EcoReco Model R: The Ultimate Personal EV for All

In today’s world, the carbon emissions from vehicles are being increasingly held as an example of unsustainable human activity. The need for environmentally friendly transportation is one of the main factors which can explain the booming market for electric vehicles. One type of electric vehicle which has seen a sharp increase in popularity, especially in urban areas, is the electric scooter.

Electric scooters satisfy a wide range of consumer needs. Not only are they environmentally friendly, they can also allow riders to bypass traffic and get fresh air while going to work or school. Further, they offer greater portability than bicycles and superior speed to skateboards. Unfortunately, these scooters tend to be extremely expensive and limited in their features. The Model R by EcoReco is set to be an industry leading scooter that offers an unparalleled range of features for riders.

Founded in 2013, EcoReco has earned a reputation as Silicon Valley’s premier electric scooter manufacturer. It has produced several award-winning lines of scooters in the past, and the Model R is poised to continue this tradition.


The success of EcoReco is largely due to the efforts of its incredible team. With years of experience in a wide range of disciplines, the EcoReco team is impressively educated and capable.

  • Jay Sung is the company’s CEO.
  • Rob Dawson is the business manager for EcoReco.
  • Mia Farber works as the company’s marketing manager.
  • Haoyu Feng is the chief creative officer.
  • Francis Lee is tasked with IC Design and wireless communication.
  • Kris Bahar is responsible for sensor incorporation.
  • Jean-Michel Thiers is in charge of EcoReco’s mechanical design.
  • Marc Mendoza is responsible for the company’s accessory and merchandise division.
  • Sean Hsu is the designer of the battery for the scooters.
  • Victor Duran is EcoReco’s operations manager.
  • Kevin Lee is the company’s chief manufacturing officer.
  • Scott Sung is the chief information officer of EcoReco.


EcoReco was founded in 2013 and has since released several lines of scooters. The Model R is the newest version. Its inception began in 2014, prior to the release of the M3 and M5 scooters. However, it was not until early 2015 that the first Model R prototype was developed. The majority of 2015 was spent bringing partners onto the project and improving upon the first prototype. The second version was created in late 2015. 2016 has marked the most significant developments for the scooter, with partners such as Sony being brought on board. The third and final prototype was introduced in late 2016. It is expected that the pre-production will occur in the first quarter of 2017, with the release of the scooter following shortly afterwards.


The popularity of electric scooters in general and the EcoReco brand in particular have resulted in great fundraising success. With a month remaining in the crowdfunding campaign, the scooter has nearly quadrupled its fundraising goal of $50,000, bringing in almost $180,000. Nearly 400 backers have supported the project thus far.

The Model R

With the Model R, EcoReco is building upon its past success and taking its scooters to an entirely different level. It offers improved versatility, safety, and connectivity, all while ensuring the same level of customer satisfaction that EcoReco is known for. Not only is the Model R the most powerful, customizable, and intelligent scooter that the company has created, it also features a sleek and attractive design. Most impressively, it offers a bevy of features for customers to enjoy.



The Model R not only offers a smooth ride that is capable of handling inclines of up to 35 degrees, it also gives the rider different options to customize the experience. The most common mode is the Throttle Mode, which is perfect for giving the rider control of the speed with a finger. It is ideal for anything from riding indoors to racing outside.

There are also two Kick-Assist Modes. The Kick-Ass Amplified Mode give an electric boost to the rider’s kick by using smart technology to sense when the rider is kicking. The Kick-Ass Extended Mode is ideal for maximizing the range of the scooter. It maintains the highest speed that the rider can achieve through kicking, only slowing when the battery dies or the brake is pressed.


Given that the Model R is capable of reaching speeds of 20 MPH, it is important that riders are well protected while on the street. This scooter comes equipped with a range of safety features that ensure that riding a Model R is as safe as it is exhilarating.

One impressive feature is the Lightvigation technology, which uses lighted turn signals on the handlebars and rear fender to indicate when the scooter will be turning. This allows the rider to keep his or her eyes on the road while the navigation system provides directions.

Further, it includes technology to prevent and deal with collisions. Its compatibility with eBCAS technology means that the scooter is detectable to smart cars even when out of sight or around the corner. As well, it includes Carefree Fall Notification technology, which automatically gets a paired smartphone to send a text to an emergency contact after several seconds of inactivity following a collision.


In addition to the safety features, the Model R offers highly advanced features to prevent theft. Firstly, as the scooter is foldable and light, it is easy to take it anywhere. If it must be left unattended, it can be physically locked or locked through a smartphone app.

In addition, EcoReco’s partnership with Tile means that it can be tracked via smartphone. Notifications will be delivered if the scooter moves out of range, and there are resources available to track down its whereabouts should it go missing.


The Model R may offer an incredible range of features as well as offering a smooth and fast ride, but it is not excessively expensive. In fact, it will retail at $1000, which is more than reasonable considering the technology that is built into this scooter. However, early bird buyers can have the scooter for only $725 on Kickstarter. The discounted prices are selling out quickly.



– Speed: 20 MPH (regulated)
– Range: Up to 40


– Wheels: 8 inches
– Weight: 26 lbs
– Capacity: 280 lbs


– Headlight
– Taillight
– Underlight


The Model R is EcoReco’s most versatile, safe, and secure scooter ever created. It offers an incredible range of features, from navigation technology to customizable riding modes for speed, incline, or getting exercise. Given its reasonable price, the Model R is the ideal scooter for anyone who wants to make their urban commute fun. It is a sleek and lightweight electronic vehicle that will make getting around the city more of an adventure than a hassle.

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