Five Gorgeous Easter Escapes in the Caribbean

It’s true that there is a place in the Caribbean tailored to every taste. Nature lovers, water sports enthusiasts, wedding couples, exploring families, and photographers love the diversity that the Caribbean offers. There are literally hundreds of places to stay over the Easter week vacation period, but for those who are seeking something extraordinary, there is much more. With some planning and luck, these five are gorgeous spots to dream over.

1. Necker Island, British Virgin Islands

Sir Richard Branson visited the island in 1978. He first heard about the island when he was only 27 years old at the time. He was chasing his love, Joan, so he pretended that he wanted to buy an island. He arranged with an estate agent to visit the island by helicopter. When he first saw the island from the air, he put in an extremely low offer for it. He knew it would cost millions to develop. Using the resources from his successful record company, Sir Branson transformed the island.

Nothing was there at first, but now, he can welcome 40 guests at a time in several villas. Royalty, industry greats, famous entertainers, and great thinkers all spend time on Necker Island. Species which used to exist all around the British Virgin Islands have been re-introduced on the island. The island is almost carbon neutral now. Guests coming to the island are encouraged to pack school and medical supplies in their luggage to support local families in need with Pack for a Purpose. Visitors are encouraged to dress for tropical heat and beachwear is welcomed all around the island.
Necker Island is a Virgin Limited Edition offering. The rates for 2019 Celebration Weeks; selected weeks when it is possible to reserve a room as a couple or individual, depend on the lodging.

The specific dates for February and March, are varied, as are the available nights. The Great House Rooms, Bali Houses, and Leha Lo are priced at US $5,000, based on two people sharing a room per night with a minimum 2-night stay. The Great House Master Suite is $7,500. Reservations and rates for July, August, September and October are based on two people sharing a room for seven nights. Then, the Great House Rooms, Bali House, and Leha Lo are priced at $35,000 and the Great House Master Suite is $52,500. It’s also possible to rent the entire island at different times of the year.

The rates include pretty much everything. There are infinity pools, hot tubs, swim-up bars, tennis courts and professional coaching, kite surfing, wakeboarding, a gym, wildlife to see, sail boats, snorkeling, beaches, and all food and beverages are included. Reservation agents in New York and London are available to help plan stays via phone or email.

2. Jade Mountain, St. Lucia

St. Lucia offers incredibly beautiful sunsets, waterfalls, hot springs, botanic gardens, and rainforests. The two volcanic spires, the Pitons, are instantly recognized and the best place to enjoy them is at Jade Mountain. It’s an award-winning resort where guests stay in rooms called “sanctuaries”. These are open to view the sky and turquoise blue oceans of the south-western coastline of the island. Architect Nick Troubetzkoy built and owns Jade Mountain, and his concept of organic spaces is evident in the way that the buildings harmonize with the striking views. Services are available around the clock. Sanctuary prices ranges from $1165 to $3665 per night based on time of year and whether breakfast and dinner are included.

3. Secret Bay, Dominica

Dominica is a nature lover’s destination. With 81 orchid varieties, volcanoes, gorges, hot springs, waterfalls, rivers, and tropical gardens, Dominica has remained untouched. It only hit the tourism radar in the 1980s. One-third is national parkland. About 50% of Dominica is covered with rain forest. Filled with adventures such as jungle biking, night snorkeling, and stand-up paddleboards, Secret Bay has six villas perched above Tibay Beach. Secret Bay is one of the world’s leading boutique hotels. It offers five-star amenities and incredible experiences. Architect Fruto Vivas designed the villas to be a fusion of sustainable design, luxurious open-air views, comfort, and artistic beauty surrounded by vegetation. Secret Bay offers many varied adventures priced from several hundred to more than a thousand USD per night.

4. Strawberry Hill, Jamaica

Strawberry Hill is situated 3,100 feet high in the Blue Mountains above Kingston. The Post-Plantation 19th Century cottages which comprise the resort are nestled into the contours of the mountains with verandas designed to capture unique views. The Blue Mountain eco-system is cooling and can bring tropical heat during the day and cooling breezes at night. Visitors may arrive by helicopter from Normal Washington Manley Airport or drive through Kingston to take Irish Town Road on its famous 365 curves to reach Strawberry Hill. The New York Times selected Strawberry Hill as part of its list of “1,000 Places to See Before You Die”. Accommodations range from $385 per night to $715 per night excluding taxes and fees. The site includes a full-service spa, a negative edge pool with views of Kingston below, botanical gardens, and a gourmet New Jamaican cuisine restaurant.

5. Cayo Espanto, Belize

This private island is a five-star resort comprised of private villas surrounded by the Caribbean. Each has its own private pool and a seafront location. New menus are created daily by award-winning chefs and tailored to individual guest’s tastes using fresh local products. Most relax and explore the second largest barrier reef in the world. Diving is primary here and watersports, fishing, snorkeling, private cruises, bird watching tours, exotic jungle excursions and picnics are all possible. Villa rates range from $1,795 to upwards of $3,500 and are dependent upon availability. Potential guests are urged to contact the resort directly to inquire about special accommodations when the all-inclusive resort is heavily booked.

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