10 Facts You Didn’t Know about eFileMyForms

For those who are curious, eFileMyForms is a website that lets interested individuals file certain tax forms to the relevant authorities over the Internet rather than through the mail. As a result, it can provide a fair amount of convenience for people who have a meet in this regard that must be met as soon as possible.

Here are 10 facts that you may or may not have known about eFileMyForms:

Founded in 2001

The website eFileMyForms has existed since 2001. The fact that it has been running for such a long time should be seen as a piece of welcome news to those who are interested. After all, it means that it has managed to satisfy enough customers to remain operational throughout that period of time, which suggests that it is rather reliable.

Run By 1099 Pro, Inc.

The website is operated by a business called 1099 Pro, Inc. Like its name suggests, the business specializes in helping interested individuals with the 1099 and a number of other related tax forms through online solutions. In other words, eFileMyForms isn’t the sole product and service offered by 1099 Pro, Inc.

Microsoft Certified Partner

Speaking of which, eFileMyForms is a Microsoft Certified Partner, meaning that it is a business that provides either products and services that are connected with Microsoft in some manner or some kind of support for those products and services. Suffice to say that Microsoft has a strong interest in ensuring that Microsoft Certified Partners are reliable and reputable, which should instill further confidence in eFileMyForms.

MBE Certified

It is interesting to note that eFileMyForms states that it is MBE Certified. For those who are unfamiliar with MBE, it stands for Minority Business Enterprise, meaning a business that is at least 51 percent owned and operated by either an ethnic minority as well as people belonging to a number of other categories considered to be minorities.

Has SOC I Type II Certification

Furthermore, eFileMyForms has stated that it has SOC I Type II certification as well. This is critical because it means that an independent third-party has confirmed that the business possesses the sort of system needed to protect sensitive information. Considering the sort of information that eFileMyForms has been entrusted with, it should come as no surprise to learn that this is rather important.

Collects Private Information

Those who are interested in the issue can read up on eFileMyForms’s policy on privacy. However, since it is responsible for submitting tax forms through the Internet rather than through mail, it should come as no surprise to learn that eFileMyForms collects the private information of its users. This is inevitable. However, if interested individuals are concerned, they can check out the privacy policy to see exactly what is collected as well as why.

Will Neither Rent Nor Sell Private Information

With that said, the privacy policy also makes it very clear that eFileMyForms will neither rent nor sell the private information that it collects. Once again, this makes sense considering what it does, but it is nonetheless a relief for people who are concerned about such issues in the wake of the recent Facebook scandal.

Privacy Policy Updates Are Announced Publicly

Finally, eFileMyForms has stated that it will do its best to inform interested individuals about any changes that it makes to its privacy policy. Primarily, it will seek to do so by posting the announcement on its page where its users can see it.

Sign Up Is Free

There is no such thing as a periodic fee for eFileMyForms. Likewise, there is no such thing as a sign-up fee for eFileMyForms, meaning that there is no need for interested individuals to provide financial information when they sign up for its services. This is useful because it means that they can get an idea of what it is like without actually paying for it until the time comes.

Supports Corrections

Conveniently, eFileMyForms comes with the option to make corrections. However, this is true so long as interested individuals submitted erroneous information through its service in the first place. Further information about this as well as a wide range of other questions can be found on eFileMyForms’s General Questions page, which is something that interested individuals will want to check out.

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