luminous coating enhances legibility in conditions of low light or darkness to make the watch highly readable in all lighting environments. We love the chunky hands in black with white cutouts. The white cube on the black needle-style second’s hand is also a nice touch.

The movement of the Sub 200 Whitepearl

The movement of the Sub 200 is an ETA 2824-2 caliber Swiss-made automatic, self-winding type, known for its easy-to-service features and reliability. It beats at a frequency of 28,800 vph, or 4.0 Hz, with 25 jewels, decorated by Doxa with a power reserve of 38 hours. Functions of the timepiece include hours, minutes, seconds, and date.

Other notable features of the Doxa Sub 200 Whitepearl

Doxa watches further reveals that the case back is a screw-down type for enhanced resistance to water damage. The crown features the engravement of an art deco-style fish image to further indicate its status as a diver’s watch. The materials for the case, bezel, crown, and case back are premium quality 316L stainless steel, which further increases the overall value and durability of the Sub 200 Whitepearl. It’s well-built and suitable for use in snorkeling or participating in water sports but would likely have issues in deep-sea diving. It’s ideal for shallow diving and recreational water activities.

The strap of the Sub 200 Whitepearl

The Whitepearl comes in a choice of two strap options. The first is a stainless steel version in a rice pattern that is one of the dressiest versions we’ve seen. The other option for water dogs and those who plan to test the waterproofing is a rubber strap.

Pricing and availability of the Doxa Sub 200 Whitepearl

Worn and Wound reveals a moderate price that starts at $950 for the version of the Sub 200 Whitepearl with a rubber strap option, and $990 for the rice style metal bracelet.

Overall impressions

We immediately concluded that the Doxa Sub 200 Whitepearl is an entry-level diver’s watch that is suitable for men and women thanks to its moderately sized dial width. It’s an attractive and highly stylish model that is suitable for business casual or dressier occasions, yet it also has a sporty aesthetic that makes it appropriate for everyday use. These factors culminate to give it a versatile character and presentation that is multifaceted. All good things that give it high marks in our opinions. Even if you’re not a fan of all-white watches, Doxa has put this version over with style and finesse. There’s something special about its understated qualities that use just the right balance of simple embellishments such as the fish on the crown, without taking it over the top. For the reputation of the brand and the price, it’s a decent value for an entry-level luxury diver’s watch that has so much to offer.

Final thoughts

Doxa is best known for its use of vibrant colors. It produced the Whitepearl colorway offering a more toned-down and sophisticated The Doxa brand further suggests innovation and quality in materials and the workmanship. The brand has a strong reputation in the watchmaking community. We can’t help but like this model a lot. It’s the seventh such product that Doxa has offered in the Sub line, and the Whitepearl took the color white to new levels with its indicators and hands in black. Every aspect of this watch has been executed in moderation, including the overall styling, the features, and even the price for a luxury timepiece. It’s one of those rare models that emerge with a high potential for becoming an instant classic. We expect this entry-level diver to become an important model in the history of the brand, as an affordable, yet valuable part of the Doxa diver family of timepieces.

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