Eight Great Gifts for Outdoor Lovers

The holidays are upon us this month and I’m definitely in a gifting frenzy, trying to come up with the perfect picks for my family and friends. I like my gifts to have longevity overall so I tend to pick things that are practical. My family is really outdoor-focused, so I also like to give gifts we can use on adventures in the Colorado high country. Here are some of my top picks for winter gear — from jackets to blankets — that I have on my Christmas list this season. 

1. 8K Silver Heated Hooded Jacket

This is the gift your outdoor adventure enthusiast wife will love you for giving her this season. This jacket actually heats up thanks to some really cool technology and a rechargeable battery.

Yep, the limited edition 8K Silver Heated Hoody Jacket is specifically designed to provide you with some extra heat when traveling or playing in extra cold climates (or if you are just shuffling the kids between activities in winter). It offers heat on demand that can be controlled from thee zones in the jacket with an app on your smartphone or from buttons on the coat’s front.

The zones are on the sides and the back and can be set for three different temperatures and either by zone or entire jacket. Powered by a Universal 5V USB power bank, the jacket takes about six minutes to completely heat up and can stay heated for up to 13 hours on one charge.

What I think is super cool about this jacket is the Flexwarm® technology that is unlike anything else on the market. The warming tech is so lightweight it can be printed and then layered directly onto the fabric, which means the jacket itself is very lightweight and doesn’t feel bulky when you’re wearing it, making it even more outdoor performance focused — I hate to feel weighed down when say hiking or snowshoeing or skiing.

And because the heat isn’t automatic, when it isn’t so cold, you don’t have to turn it on, or just turn on one zone — say when your back is feeling a little sore.

The jacket also has a hip design that is made to fit the contours of a woman’s body. The battery is hardly noticeably and housed in is own discreet zipper pocket and the USB connector comes with a built-in clear protective hood.

2. Kavu Men’s Style

And now for the boys… If you’re looking for a few great gifts for the man in your life then look no further than Kavu. For a stylish shirt that is still comfortable to wear check out The Silverton. It features 100% cotton brushed dobby weave that makes it feel really cozy. And also boasts a casual fit with long sleeves, buttons, and a stand collar with chest flap pockets and a curved hem.

My other favorite for my husband this season is the Hillman Jacket. I love how this fully insulated jacket stuffs itself into its zip pocket for easy trail packing and layering — it is great as a mid layer while skiing, for instance, if it gets cold you can pull it out of the Camelback and onto your back. It also works great for travel. And the jacket is also stylish looking when worn with a three-panel hood, elastic cuffs and a drawcord lock system on the hem.


3. Kavu Women’s Highlands Jacket

Kavu makes a great women’s jacket as well that is super stylish. The Highlands Jacket is semi-fitted and insulated with a unique design that is really versatile and looks great when worn as either a statement piece with leggings or as a proper piece of outwear. The insulated jacket has a mock collar, hand pockets, and button closure. And I really love the jade plaid pattern. It definitely feels like a designer lumber jacket, which is just my vibe.

4. Kavu Kid’s Fun Jump Sweater

Kavu doesn’t forget the kids and I love being able to outfit my whole family with one click. For your little one this winter, my son is digging the Fun Jump Sweater. It has a casual fit that looks great on him and is made with a cotton/acrylic blend that is warm without having any itch potential. It also features a fully fashioned crew neck and engineered pattern that will have your little one happy to keep the sweater on and entertained with the pattern.

5. Native Sixty-Six Sunglasses

These sunnies have a free-spirited look that is stylish yet comfortable. I am absolutely loving the Sixty-Six Sunglasses by Native in Matte Mint/Crystal with Gray Lens. They go easily from the bike trail to the brewery and also feature an awesome lens. The innovative N3™ advanced polarized lens blocks up to 4 times more infrared light than regular polarized lenses and also provide significant UV protection up to 400nm. They also just offer a super crisp picture when I put them on, even in super bright situations, and I feel like I what I am seeing is clearly defined.

6. Firebelly Trail Quilt

Whether you throw it into the back seat of your SUV for apres ski warmth or wrap yourself in it for a dog-sledding or snowmobiling adventure, the Firebelly Trail Quilt not only looks sleek and stylish but also is functionally really warm. The 30º down trail quilt is designed for the trail-blazing adventurer in your family.

I love the design that makes it feel divinely light but warm and also the buttery-soft fabric it is made with that is stuffed with responsibly sourced DownTek fill for the ultimate comfort.

7. OTG Travel Bags

Another great travel focused gear gift is luggage. One of those things that often gets beat up and that you never seem to have enough of, I’ve found. When traveling I like to keep everything organized, whether it’s my hand luggage or my suitcase: It’s just so much easier and works well for my on-the-go lifestyle. So I really like thee OTG|247 bag series, which do this and also look stylish.

One of my favorites this season is the OTG #6 with a strap. It comes in a range of colors and patterns and the strap makes it a great cross-body bag for travel, festivals or just running errands in the city. I also like the vegan waterproof leather exterior and the easy to wipe clean waterproof interior lining.

The OTG #10, which is specifically designed to hold file folders, magazines, notepads and pens, is also a fun choice. The brass zip closure keeps everything inside as well and you can just slide this pouch into one of the larger OTG bags. And if you’re traveling with a laptop, the OTG #9 is another sleek option that even has a strap to let you carry it like a purse.

Finally, the OTG #1 is a great pick if you just need a small bag for essentials while out for the day. It is large enough to fit credit cards, phone and keys, but not too large as to feel bulky. It also offers a few different removable strap accessories that let you wear it as a wristlet, armlet or cross-body bag.

8. Kamik: Jessie Rain Boot

Winter is often about snow, but in some climates, it also brings a lot of rain. In this case, you may want to add a rain boot to your winter wardrobe staples. For one that keeps you dry and still lets you walk comfortably then Look on further than the Jessie Rain Boot from Kamik. The boot stands-out from similar wet weather products thanks to an ability to provide complete comfort while still being totally waterproof and lightweight. Made in Canada, the boots are anatomically shaped and come with lots of cushioning and molded insoles. They are even recyclable.

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