Employees Lose 22 hours a Year Trying to Connect to a Video Conference

A recent survey commissioned by StarLeaf featuring IT decision-makers, line of business leaders, and from a broad spectrum of private sector enterprises, revealed US employees participate in conference calls 22 times a month on average. Additionally, 87 percent of participants voiced a desire to see content sharing abilities improved across their video conferencing software and 97 percent admitted experiencing problems when first trying to connect to a meeting.

Whether they’re using video conferencing to connect with teams in different locations, host internal meetings, or connect with third-party clients, the importance that technology plays in enhancing productivity amongst staff is immense. The need for reliable communication tools is important for any business who is looking to grow and expand beyond their brick and mortar offices. Although technology is useful in most cases, it isn’t always reliable when we need it the most. The results show too much time is lost during a meeting on IT tasks where users are either trying to set up or join a video conference call and encountering reliability issues.

The nature of these challenges can take its toll on business. Most people have at some point in their working career experienced difficulties setting up a video conference, which in many cases can take as long as five minutes of unproductive meeting time. Based on this scenario and considered alongside data from StarLeaf’s survey, this would equate to 110 minutes of time per month trying to join a video conference. Amplified over a longer duration, each employee could be losing up 22 working hours a year. While not a scientific study, this supposition clearly points to the need for reliable and intuitive video conferencing and greater efficiency in the workplace.

The need to support the ‘always-on economy’ is shifting the dynamic of the modern workplace. Organizations are increasingly empowering employees to work flexibly and become more productive in their jobs, regardless of whether that is in the office or working at home. For this to be effective, the right collaboration technologies must be implemented.

Evidence shows from the survey that too much time is lost trying to connect to a video conference call. Employees want video conferencing to be intuitive and allow them to focus on the meeting and not have to be hindered by technology issues. Reliability is fundamental to meeting room systems in order to achieve a consistent service, which enables them to connect, communicate, share, and collaborate in an instant.

Cloud-based video conferencing solutions enable enterprises to be more productive, reduce IT burdens, and reassure business leaders that employees are secure. Those vendors that operate their own global cloud network provide a consistent service to businesses with a multi-site network. Without reliance on any third-party infrastructure, users can connect and communicate more effectively. Thus, for enterprises to stay at the forefront of communications, it’s time to move collaboration to the cloud.

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