10 Things You Didn’t Know about Druva CEO Jaspreet Singh

Druva CEO, Jaspreet Singh.

2019 was an excellent year for many startup companies in India. During this year, more than seven startup companies emerged as leading companies in the technology sector. These startups were mainly firms that dealt with the provision of Software-as-a-Service. They include; Zoho, Druva, Icertis and Freshworks. Focusing on Druva, it is a technology company that has grown to be a leader in the industry, under the brilliant leadership of its CEO, Jaspreet Singh. Since its inception in 2007 to date, the company has expanded immensely. It is currently valued at more than a billion dollars. As the CEO of Druva, Jaspreet is responsible for providing leadership and vision for the company. Currently, Druva is the only company that deals in Data Management -as-a-Service. Besides working at Druva, here are 10 things you probably didn’t know about Jaspreet Singh.

1. Career

Jaspreet first started working in 2004, as a software Engineer working at Ensim India Private Company. He worked there for a year before joining Veritas Company. At Veritas, Jaspreet Singh was involved in the development of Clustering File Systems and Next-Gen File systems. He worked here for two years before quitting to found his company, Druva, in 2007. He found it alongside his friends, Milind Borate and Ramani Kothandaraman. According to Inc42 magazine, Druva concentrated on building high-end software products. However, these products never sold in the market as many clients questioned their reliability.

Jaspreet Singh decided then to scale down his operations and focus on building an enterprise system. He made great software and eventually landed NASA as the company’s first client. Landing NASA as a client was huge, and it enabled this startup get more clients. As of now, Druva has more than seven hundred employees. The company also has offices spread in three continents.

2. Education

Jaspreet attended the Indian Institute of Technology and graduated with a degree in computer science, in 2004. He started developing software while he was still in the University. Although he never made money from the software he created, he says that the skills he acquired at this institute made him the person he is today.

3. He is Multilingual

Jaspreet Singh speaks four languages fluently. These languages are; English, Hindi, Spanish and Punjab.

4. His Inspiration

In an interview with the Enterprise Times, Jaspreet Singh talks about what inspires him on a day to day basis. He says that the life of Steve Jobs teaches him a thing or two about business. He goes on to say that Steve Jobs is the equivalent of a modern-day Picasso and is an inspiration because he never stopped chasing perfection. To date, Jaspreet still regards Steve as the best critical thinker in the world.

5. Inventions

According to Justia Patents, Jaspreet has filed more than two hundred patent rights to cover his designs. Some of his inventions include the following;

  • Method and system for choosing advertisements to minimize ad fatigue
  • Testing system for lid-less integrated circuit packages
  • Remote assistance for managed mobile devices

6. Favorite Books

Apart from running his business, Jaspreet Singh loves reading motivational books. One of his favourite books is Leading by Alex Ferguson, a renowned soccer coach responsible for winning many trophies for Manchester United. Jaspreet says that he likes the book because Alex Ferguson talks about how he was able to coach high-profile soccer players successfully. He also says that the book is an instruction manual to future CEOs on the importance of self-courage. Besides Ferguson’s book, Jaspreet also lists The Art of Thinking Clearly by Rolf Dobelli as a favourite.

7. Favourite Movies

In an interview with BW, Jaspreet Singh says that he loved the Matrix movies. Additionally, he says that he resonates with the character of Morpheus in the film. According to him, Morpheus is a leader who pushes people to achieve their full potential. He sees this trait in himself and that why Matrix is one of his favourite movies. Apart from Matrix, Jaspreet is also intrigued by The Shawshank Redemption. He says that he is still unsure of the best movie between the two as he loves them equally.

8. Family

Jaspreet Singh is a very private person. There is no information about his family on his website or even on his social media pages. Despite the lack of information, Jaspreet revealed, in an interview, that he is married and that his wife is one of his confidants. In the interview with the Enterprise Times Jason jokes that he has gained over fifteen pounds and that his wife has given him an ultimatum to lose weight.

9. Favourite Actors

Jaspreet best actors are Tom Hanks and Johnny Depp. He hopes that one day his story will be featured in Hollywood movies. Also, he is hoping that either of these celebrities will play the role of Jaspreet Singh in the movie. He is very much eager to see how they would portray him.

10. Achievements

As the CEO of Druva, Jaspreet has led the company to be among the leading companies in the technology sector worldwide. Jasper says that the growth of Druva is his most significant achievement to date. Besides this, Jaspreet was recognized as the entrepreneur of the year by the EY Entrepreneur of the Year program. This program recognizes entrepreneurs who have demonstrated exceptional leadership and entrepreneurial skills in the industry. This accolade is one of the most distinguished awards for an entrepreneur.


Since the founding of Druva, Jaspreet has been responsible for the continuous growth of the company. He has overseen the company’s rapid expansion from one office, to the firm expanding to three continents. Additionally, his inventions have transformed the technology sector as many companies rely on his technology to improve accessibility to their critical data. Currently, Druva has more than four thousand clients. Most of these clients are global organizations. For Jaspreet, this is just a culmination of hard work after a decade of building his empire.

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