Email Made Smarter with These Six Great Gmail Tools

Email to many it has become as ubiquitous as air. We use it every day, and we rely on it more today than ever before. So while other forms of app-based messaging intrude in the space that was email’s to own, as much as some will say they hate email, and need it to die a quick death, email continues to be used. And, it’s not going away.

Thanks to API’s and Software Development Kits (SDK’s) email is being improved and made to be more powerful. Services that take advantage of those tools that work within your email platform make your life easier and offer the ability to automate a lot of your workflows.

The easiest way to get more out of your inbox is to use Google’s Gmail as part of their paid GSuite. While Microsoft Exchange and Office 365 have large user bases, Gmail’s API has become the gold standard for developers to work with as they roll out new services. Here are some that can make your life easier:

AssistantTo is a rapid fire way to schedule a meeting. After installing AssistantTo as a Gmail extension just click on the AssistantTo icon that appears in the reply or outgoing email. When you click on the icon up pops the calendar to pick from. AssistantTo then inserts icons that represent days and times that you’re suggesting for a meeting or call, along with the meeting location information which can be a place, phone number or even a conference calling bridge. From there AssistantTo takes over the process of waiting for a reply, tracking the response, creating a new calendar item from the chosen time, and sending out a calendar item to the other party. The only drawback is currently, AssistantTo only works with one on one appointments.

Senders bills itself as caller ID for your email. While AssistantTo works with your calendar to insert times, Senders tells you who the person is who is writing you. By pulling information from publicly available databases and social networks Senders lets you quickly and easily learn more about the individual who sent you an email via an attractive Senders card. What’s more, you can customize the sources that appear on your Senders card allowing you to present the information to others. Senders integrate easily with Gmail but require no plug-in or installation and functions inside all of your emails. One of Senders best feature ties to privacy, and information security, as its Trackbuster feature strips out tracking code and pixels from emails.

GmailMeter is produced by ShuttleCloud. It pulls your email data every month and sends you a report with analytics and detailed statistics. With a particular focus on Gmail, the GmailMeter lets you visualize your overall email traffic, histograms on cumulative sent and received emails, your average response time and the optimal time to expect a reply from your email contacts.  Gmail Meter is very much like Mailstrom, but Mailstrom has a two key strengths that lets it stand out as the service works to clean out your inbox. Bulk group deletion and Unsubscribe. Those two features are so needed today as they take things beyond analysis as they get rid of the emails you don’t want in your inbox any longer, or ever to show up again.

SaneBox delivers very useful sanity to your inbox. SaneBox learns what should be in your inbox by looking first at your Outbox and then determining based on a scoring system whose email is important and what should go into the “Sane Later” folder it creates. As new people write you, you then train SaneBox on where to put the emails. SaneBox does all this and more, setting up a black hole folder for lists based emails, but which you don’t want to unsubscribe from, but don’t need the distractions they can cause.

Lingviny may be one of the most useful email related service around. The Lingviny service acts as your actual translator, going well beyond what online “translation” tools provide. By working with professional human linguists and charging on a pay per use basis, Lingviny will translate your email correctly into 45 foreign languages within thirty minutes. What’s best of all, is they promise to keep your email private with all translators under an NDA.

Wordzen may be the personal assistant you’ve always wanted. One that can read your shorthand and know what to do, all from within your Drafts folder. To make Wordzen’s magic happen you click the Wordzen button that is now part of your Gmail window along with some keywords on what you want the reply to be about.  Your email is then saved in your Drafts folder with the Label “Wordzen Pending”. Wordzen’s editors are notified and begin drafting, editing, and proofreading your email message. When they finish, you receive an email notification and your email’s Label changes to “Wordzen Done”. It either remains in your Drafts folder for you to review and send, or based on your Settings, it may have been sent for you by Wordzen, in which case it will be in your Sent Mail folder.

Email is changing and it’s not going away, and with these services, you may just resume getting your time back, and enjoying it more.

Andy Abramson

Andy took his first flight at age 14 when he was working in media relations for a professional sports team in Philadelphia, and since then he’s never stopped traveling. Named “Business Traveler of the Year” by Business Traveler Magazine in 2015, for the past twelve years he has traveled over 200 days a year, often for a month or more. In addition to travel, Andy has been a heard and seen as a technology correspondent on Business Rockstars, KenRadio, for the BBC’s ClickOnline and his own online sites, VoIPWatch, WineScene and WorkingAnywhere. Often quoted on travel, marketing and technology, he holds a degree in Journalism from Temple University, and is CEO of Comunicano, Inc., a global value strategy agency, working for start-ups and companies in transition, with 43 exits to his credit in the last 16 years.

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