Five Companies Leading the Way in Electronic Health Records

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The healthcare industry has gone through major changes over the past few decades. The new digital era has made it a requirement for most major healthcare providers to use digital record-keeping that replaces many of the old paper files that were previously used to store patient data. Digital systems save space and make accessing patient information faster and easier thanks to the new technology in medical record keeping. Tech companies are cashing in on the demand for digital products aimed at serving the healthcare profession and there are plenty of startups that are finding new and innovative systems for streamlining the process. Here are five companies that are currently leading the way in electronic health records products and solutions.

5. Augmedix

Augmedix is a leader in the electronic medical records industry. This company offers a Google Glass platform to push information to electronic medical records. It works with notes, photos, and other types of information and is compatible with most EMR systems. The major benefit of Augmedix is that it streamlines the process of importing data into patient care records, allowing doctors to focus their time on patient care and less on the entry of information into these slow systems. A free demo version is available upon request.

4. Zest Health

Zest Health is a company that provides a system for streamlining healthcare insurance processes. The system provides full support on a 24/7 basis for users. It provides healthcare professionals and administrative staff with a system for appointment scheduling with in-network providers, employer messaging, and access to all health benefits. It also provides a marketplace that allows for viewing or changing benefits as well as getting services when they are needed. Insurance processes have been slow and difficult to navigate in the past. Zest Health operates with the mission of making these complicated systems easier to navigate with greater access to available benefits on the business end of patient health records. The solution can also help to streamline referral processes when medical doctors need to refer patients out to specialist healthcare providers. A free demo version is available for evaluation purposes.

3. Evolent Health

Evolent Health has been in operation since the Affordable Health Care Act became effective. This is a company that is one of the fastest-growing in digital healthcare services. It relies on the Identifi system of technology that actively gathers relevant patient data and crunches it in user-friendly formats. This allows doctors faster access to the type of information needed to more quickly and effectively treat patients while lowering costs. Evolent Health sells software as well as advisory services, and information technology solutions to healthcare providers and hospitals. It is one of the more popular solutions for electronic healthcare recording because of its capacity to deliver patient information on-demand in a clear format that is easy to read. A demo version of the software solutions is available for practices in the process of assessing the most appropriate solutions. There is no charge for the free trial. The solutions are available on a subscription basis.

2. ChartLogic EHR

ChartLogic EHR is a company that provides hospitals and clinics with a system of integrated electronic health recording. The products and solutions offered by ChartLogic EHR provide a suite of programs that help to streamline clinical operations and provide for electronic charting, all in one convenient package. It includes practice management solutions as well as medical billing services. Some of the key features of ChartLogic EHR’s solutions include appointment and payment reminders, the batch process of patient billing, charting, to ensure that all relevant patient information is recorded and accessible by healthcare providers, claims processing, and submission, and a patient portal. The patient portal component of the suite allows patients to log onto a secure system to view their medical records to take charge of their healthcare, make payments, and more. This helps to streamline the processes for staff of hospitals and clinics, saving time and money for healthcare providers. It improves claims processing and submission with automated functions and decreases the amount of time that staff spends on the phone with patient and insurance interactions. ChartLogic EHR solutions cover hospitals and clinic practices through the entire spectrum of care. The company also offers a demo version to allow healthcare providers to test it out and see if it works for their practice at no charge.

1. Therapy Notes

Therapy Notes is a company that provides electronic healthcare records solutions along with web-based practice management tools. This is a suite of products rolled into one system that can be configured for all types of clinics, hospitals, and other healthcare providers. It has become a leader in the industry with the most trusted and widely used solutions. The software is useful for behavioral health care practitioners and clinicians. The key features that Therapy Notes offer clients include streamlining of the processes for appointment scheduling that also includes appointment reminders that are automatically sent to the patients. This cuts down on the amount of time that administrative staff spend making telephone calls and confirming appointment times. It also reduces the number of no-shows. There is a calendar sync feature that helps to effectively track all scheduled events for practitioners for an easy pull-up to review scheduled appointments and other time commitments. Therapy Notes also provides a client portal that allows patients to pull up their records, pay their bills, and take care of other business that saves time and effort on the part of the provider’s staff. The software is designed for those in behavioral health and is currently used by thousands of active customers. The company provides unlimited email and phone support and offers a free trial. The web-based solution is available for a monthly or annual subscription fee. It is a full-service suite of practice management, billing, and patient records tools, applicable to individual practitioners, clinics, and hospitals.

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